clean drinks

Drunk me really likes to clean/has a natural tendency to clean and I think my calling is drunk asexual trophy wife, who wants to marry me

I can not stress it enough:

IT IS NOT A DIET, IT IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!! I absolutely hate when people are like “oh yeah you can’t have that because you’re on a diet”. No. I can have whatever I want, I don’t want that unhealthy food because I’m changing my life by loving my body and fuelling it with what it needs. Okay? Okay.

My new favourite breakfast thing - fresh homemade strawberry and orange juice with added lime. It’s so simple, refreshing and yummy. I’ve been having this a lot along with breakfast and tbh I think I could drink this every morning (if only strawberries were cheaper!).


. 4-5 large strawberries

. 2 large oranges

. 2 Tbsp lime juice

. 1 Tbsp sugar

. 2 cups water


So I checked this and turns out it really helped me through my week & I wanted to share it with you guys ! It’s really helpful. All The Love xx

-So I already posted this but it was fucking blurry so there u go my people -

“ Cardio, Abs & Obliques - Muffin Top ”.

(So I’m gonna post some workouts like this.. I don’t own any of this, but I’m sure as hell these will help us). Stay Healthy. All the love.