clean funny jokes

Cleaning with Seventeen 😂

Jeonghan - tryna do the dishes without his hair falling on his face cuz he can’t find his hairbands so you give him yours along with a curvy grip for his long ass bangs

S.coups - chucks the hairband in the bin because he wants to hold jeonghan ’s hair for him.

Joshua - praying in the corner because he knows that the other 12 boys are cleaning the house and he doesn’t know where the real 17 members are

Jun - Puts all of the things in the wrong place and you end up doing everything yourself.

Hoshi - helps you hang up the clothes and turns really red and when you pick out his boxers to hang up and sends you inside with the excuse of “you should rest”

Wonwoo - you send him to get cleaning supplies and find him napping in the supply closet so you send him into the garden to cut the grass so he can be with nature and get some fresh air but knowing him he probably falls asleep behind a tree

Woozi - when folding the laundry with The8 he slyly chucks a handful of clothing into The8’s pile so it’s less work. Once you notice, you put him on death stare patrol to make sure everyone else is working.

DK - is a babe and goes round smiling and giving everyone lemonade saying “fighting!” to keeps everyone’s spirits up

Mingyu - whines because he has to dust all the ceilings cos he has the longest arms and doesn’t want the dust to get in his hair (and be so far from Wonwoo) but one look from Woozi and he’s cleaning as it’ll make him confirmed visual.

The8 - folding the laundry and even organising the piles according to the members like the cupcake he is (probably pretends the shirts are nunchucks when you’re not looking though keep an eye on this boy)

Seungkwan - trying to make sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing and when something goes wrong he says “what are you zooing?”

Vernon - (only helps out when you say you’ll promote his mixtape) puts in a red sock with the whites so now 17 have new outfits

Dino - doesn’t refuse when you ask him to help out but has the sad maknae face so you put on some Michael Jackson so he can dance around while sweeping