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Kare Uta: Easy to drink with an iced tea taste
Cassis: A classic cocktail using cassis
DLN: A sweet and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail with melon and ginger ale
Calm Envy: A fresh cocktail with hints of strawberry
Reila: A floral cocktail for mature women
Untitled: A beer with a fruity twist for beer lovers
Without a Trace: A slightly stronger cocktail on the rocks, full of fruity flavour
Guren: A cranberry-based non-alcoholic drink
Shiroki Yuuutsu: A light drink with the mild sweetness of Calpis and ginger ale!
Pledge: For heavyweights! A clean, gin-based short cocktail.
Ito: Recommended for people who like fizzy drinks! A refreshing cocktail with the flavours of lemon and lime.
Taion: For heavyweights! A vodka-based short cocktail with a touch of sweetness.
Gudon no Sakura: Champagne and the subtle fragrance of cherry blossom give this drink a luxurious feel.

When I meet you in the summer -Part 1

Summary: Working as a bartender in a five star hotel while a rich and famous family is staying over for a month, and one of their sons, Bucky, happens to have an eye for you, is a dream right? Right? Wrong!

Chapter 1: Special Guests.

Fandom: Marvel

Y/N: your name

Warnings: alcoholic parents, mentions of abuse.

Word count: 1,464

A/N: Well, I wanted to give the whole Alternative Universe thing a shot, so I came up with this series. This is the first chapter, should I continue?

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Y/N’s POV:

The pool of a five star hotel is a place many would pay to be on. Actually, a lot of people do. The three different pools, plus two Jacuzzis, massaging experts, tropical cocktails and as much sunshine as you could want. Who wouldn’t love that? So yes, I could say I’m enjoying myself, even though of the facilities I listed, I only benefit from the last one.

I’m the hotel’s bartender. The new hotel’s bartender. I’ve been here for barely a week, but luckily I know my share on alcohol. My mother’s death: elliptic coma. My father, how ironic, turned into an alcoholic after that. That’s essentially my life: a bad joke. Let’s stop taking about this.

Today is an important day. Well, all days are important for our manager Scott, but apparently today is an extra important day. A really rich and famous family, of those that have their face front cover on Sunday’s gossip magazine special, are arriving today. They come to this hotel every summer for a month and are the most prestigious guests of the year. I wish I could tell you why exactly they are so famous, but while most girls of my age where screaming and freaking out about their celebrity crushes, I had better things to do. Like making sure we had enough money to eat that night, for instance.

The pool has been prepared, and all the staff instructed. I have to admit everything looks gorgeous: The plants are sorted in an exquisite combination of white and green, and give out a fresh smell that mixes with the sea’s. The private beach is accesible from here, and the sound of soft waves, brushing golden sand and dragging castaway seashells to shore, fills the otherwise silent terrace. All hammocks have clean and fluffy white towels, with the hotel’s name embroiled with gold, and the parasols are made out of wood and blend naturally with the atmosphere. The waitress is ready to take their orders, the pools are calmed and cristal clear, palm trees lean over to frame the views of the beach, the very first thing they will see when they enter. Everything is beautiful and for a second I allow myself to be the one who’s actually going to enter through that door and enjoy all the facilities. But just for a second.

“Here they come… Y/N, are you ready?” mumbles Scott, from the door of the bar. I nod silently and rub my hands on my apron in an unconscious attempt to relive stress.

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prompt by an awesome anon: Bartender!Cas and College!Dean…?

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Dean was not having the best night of his life.

The bar’s lighting was low and blue, the furniture minimalist and tacky, the room hot and airless. Daft Punk was thumping through the speakers, and the raucous laughter of the dancers was overwhelmingly loud.

“Isn’t this great?” Charlie leaned forward to yell in his ear, her eyes bright and excited as she surveyed the room.

Dean nodded as enthusiastically as he could. It was her birthday, after all.

“I’m going to get a drink,” he mouthed, pointing towards the bar. Charlie nodded, clapped him on the shoulder and moved out onto the dance floor. Dean watched for a second as she began to jump in time with the beat; before long, a few guys and girls had gathered close to her. She was beaming as she pulled one of the girls closer. Dean smiled to himself and turned away; Charlie would be fine. He could sit down and nurse a beer without feeling guilty for killing the buzz.

When he reached the bar, he slid onto a spindly metal stool and folded his hands on the sticky countertop.

“Welcome to Heaven. Can I help you?” asked a voice, low enough to cut under the roar of the club crowd. Dean looked up to see a tall, athletic-looking guy watching him expectantly.

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When I met you in the summer -Part 2

Summary: Working as a bartender in a five star hotel while a rich and famous family is staying over for a month, and one of their sons, Bucky, happens to have an eye for you, is a dream right? Right? Wrong!

Chapter 2: Power

Fandom: Marvel

Y/N: your name

Warnings: heavy mentions of rape, cursing.

Part 1

A/N: Thank you so much everyone for all your support!! You are seriously the best followers and people ever!!! I really hope you enjoy this series, and please let me know what you think!

