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Request (anon): Seb is not that into wedding planning as the reader?

A/N: I had to slightly change the request. I feel like Seb’s the ‘give his girl the wedding of her dreams’ kinda guy, but that he would most definitely be helpful in the process. So, instead, he’s just too tired to be as helpful as usual? Either way, hope you guys like it

Words: 713

Attempting to keep his focus, Sebastian reaches forward for his nearly empty glass of wine. As he finishes it off, he realizes the drink might not mix well with his exhaustion.

In all honesty, he is not quite certain what the exact topic of conversation is but he knows it is surrounding a wedding. His wedding to be exact. After a sixteen hour day, including a flight home after a day of press, Sebastian was ready to crawl into his bed. A bed he hasn’t laid down in for three months. Yet, he finds himself seated at a table in a crowded restaurant trying to make sense of the different flower arrangements being thrown around.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request RFA + V and Saeran with MC who likes to keep things /meticulously/ clean and in order, please?


  • Yoosung is a college student
  • This boy doesn’t have time to keep his things clean and oraganized his life is hardly clean and organized and you expect him to have his house like that???
  • Well, quite frankly, yes you do expect that.
  • It’s not absolutely horrid but you hate it anyways
  • “It’s organized chaos”
  • organized chaos. more like bullcrap
  • He has his mom nagging him to clean it though, and he does get it clean sometimes in bursts of motivation, so you don’t clean his house for him…
  • He was honestly in disbelief when he saw your home. Cleaned, organized, nicely set. Everything in its place. It set your mind at ease like that
  • “How in the world do you keep it like this??”
  • “How do you not? It’s neat and organized. Everything belongs somewhere and looks nice.”
  • “It really is nice. I feel like I’m gonna mess up something by just looking at it! Haha”
  • “Just make sure anything you touch gets put back where you found it. It’s easy.”
  • it’s not that easy
  • You are constantly correcting Yoosung when he touches something or sets something back down. He just doesn’t get it
  • Poor baby
  • He’ll learn


  • Jaehee isn’t as meticulously clean as you
  • But she is quite clean and organized
  • She’s actually the cleanest in the RFA. She can’t stand a mess, and even though she’s not home much, she keeps it clean for when she does get home and she can just relax.
  • although Elizabeth ruins her efforts whenever she stays over
  • You are like partners in crime
  • She’s amazed by your cleanliness, and you can appreciate her organization and neatness
  • Whenever Elly stays over you team up to conquer every little hair
  • And whenever she’s too busy you help clean up in her home
  • She is so appreciative
  • She helps out with you likewise, whenever someone comes and messes up your organization she’s one call away
  • She will be there within minutes with all her cleaning supplies from a purse-size stain remover to carpet cleaner
  • She totally understands you
  • And it makes her so happy someone else understands how hard she works to keep clean and organized and nice looking 


  • Zen isn’t clean and organized so much as he is minimalistic
  • He doesn’t have a lot and he doesn’t keep a lot, so it’s easy to keep organized because there’s hardly enough to make a mess
  • He’s not crazy about cleaning though, he leaves out pizza boxes and the sink still has soapy water from a couple nights before, still soaking dishes
  • To say the least you have been helping clean up there
  • His empty pizza boxes and wrappers no longer decorate his table and countertops
  • Plastic cups are cleaned up
  • Dishes are done and the sink emptied and cleaned
  • His bathroom is even clean which is a miracle for anyone;;
  • He is amazed by your work
  • But he’s always protesting ‘cause you’re not a servant, you shouldn’t be doing this!!
  • You disagree
  • And keep cleaning


  • It’s not that his house isn’t clean
  • It’s that he isn’t the one cleaning it
  • His maids take care of all of his mess. He’s grown up with that
  • If they weren’t there, you would find out how much of a mess he truly is
  • Oh gosh this boy would be such a mess;;
  • maybe even worse than seven
  • You don’t witness it at his house so much as when you are out together. Eating out, him visiting you, anything
  • He leaves stuff out for others to clean up
  • It’s as if he expects his maids to clean up at your house.
  • Jumin. They don’t. Stop leaving everything everywhere that they don’t belong;;
  • You might actually blow up at this boy
  • But instead you take the opportunity to start showing him to clean up after himself
  • He doesn’t like it, he says that’s work for others
  • But you do it anyways
  • And you clean up for yourself whenever you’re out with him anyways
  • He starts picking up on your habits subconsciously
  • You feel so accomplished


