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I’m opening commissions for these lil cheeb cards!! Theyre done traditionally, and will be laminated and mailed to you! The final cards are approximately 5x4", and can be hole punched if you want, so you can add a lanyard or charm!

Theyre $20 and I’m taking 5 slots for now!
You can pick your character (humans okay too!), pose (or leave it up to me!), and colors for the background (I have a limited paper supply but I can show you samples for my suggestions!)

I’m super tight on money right now and would like to eat/keep the lights on/keep my apartment/ etc!!

DM me/send me an ask if youre interested!!


The Blacklist Rewatch: The Alchemist

The Littlest Winchester - Search and Rescue

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 733


I love love love love LOVE the Littlest Winchester series. Could you maybe do one where she’s kidnapped by a demon or something? I just think it’d be cool.

Could you do a littlest Winchester One shot where the reader gets taken and dean and sam and angel cassie comes and helps her out. Lots of Angst. Lots of Protective Daddy Dean Pleeassee. DANKE SCHON.


           For the millionth time in three days, Dean curses himself. He’d known there was danger and a high chance that someone would come after them, and yet he’d let his daughter stray away from his side. In his hurry to pack up and leave, he hadn’t noticed her walk across the motel room. Because of this negligence, a demon has her.

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Free free (or nearly free!) ways to improve your cosplay in five minutes:

5) Practice Posing

Before heading out into the con center, take advantage of the huge mirrors in your hotel room to work out a few poses.  It gives you an idea of how to stand to show off the best parts of your costume, and sell the character!

4) Wig Cap

You spent all that time and effort finding the perfect wig - finish the look with a wig cap!  You can get a cap at any beauty supply or costume store for under $2!  Not only do these help keep any of your hair from peeking out from under the wig, they help reduce itchy wig syndrome.

3) Iron

If there’s one way to instantly make your costume look sharper, cleaner, and more professional, it’s ironing!  Almost every hotel includes an iron and and ironing board in room, for free – take advantage and keep those fuku pleats clean.

2) Flip your Badge

Keeping your badge around your neck is the safest and most easily visible place for badge checks - but can really ruin the illusion in hall photos.  A quick and easy solution is to flip it over your shoulder to hang down your back while posing - then flip it back when you’re done!  Safer than putting it down on the floor or leaving it in your pocket

1) Have Fun!

It may sound cliche, but when you’re happy to be in costume it’s easy to tell.  Smiling, posing with energy, and generally looking like you’re having fun can really bring life to your character! 

Dear Asher Wright,

Apollo sure didn’t!

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I established my dominance early by throwing a police officer at him!

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Mr. Wright, on the other hand, introduced me to all the “anythings” this agency does.  Maybe I should have minored in toilet cleaning while getting my badge.

-Athena Cykes