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I clean up the bar for the thousand time and look around me. The morning shift will soon be over and I will be free to go anywhere I want for two hours. I really can’t wait. Scott has closed the pool for anyone but our special family, so it’s been the longest and most boring morning of my life. In ten minutes I’ll be free. Most of my coworkers have already started to pack, so I put the cocktail mixer on its place and check all the alcoholic drinks to leave as soon as possible. Soon I’ll be free…

“Y/N…” I raise my head and see Scott on the door.

“Any problem?”

“Kind of yeah… For you.”

“They didn’t like my cocktail?”

“They did. It’s just… Bucky wants you to stay during lunch break and give him a massage.”

Are you kidding me?

Y/N’s POV:

Yeah… in case you haven’t realized yet, there’s no way I’m giving Mr I-think-I-can-have-it-all a massage. My contract didn’t mention me having to give massages to spoiled rich kids. I would have told that to Scott if he wasn’t looking so serious, but I have no problem telling Barnes to fuck off… of breaking a vodka bottle on his face, for that matter.

I busy myself sorting out alcoholic drinks and pretending I don’t see Scott’s disapproving face until, for the second time today, a very unwanted voice forces me out of my task.

“So, where is my massage?” Bucky says, a smug smile on his face I see reflected on the cocktail maker.

I don’t even bother to turn around, I’m not going to put up with him. “Oh! I think I saw it a while ago. It was heading to fuck-you island. Would you like to follow?”

“Yes.” he replies with a dirty tone.

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Persimmon Goat Cheese Bites With Crispy Sage.

This appetizer is one of my favorites because it’s undeniably sophisticated yet incredibly quick to make—which is what I told Refinery29 when they came asking for my favorite holiday appetizers. Creamy chèvre is ideally paired with the round sweetness of fuyu persimmons, balanced by the tang of pomegranate molasses, and elevated with the texture and aromatics of flash fried sage leaves.

See? Sounds complex. Actually takes less than ten minutes.

Recipe and more here.

What Amortentia Smells like to All Time Low

requested by anon: “someone should make a post about how Amortentia smells to different band members” so here’s my all time low rendition of it

Alex: Coffee, Lisa’s perfume, good wine, the smell of home

Jack: Starbucks, the summer air of Malibu, cocktails, clean pool water, Taco Bell

Rian: The aroma of Cassadee’s hair when they embrace, whitening toothpaste, new drumsticks

Zack: Sand, the ocean, the gym, fruits, beach air


Zain’s Pick: My Favourite Clean Cocktails!

Ring in the new year without the extra calories, sugar and junk. Check out these Clean Cocktail recipes!

Tomorrow marks one of the biggest celebrations around the world, New Year’s Eve, which means cocktails and alcohol will be flowing. Whether you’re throwing a party or having a quiet evening at home, ‘cheers-ing’ to 2012 and toasting to the year ahead with some classic and delicious cocktails doesn’t need to cause guilt or a headache the next day – especially with clean, sugar-free ingredients!

(sources: pinterest, shape magazine)

Sage Margarita

Sage will not only improve one’s memory, but it also relieves sore throats, aids in digestion, and calms allergies. To prepare this wellness elixir, mix 2 oz. of Don Julio Blanco tequila, 1 oz. of Cointreau, 2 oz. of fresh squeezed lime juice, 2 oz. of Simple Syrup, and 3 fresh sage leaves.

Combine all ingredients in a tumbler, shake, and pour into traditional margarita glass.

Pear Champagne

Muddle ½ pear, 1 tbsp pear liqueur then pour champagne or sparkling wine and a splash of sparkling water over it, stir and serve

The Skimlet

Voli Lyte Vodka (a brand-new, reduced-calorie brand of vodka), pineapple juice (known for its detoxifying properties), lime juice, honey and fresh tarragon (which aids in digestion and contains more 70 phytonutrients).

Combine all ingredients in a tumbler, shake and serve.

VITALITY VODKA LEMONADE Using a juicer, blend one cucumber, two celery stalks, one head of romaine lettuce, one lemon, one small piece of fresh ginger, and two green apples. Then, add vodka to taste. RANDARITA Cotton Candy One shot of Vanilla Bacardi with one sachet of Crystal Light Pink Lemonade. Shake in tumbler and serve. Faux-jito

For one serving, you’ll need: three or four mint leaves, a lime wedge, 1 oz. white rum, diet lemon-lime soda (such as Sprite Zero, Diet Sierra Mist, or Diet 7-Up), ice.

Muddle mint and lime.  Add all other ingredients shake in tumbler and serve.

Spiced White Sangria

Choose a white wine that is dry and fresh with good acidity, such as a Chenin Blanc, to build your drink mix. Because the wine already has some tropical fruit flavors, work with them and use fruits that will complement its taste.

For each bottle of wine, you’ll need:

1 medium orange, washed, halved and thinly sliced

1 medium peach or even better a nectarine, washed, pitted and diced

½ cup pomegranate or cranberry

1 tbsp star anise

1-2 Cardamom Pods

2 cinnamon sticks

Combine the wine and fruit in a non-reactive container (glass or plastic -– no metal) and blend well. Put the sangria in the fridge and let it sit overnight.

Taste the sangria just before serving and add maple syrup if you want more sweetness.