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Take comfort in the fact that it is Stefan and no one else that had the biggest impact on Elena’s life.  Take comfort in the fact that Stefan is still the person that knows Elena best. These are all canon facts. Take comfort in the fact that if circumstances were slightly different Stelena would have found their way back to each other . I mean is there even a question? Take comfort in the fact that Stefan was the best choice.  Take comfort in the fact that Stefan brought Elena back to life and then it was Stefan again who gave her a chance at a normal life gave her life back to her.  Take comfort in the fact that it was Stefan who understood Elena’s dreams and wishes the best. Take comfort in the fact that it took Elena changing into another species entirely to pull her away from Stefan. Take comfort in the fact that Stelena was light Delena was darkness. Take comfort in the fact that Stelena was selfless till the very end. Isn’t that what love should be? And this is who Stefan is he just wants to see Elena happy he wants Elena to live and fight another day even if it isn’t with him. I mean we all remember the girl who cried and told him she wants to grow old she wants the choices ( The Last Day) and he wasn’t even mad that she didn’t say I’m ready to be a vampire with you. He understood. Which will always be the eternal difference between him and Damon.  Take comfort in the fact that Elena’s last scene was her thanking Stefan and no one else and basically sitting there smiling. Remembering Stefan fondly like we all will. Take comfort in the fact that Stefan never compelled Elena or tried too because it was always supposed to be her choice. Take comfort in the fact that Stelena was is and always will be the anchor of this show. Take comfort in the fact that the show started with Stefan saving Elena and ended with Stefan saving Elena. 

Take comfort in the fact that Stelena is the best choice and do not regret anything. Because we made the best choice we ever could by supporting this beautiful ship. 

Soulmate AU #1 Charles Xavier

AU: Everyone has the first sentence their soul mate will say to them tattooed onto their body.

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Words: too many… 2357

Warnings: I didn’t proofread, like one swearword, fem!reader

A/N: I have come to the conclusion that there are by far not enough soulmate AUs with the x-men, so I decided to try my luck. I hope it’s not too bad lol enjoy! xoxo

“Hey, let’s get a coffee after this!”, Kim suggested, picking up a bunch of flyers and dropping them down a stairwell. You watched them sail to the ground one by one, feeling their flowing movements tickle your mind. “I can’t, I have a lecture.”

“Come on!”, she groaned and waving a You only live once flyer in front of your face. “You hate that class. And the professor and the book.”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t have to go.” Silence. “No offence, but how the hell are we even friends? Like, how have we become acquainted?”, Kim asked. “Opposites attract.” “Which is why your soul mate is going to be the most outgoing party person you have ever met!”, she said, leaning against the rail. “You should meet him half way. If he’s a party person, you will meet him at a party. Which means that you have to attend a party. Ideally the Christmas Festival tomorrow night.”

“If you want me to come, you could just ask.”, you replied and put the pile of books you were carrying onto the windowsill next to you. “You wouldn’t come.” “Well, I am here, helping you carry out invitations to some kind of drug convention.” “Good point.” “I know.”

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I found a thing. 😍

A Spy’s Guide to Tortall
Release date: 31/10/17

The secrets of Tortall are revealed… .

As Tortall’s spymaster, George Cooper has sensitive documents from all corners of the realm. When Alanna sends him a surprising letter, he cleans out his office and discovers letters from when King Jonathan and Queen Thayet first ascended the throne, notes on creating the Shadow Service of spies, threat-level profiles on favorite characters, Daine’s notes on immortals, as well as family papers, such as Aly’s first report as a young spy and Neal’s lessons with the Lioness. This rich guide also includes the first official timeline of Tortallan events from when it became a sovereign nation to the year Aly gives birth to triplets. Part history, part spy training manual, and entirely fascinating, this beautiful guide makes a perfect gift and is ideal for anyone who loves Alanna, King Jonathan, Queen Thayet, Kel, Neal, Aly, Thom, Daine, Numair, and the unforgettable world of Tortall!

