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Pushing your knees forward in the Squat.

I’m sure most of you on here know how to squat, or have at least done it before. And I’m sure almost all of you have been told the same cue when squatting.

“Push your hips back”

While I wont say that is the wrong way to squat, I will say that it is an extremely inefficient way to squat. Inefficient meaning you’re dumping energy into less than optimal positions, that will take away from your ability to lift more weight and recruit more muscle engagement. 

Above is the way I see most people try to squat. Hips are pushed back, back is hyper extended to keep the chest up, and the knees are behind the toes. 

This is how most people should squat. Notice the knees PAST the toes, hips are sunk low, and the back is vertical and FLAT, not arched. 

Now I know most of you have probably always heard that the knees coming forward in the squat is bad because it puts too much pressure on your knee joint, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. The knees coming forward in the squat is only dangerous when the squat mechanics are off. 

Check out the picture below. 

On the left you have an extremely efficient squat position. Notice the bar high on the lifters back directly over the middle of foot (center of gravity) and the back flat and upright, keeping the hips close to the center of gravity. This will allow for maximal quad recruitment when coming out of the bottom position and it will also reduce strain on the back because the vertebra are stacked on top of each other.

On the right you will see the bar out in front of the center of gravity and much lower on the lifters back. The knees behind the toes which cause the hips to be further away from the center of gravity which creates a more horizontal spine. This can cause a lot of stress on the back to keep the bar/chest from falling forward further which would result in the lifter falling down. 

To me the answer is obvious, when it comes to efficiency and safety, get that back up, those hips low, and those knees forward. 

  • You, a normal, well-balanced lab denizen: I meet with my PI every week to talk about my progress, which I make in a timely, well organized manner
  • Me, a lab gremlin: I haven't seen my PI in three weeks which is fine by me because last I heard she wanted an update on all the stuff I haven't done *procrastinates by cleaning desk/bench/reorganizing lab/fighting the general entropy of life in small, meaningless ways*
Tripping (and falling) in front of Astro

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As Jinwoo was locking the door to the house, he yelled to you to be careful while you were walking down the slippery front steps of Astro’s dorm.

“Yeah yEAH–” You yelled just as you slipped on the last step and fell on your butt causing Jinwoo to come over running.

“Are you hurt?! Bleeding?! Did you break anything?!?!”

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Monsta X as Students in a Chemistry Lab

Takes your safety goggles for you. Will light your bunsen burner for you if you’re scared. Does not hesitate to ask the teacher questions. Not the most skilled but will try his best to help you if you ask him for help with the experiment or lab worksheet. Generally able to finish his experiments and clean his lab bench within the time limit.

Is scared of lighting the bunsen burner but pretends he isn’t. Dabs whenever he obtains an accurate reading or observation during the experiment. Screams when he messes up. Also screams when people break test tubes. Becomes emotional if he stains his lab worksheet by accident. Takes turns with Kihyun and Minhyuk to sabotage Jooheon’s experiments.

Has completed most of the lab worksheet before even entering the lab. Has no problems lighting the bunsen burner. Obtains accurate and reliable results always and is smug about it. Lab bench is always tidy. Has finished the experiment and cleaning the lab bench 15 minutes before the time limit and spends the remaining time judging everyone else. Will not let you copy his lab worksheet.

Is having a lot of fun but doesn’t understand what he’s doing. Tries his best but becomes obsessed with obtaining every colour of the rainbow in his test tube instead of the desired results. Too excited to be careful. Lab bench is a mess. Lab worksheet is always stained. Has broken a few test tubes. Ends up copying from Shownu’s lab worksheet.

Sleeps when the teacher is explaining the experiment. Has no idea of what he’s doing as a result but doesn’t really care. Too sleepy to be careful. Always overshoots the titration endpoint. Lab bench is a mess. Lab worksheet is always stained. Breaks way too many test tubes. Broke a burette once. Copies Minhyuk’s worksheet after Minhyuk has copied from Shownu.

Doesn’t want to be here. Confused all the time. Is scared of the bunsen burner, the chemicals, and broken apparatus. Gets Shownu to light his bunsen burner for him. Cannot figure out why no matter how hard he tries, he can never get accurate results. Wonders if having Wonho, Kihyun or Minhyuk around him brings him bad luck. Doesn’t ask the teacher questions despite not understanding him. Disses and flips off the reactants instead.

Is actually really good in the lab because his father is a scientist. Asks deep and confusing questions leaving the teacher flustered and Kihyun jealous. Talks quietly to the reactants and lab apparatus while doing the experiment. Was punished for breaking into the lab once in an attempt to make alcohol in the lab. Brings his own test tubes to the lab to steal chemicals for his personal collection.

Other people post pictures of their benches and it’s a goddamn science aesthetic, all clean and well organized and properly stocked, and I’m here like I’m pretty sure I should never photograph my bench because I don’t want to leave any evidence for EHS to use against me