  • Seven is a mess. He doesn’t take care of his trash and he leaves clothes around
  • He’s actually the worst.
  • It’s not that it’s a bad mess; It’s mostly just trash and clothes spewed everywhere.
  • And then a whole bunch of Dr. Pepper stains and chip crumbs everywhere
  • There’s just so much of it
  • You are determined to make sure his house is clean and he honestly doesn’t care
  • “Go for it”
  • “Be happy”
  • “You do you”
  • You’re always nagging at him to clean up after himself
  • (You don’t want to be the only one cleaning)
  • He acts like it’s such a hassle and makes a huge fuss about it
  • but he loves seeing you get flustered and argue with him about cleaning
  • He does get to it
  • Then gives you a kiss
  • Such a sweetie


  • Oh dear heavens
  • This boy is a mess like his brother
  • (Maybe worse than his brother?)
  • Except the problem is he doesn’t see the point of cleaning. Whenever you clean up he’s always questioning you
  • “Why are you doing that? It’s only gonna get dirty again”
  • “Because it looks horrid. It looks worse than you do in the morning.”
  • You are so salty about him not caring about cleaning
  • He doesn’t even try to clean up either, even when you ask him
  • Saeran is going to be the death of you with his messes
  • He leaves trash everywhere. Dirty clothes and clean clothes are mixed together. Stains are everywhere. There are stains on stains.
  • And that murky gray curtain was supposed to be a pale blue.
  • He just doesn’t get it


  • He isn’t messy
  • But he isn’t absolutely clean and spotless
  • He’s at a comfortable middle ground.
  • It surprises you that he’s pretty organized, considering he’s blind
  • He must’ve memorized where everything goes.
  • You let him keep his organized system because it does look pretty. Him and his plants and simple yet neat cozy home.
  • But you do keep everything cleaned
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, stain-removing
  • You do all of that for him without letting him know about all of it
  • He can’t really appreciate the cleanliness ‘cause he doesn’t see the nitpickety details like you do
  • But he does thank you often
  • And you can appreciate the cleanliness
  • It makes you happy that he lets you clean and doesn’t bug you about it
  • And thanks you for it
  • Precious bean

~Sunflower (:

Spring Cleaning

Character: Newt Scamander

“You really ought to clean around here every once in awhile.” You commented, picking up a few books that were scattered on the floor and started finding their place on the bookshelves.

Newt smiled, looking over his shoulder at you and shaking his head. “I swear I mean to, but looking after a plethora of creatures takes up a lot of time, and it’s almost impossible to keep this place tidy.”

You started putting some dirty teacups in the sink, noticing some of the plants hanging from the ceiling of Newt’s house. “You know these are dead right?”

Newt’s head shot up and he looked over at you again. “Are they?”

You didn’t say anything, just give him a ludicrous expression as you held up the limp and wilting stem. “These kinda of plants should stay closer to the windows, they need sun.”

“Oh yes, you’re right.” Newt said, laughing slightly as he looked at his pathetic excuse of plants. “You wouldn’t mind helping me clean up this-”

“Say no more.” You interrupt, going to one of the cabinets and pulling out some of his cleaning supplies.

It took a bit of time, but eventually you were able to get Newt’s place looking clean again, even finding some new replacement plants for the old ones.

“It looks great.” Newt said, handing you back the duster. “I should just have you over all the time.”

Newt almost had a heart attack when he realized what he just said. “N-no that, that came out wrong. What I meant to say was…” His sentence trailed of as he heard your loud laughter echo from the cabinet.

“It’s okay, I knew what you meant.” You said, leaning out from the door. “You’re reaction was pretty precious though.”

Newt laughed bashfully and scratched the back of his neck. “It was rather amusing wasn’t it?”

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More Damage Than Good.

Anon Request: The reader is pregnant, so Frank tries to stay away because he thinks he’ll hurt her and the baby

Summary: Frank finds himself following the reader each night to make sure she is safe. On the eve of a party, he finally makes his presence known.

Words: 1256

Frank Castle had seen too much damage come from his own two hands. He’d seen them drenched in the sins and blood of other men, nearly as much as his very own.

No matter how hard he tried to, understand it, he couldn’t figure out how they had been granted the privilege of touching the woman before him. He felt an unshakable fear each time he did so.