a list of nice things

- strawberry lemonade
- soft hands
- naps
- large windows
- cold sunny weather
- quiet beaches
- puppies
- flower shops
- oranges
- ice cubes
- lemon slices
- those eye masks you put in the fridge so they feel cool and refreshing on your face
- backpacks
- little bags
- rugs
- carpeted staircases
- cashmere blankets
- the color red
- the smell of salt water
- pebble beaches
- sea towns
- sofas
- dusty smelling bookshelves
- wood
- stair rails
- house front steps
- local boutiques
- lavender
- green tea
- ladders
- sweater dresses
- loft beds
- duvets
- wooden shelves on walls
- stones
- the smell of pine
- being indoors during a rainstorm
- golden hour
- creaky cabinets
- socks
- old shoes
- the sound grandfather clocks make
- carpeted houses
- throw pillows
- furniture
- pretty china
- record players
- library stamps
- notes
- handwriting
- peppermint
- old photos
- succulents
- sleepovers
- late night conversations
- bed tables
- lamps on bed tables
- bell peppers
- paintings
- clean paintbrushes
- letters
- things that you can hang from the ceiling
- the smell of hotels
- golf fields
- wild flowers
- dresses
- good fitting jeans
- jackets
- knitwear
- libraries
- finding notes in used books
- small roads
- gravel roads
- fences
- shop houses
- bakeries
- well decorated cafes
- french coffee shop music
- light
- roses
- embroidery
- sorbet
- frozen grapes
- raspberries when theyre still a bit sour but almost ripe
- baths
- deer
- whale watching
- blankets
- homeware shops
- sea towns
- cliffs
- hawaii
- eyelashes
- san francisco
- nice hair
- clear skin
- you!!

Imagine #20 Charles Xavier (Request)

Requested by @angelofrockroleplay: I’d like a Charles imagine where a mute girl finds confort in Charles because she can hear his voice due to telepathy. I’d like to think of this girl as a very young one like 8 years old, who was dropped at Charles school and feels herself lost and lonely because no one knows signing that well or understands her. So it’s more like a fluffy one ;)

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Words: 1475

Warnings: fem!reader, deaf/mute!reader, typos (and I don’t know how to write from a child’s perspective, I’m sorry)

A/N: So, I know, I promised to have this up… well, about a week ago, but I just completely forgot, I’m sorry, please don’t hate me! I hope, you enjoy it! xoxo

Your hands were shaking and you wanted to be anywhere but here. You didn’t like going to new places; places where you didn’t know what to expect. And this was the strangest place you had ever been to.

Your parents had told you that these people would take care of you and help you with your powers. You didn’t want their help, you wanted your parents. But they had already left.

Your eyes searched the hall for something familiar, something to hold on to. You didn’t find anything. A hand landed on your shoulder and you jumped, almost dropping your backpack. You looked up at the strange man, watched his lips move. He looked nice, you thought, and then, when you didn’t reply, he looked worried.

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A nonexistent person said:

Where’s XY chapter releases, man?! You said you’d be done by February if your team all got together and translated stuff.

Yeah, uh… all my translators are dead busy. I’m a full-time college student with a part-time job and I’m currently movement-impaired/temporarily handicapped because I sprained my right ankle. ;_;

But here’s the status update for what I translated this month:

SM Chapter 4 - 25 pages

  • I translated all of it.
  • I debinded all of it.
  • I scanned all of it.
  • I cleaned the ugly textures, denoised, and leveled all of it.
  • I lettered/typeset half of the entire chapter.

B2W2 Chapter 13 - 17 pages

  • I translated all of it in 2-3 hours.
  • I cleaned it.
  • I lettered/typeset half the entire chapter.

XY Chapter 31 - 26 pages

  • I translated all of it.
  • I debinded all of it.
  • I scanned all of it.
  • I’m cleaning the raws right now.

XY Chapter 36 - 26 pages

  • I translated all of it.
  • I debinded all of it.
  • I scanned all of it.
  • I’m cleaning the raws right now.

XY Chapter 37 - 32 pages

  • I translated all of it.
  • I debinded all of it.
  • I scanned all of it.
  • I’m cleaning the raws right now.

XY Chapter 38 - 32 pages

  • I translated all of it.
  • I debinded all of it.
  • I scanned all of it.
  • I’m cleaning the raws right now.

Add up all those pages and you roughly get: 158 pages translated this month with an awful college and job schedule/workload. Please be more patient.

  • me: I'm bored
  • me: *has 1234567890 list of activities, homeworks, and projects all due tomorrow*

I can’t believe i just wrote 2k words holy shit. hope you like it @freckledbastard !! i’m the sabolu anon hullo õvõ

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King George iii x Reader

Words: 1054

 Warning: nothing 

 Request: could you do prompt 113 with King George? -anon

Prompt:  “…Why? Why are you being… so nice to me? I can’t understand. I can’t understand! I just can’t understand…”

A/N: I just wanted to say this is my first request and i hope i didn’t disappoint 

“Good morning, Sir,” you greeted, walking into King George’s’ master bedroom, giving him his everyday breakfast.

“Good morning, y/n,” he smiled, “You look lovely.”

A blush made its way to your cheeks, you covered it with a smile and walked over to his closet, trying your best not to let him see your face.
It’s been like this for months, the King would compliment you as if it meant nothing to him, he was so nonchalant about it. Which kind of hurt, as you took a liking into him. A lot.

