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Here’s the bad news: Donald Trump has nominated an oil company CEO for Secretary of State, who has consistently stood in the way of clean energy and climate action.

Now here’s the good news: YOU can help stop him. Call 1-855-636-8150 or text REX to 877877 and tell the Senate to #RejectRex!

Obama says Donald Trump can’t undo “irreversible momentum” of clean energy

  • In an academic article for journal Science, Obama reassured proponents of clean energy that positive change will continue, even under Trump.
  • Obama promised clean energy now has an “irreversible momentum” that cannot be derailed by any one country or any one administration
  • “Despite the policy uncertainty that we face,” Obama wrote, “I remain convinced that no country is better suited to confront the climate challenge and reap the economic benefits of a low-carbon future than the United States.”
  • According to the president, there are four main reasons progress towards clean energy production cannot be reversed. Read more

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“What a small world.”

Things that aren’t going to save the environment:
-reusable water bottles, hybrid cars, ethanol/biodiesel fuel, commercially produced “natural”/“organic” food, and other supposedly “green” consumer products
-“population control” that targets developing nations that are barely contributing to global pollution
- pretending that “clean coal” is a thing

Things that will save the environment:
- large scale green energy projects using clean technologies such as solar, hydroelectric, wind, and nuclear power that substantially reduce the use of fossil fuels
- reduction of overall global energy usage such as long term sustainable manufacturing and agricultural practices, localised production of goods and energy that reduce the need for freight transportation
-the end of first-world consumerism and global industrial capitalism
-full communism now

Power Shift brings young climate leaders together as a movement—building the organizing skills, shared excitement, and strong relationships needed for a long-term commitment to the grassroots work that will help us realize a just, clean energy-powered future. Now, Power Shift is back in 2016, with regional convergences from coast to coast. Register for your Power Shift here:

How much you want to bet Junkertown isn’t even one of the biggest cities in post-Omnium Australia?

It’s the one the media has latched onto so they can show footage and call them poor, unhealthy savages who definitely don’t deserve government assistance and the rest of the world won’t really argue.

They don’t want people seeing the small coastal cities that are doing their best to make it by. The towns built up around necessity and one person’s amazing ability to turn anything into farmland. People helping each other and trading between friendly groups. ALF was made up of solar farmers and survivalists. Do you really think they’d all decide to go Mad Max just because the air is dangerous now?

No. Doctors keep on being doctors. They help people who want to be helped. Farmers continue their work as best as the soil will let them. Ranchers work out how to keep their livestocks’ lungs clean. The energy is cleaner now because the government isn’t trying to cut down on how much solar they can use for themselves.

But if the world saw these pieces of civilization still flourishing, they’d be upset. They’d want to know why these people aren’t getting any help. They’d want to know why these people are being forsaken.

And the UN can’t have that.