clean fresh

does it ever feel like we start as clean fresh snowballs but the further we are rolled the more mud and debris we accumulate and no matter what we do we either end up melted or as a dirty little pile of snow in a mall parking lot

Thanks a bunch to @thetwilightroadtonightfall to include me in on this!

NAME? Drew or Andrew, either way is cool by me.

NICKNAMES? I’ve got Snoop, Drewseph, Andraccus, and at one point Pajarito.

ZODIAC? Virgo.


ETHNICITY? Mexican and White.



FAVORITE FLOWER? Sunflowers, Geranium, and Prickly Pear flowers.

FAVORITE SCENT? Fresh clean scent with a hint of the sea.


COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT CHOCOLATE? Gonna go with tea.

CAT OR DOG? Prefer dogs, but cats hold a good place in my heart too.

DREAM TRIP? Probably to Japan.


WHAT DO I POST ABOUT? A good mix of dank memes, cartoons, videogame stuff having to do with Square Enix or Nintendo most of the time, political issues, and good ol dogs and other great animals.

DO I GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS? Hardly ever unless I ask other people to ask me anything, or if I’m having a convo with a friend.

FAVORITE BAND? I would have to go with Fat Jon.

AESTHETIC? I guess to sum it up it would have to include Kingdom Hearts everywhere, alebrije and sugar skulls, wherever the earth meets water, the colors yellow and gray, hand holding whether it be tightly locked, brotherly handshakes or the gentle touch of fingers in a palm, BEES, the sound a forest by a lake makes in the morning when its foggy, salted caramel stuff,… I’ve never actually considered this too much but that’s all that I can come up with atm.

FICTIONAL CHARACTER I’D DATE? Fuck dude, I’d probably go with Kairi from Kingdom Hearts since she’s been my biggest fictional crush, Miia from Monster Musmume(I can’t believe I just said that, jfc), Shinobu from No More Heroes, and Daisy from the Mario Bros. series. All very wonderful, supportive partners that deserve.. SO much!!

HOGWARTS HOUSE? Hufflepuff, son.

I think I’m Supposed to tag the last 5 people in my notifications, but I’m just gonna tag a shit ton of people because I’m curious about them all.

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Definitely don’t feel pressured to do it, but I would absolutely love to know more about you all I barely know and hear from my peeps that I do know!