He wasn’t like this to anybody else, he ordered them around harshly, insulting them about how hey did everything. Whereas with you, he would say–

“Y/n, I can pick my outfits out for myself, you know.”

Yeah exactly that. 

“Sir, it’s my job. I’m fully capable of doing this…”

“Please, you shouldn’t be wasting your energy on something so silly.”

You gave him a funny look, but gave up. He was like this everyday with you, and nobody else. 

“Um, could you tell Layla to get in here, please?”

You nodded, “Of course, sir." You briskly walked out of the room, towards the servants corners, where Layla was sitting and writing.

"Writing to Lafayette?” You asked, causing her to jump, she smiled when she realised it was you.

“I am… Does it bother you at all?” she asked, concerned.

“No, but it might bother the King, so you might want to be a little more secretive.”

“Hey, I am not the one he tells all of his war plans to." She was right, he told you everything. Except when around others, than he would shush you, as if you were going to reply. 

But you never did, you would just listen to all the burdens he had, the weight on his shoulders. Most of them being with General Washington.

It was quiet, before you said, "Speaking of, the King wants you.”

Layla nodded and quickly hid her letter, following you.

It was a quiet walk there, but once you opened the doors to the master bedroom, a booming voice took over, “Layla, I’m sure you had lots of fun taking up y/n’s time, be quicker next time I want you here.”

You stayed quiet, only giving a glance at Layla, who said, “Sorry, sir.”
“Layla, I need you to go into town and gather vegetables and meat for tonight’s dinner. Y/n, I need you to stay back for s while.”

You nodded quietly as Layla left, The King sat back down on his bed, going through letters, “Please, clean up around here. It’s getting dusty.”
You didn’t say a word, just went straight to the cleaning supplies, and comfortable silence absorbed the room.

It took you a second to fully register what he said, and it just so happened to be another ‘please’. You weren’t sure if other people noticed, and you were worried about what would happen if they did.

Alas, you soon had a lunch break. A break from doing practically nothing. All you did was stay in the Kings room cleaning things over, and over, and over again. Then his laundry, then more cleaning.

You walked outside of the Kings palace and sat on the bench, carefully unfolding what you were having for lunch.

“Yeah, I think he fancies her!”

“No way, they’re having an affair. Nothing more.”

“No, y/n isn’t the type of girl to do that.”

“I think so, she needs to get around somehow.”

You instantly straightened up, looking around, to where you found two women closely talking on the bench beside yours. They didn’t seem to notice you were there, gladly. With the effects of your blood boiling, along with the tears building up, you walked back inside to one of the unused rooms. 

And you cried.

You cried for what seemed like forever, holding your breath whenever you heard footsteps walking by.

After you felt like you had officially cried yourself out, for possibly the next few days. You dried your cheeks, flattened your dress, and waited a bit before deciding to walk out, and heading towards the master bedroom.

You opened the door, asking George still sitting where he was when he left, you weren’t even sure if he actually got up.

“Y/n! You’re a few minutes late!” The King announced, not exactly angry, but not happy either.

Before you could respond, he said, “It’s no matter, you are fine.”

You pursed your lips and nodded, looking away, hoping he wouldn’t see–

“Y/n, were you crying?”

Too late. You stayed quiet, looking down.

“Y/n, is that why you were late?”

You kept your head down, by spoke up, "…Why? Why are you being… so nice to me? I can’t understand. I can’t understand! I just can’t understand…“ you realised how loud you actually were and shut up quickly.

"Well, you are less annoying than the other servants…” He said.

“Really?” You looked up, “Is that it? That’s all that’s going on here?”

King George tensed up, “Why are you asking, y/n?”

You mumbled something inaudible to him.


“People say that we’re sleeping together, and that’s how I make my way around….” You said softly.

“Who are they?” He demanded, “I will behead them immediately.”

“See, this is what I’m talking about! Why do you treat me this way?”

“You say it like its s bad thing… Am I bothering you?”

“Please, sir… Just tell me.”

There were more moments of silence as you two just stared eachother, when he finally took in a breath, closing his eyes, and put his hands in yours.

“Y/n, I have fancied you…” Your eyes went wide for a second, “for a while, now. And I, have no idea how to deal with these… Feelings. It makes it harder when I don’t know if you… Feel the same.”

Your breath hitched, “I do… Feel the same, George. I–”

You couldn’t finish your sentence as the King smashed his lips to yours, full of passion. You smiled into the kiss and sunk in.

The King. The bloody King Of England, you thought, is kissing me.

King George and you broke away for oxygen, smiles on your faces. “God, I haven’t been this happy in ages,” he said.

“I could say the same.”