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This is was my first official unfunking, and even though they’re two small parts of my room, it feels like a good foundation for me to build (and clean) off of. Now I know I don’t have to be trapped in here for hours just to try and fail to escape my mess. I can do this! Plus, now Rey and BB-8 have a space to call their own.

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At our store, the cashiers don't just run the registers, they do everything. Run registers (including bagging everything), put freight out, put all returns away, check fitting rooms, clean the store, build/tear down displays, or whatever other projects the managers have us work on. I know we certainly aren't the only store like this, but it always baffles me when I see people talking about ONLY cashiering. As in, literally all they do is run a register. I'm just trying to imagine what it's like.

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Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Hey anon, if you’re a beginner you might build muscle while being on a caloric deficit; build muscle while losing fat. However, if you’re more advanced it’s a bit more complex.

Instead, I highly recommend you to do a clean bulk: build muscle while minimizing fat gains. So you can build a strong foundation, which will help you lose weight on the long run.

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My shorts, my business!

So I work at a store that people who are creative come and rent spaces to sell their wares, a lot of it being furniture. My job is to work the registers, clean, paint, build stuff, and carry the furniture out of the store when a customer buys it. Along with that I also have to deal with the vendors who rent the spaces, and for the most part we get along, though there is a handful who tend to be difficult. Anyways, it’s a lot of hands on, hard work, so I sometimes wear shorts so I’m more comfy and so I won’t get too hot. Also it should be noted that these are not booty shorts, and while they are also not the longest things in the world they definitely have a good amount of fabric hiding all the essential bits. They are basically work shorts that one would wear hiking, camping, or WORKING. Now keep in mind that when I started I specifically asked my boss if there was a dress code and if I could wear my shorts. She assured me that there was no dress code and I could wear whatever I wanted, but I probably shouldn’t wear skirts or dresses because it might be hard to be mobile. So I didn’t wear skirts or dresses, I wore my shorts. There is NO REASON that I can’t wear these shorts! Today my co-worker informed me that one of our vendors that I was actually kinda buds with has been telling my co-workers behind my back that I am being un-professional by wearing those shorts and that I am acting like a slut for wearing them around, she has apparently been speaking about me behind my back for a long while as well. AGAIN I bring up the fact that these are in no way booty shorts and my employer has cleared me for them. What is truly un-professional is this grown ass women gossiping about me to my co-workers behind my back when she always asks ME for personal favors whenever she needs help or is too fucking lazing to do something herself, favors that I am in no way obligated to fulfill due to me job, I just help her out because it seemed to be the right thing to do. If this woman truly had a problem with me being the proud owner of a pair of thighs then she can confront me about it to my face or go to my boss about it. She had no right to go to my peers and complain about me because she has a stick up her ass. I no longer have any respect for this woman and she can no longer count on me for my assistance.    

I haven't washed my hair in 2 Months & my curls are POPPIN

So, its really been unintentional (Ive Been LAZY), I haven’t washed my hair in like 2 months & I really don’t miss washing it.

Since I haven’t shampooed my hair, the sebum that my hair naturally creates has coated all of my hair strands so now I don’t even have to use product. I’ve heard about this method before & tried it but completely failed. 

The issue was, 1. I was still using products & not washing my hair 2. I wasn’t cleaning the build up off my scalp. Now that I haven’t used any product, and whenever I water wash my hair I scrub off all the build up my hair has flourished!

I have 4c thin strands but THICKE hair. Before my hair would be so dry & brittle, my curl pattern was really non-existant and it was so hard to maintain. Now my hair is so much stronger, it stays moisturized longer, I CAN SEE MY CURLS. Honestly I have yet to find any cons to this method. Ill keep ya updated :) 

“ Cardio, Abs & Obliques - Muffin Top ”.

(So I’m gonna post some workouts like this.. I don’t own any of this, but I’m sure as hell these will help us). Stay Healthy. All the love.


FAL Friday

Custom Cerakote finished FAL that the owner/seller says is comprised of IMBEL parts built by DSArms. Really clean and eye catching build. Rail is from DSArms and the stock is from Magpul, both of which add some much needed ergonomics to the FAL but at the cost of more weight on an already hefty main battle rifle. (GRH)

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Did you see what the Jaysen guy said? «Blonde blue 6 ft nice build clean shaven model material. They were kissing deep kissing and grabbing ass» LMAOOO someone was enjoying the attention of evryone asking him questions. I love how he saw Harry last summer, so many many months ago, in a club, so with poor lighting, and still remembers all those details about the guy Harry was with... does he mean blue as in blue eyes? Because lmao, that's some sight and memory.