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“Thank you again Y/N,” John sighed as you passed him the broom. “You really didn’t have to help-”

“Well Sherlock wasn’t going to clean, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let Mrs. Hudson throw her back out again trying to do it herself.” You tell him, tossing a plastic wrapper into the trash. “Besides, I had nothing better to do.” John chuckled, and you both drop into chairs, John in his own and yourself in Sherlock’s.

“What would we do without you, Y/N?”

“Swim in Sherlock’s filth and find severed toes beneath the couch.”

(I don’t own the gifs. Not a Request.)


      「   THEME #011: PEPPERMINT by angelicxi   」
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Peppermint was supposed to be done in time for Christmas, but since I failed to complete Honeycomb on time, it got delayed. Alas: it is finally here, and it’s exactly as I imagined it. Clean & sleek, but also clever — packing enough options to make it truly yours — it is ideal fo personal & aesthetic blogs.

      [ + ]  plain color background
      [ + ]  single-column 500px posts
      [ + ]  the option to switch between a circular sidebar avatar (make sure to upload an image that is 135px by 135px) and a diamond-shaped one (the image should be 175px by 175px)
      [ + ]  a slot for a title
      [ + ]  a slot for a description, which you can turn on/off
      [ + ]  home & ask + 4 extra links
      [ & ]   the music player on audio posts & the statement little post detail, which sadly you can’t really see…( it’s mint leaves ! ) change shape depending on which sidebar option you have chosen.

       Do NOT:
         —  remove the credit
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so i wrote some ransom/lardo/holster tags and @epickegster sent me a message about it and then i proceeded to instantly word vomit 1500 words about it because I WANT. THEM. TO DATE.

anyway here it is, slightly cleaned up. (rated teen)

imagine ransom and lardo hooking up in secret for WEEKS and like…. they don’t want holster to know because they don’t want him to think they’re not into him!!!! but!!!! also!!!! it’s hard to keep it a secret lmao

they regularly debate like. “should we tell him and then when we’re Established as casually dating we can invite him?? for a threesome??? would that work???” “no maybe he’d get jealous and sad and also, maybe it would be better if we both *individually* hooked up with him first and then, we could like… bring up the threesome later??”

it’s a trial and the whole time rans and lardo are sneaking off to make out. because they…. can’t figure out what to do…. but they can kiss each other at least.

(but like they definitely… talk about holster all the time whenever they’re alone together…. “haha and then holster would be like…” “yeah!! omg he would….” anyway they like him so much. it’s a problem ;__;)

and THEN


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Enchanted Glasses: Spell to See Through Lies/Deception

(Alternate spell at the bottom for contact lenses)
Because why shouldn’t your glasses have a little magic in them?

Items Needed:

  • Your Glasses
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Fluorite - 2 pieces
  • Lavender Water

Step 1) Put on your glasses and look around you. Visualize all of the lies and impurities that you want to see through. Imagine them as energy, clinging to things and people, hanging in the air as words. Confirm that you want to see past these and see the truth in things.

Step 2) Take the glasses off. Using your cleaning cloth, clean the lenses. Imagine this cleansing the lies and deception from your vision. Think of your glasses as being able to magnify situations and see what is really going on. 

Step 3) Clean the frame of the glasses with lavender water to cleanse deception from your sight and promote positive energy. Say the following as many times as you want:

Let this glass allow my eyes to see through falsities, negativity, and lies.
Magnify the truth, cut through ill will.
I see honest reality in all before me.

Step 4) Overnight, leave one piece of fluorite on top of each lens. If you’re worried about scratching, you can put a thin cloth between the fluorite and the lenses. The fluorite promotes wisdom and knowledge!

Step 5) You’re done! In the morning, you can put on your glasses and the spell should work. This typically lasts a couple weeks depending on the amount of energy you put into the spell. I would recommend redoing it at least once every two weeks or once every month if you want to use this enchantment for a long time.

Contacts alternative:
Do the spell the exact same way, only with your contacts. Use a little bit of the lavender water to clean the outside of your lens case. I know this should be obvious, but don’t mix your solution with the lavender water, for god’s sake. 
When saying the incantation, replace “this glass” with “these lenses.” Place one piece of fluorite on top of each side of the lens case overnight (don’t put it inside with your lenses, again, for god’s sake).