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I am a ball of emotions after this chapter, every word Touka said, every honest feeling she delivers,,—how she gives Amon advice/helps him to have courage and go see Akira, speaking about her own personal feelings and fears, the exchange of thoughts.. the way Amon feels about the fact she’s rabbit but doesn’t blame her, he understands the circumstances&the other side of the story, honestly..  everything about this talk with Amon was everything I ever wanted and never expected.


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The Blacklist Rewatch: The Alchemist


I’d like to thank @duhmj​ cause without her love and support i know damn well this wouldn’t be up right now. Anyway, I’d also like to thank everyone who followed me it means a lot, but here is an imagine, HOPE YOU ENJOY

slowly fluttering his eyes open, Tom groaned in pain, a bright light illuminating over him. blinking a few times he could feel all his sense starting to come back to him. sighing, he looked around, trying to take note of his surrounding he moved his arms and groaned again feeling his arms restrained from behind him. touching over the material that had him tied up he used his quick thinking to try and get himself free. twisting his wrist a certain way, he started to move his hands side to side, creating friction to brake free. hearing a snap, he pulled his arms to in front of him, he rubbed his wrist to sooth the heat. looking down at his wrist he touched his watch seeing that it was dead “fuck” he mumbled to himself and stood up from the chair. 

touching over his body, he patted himself down and mumbled incoherent words to himself again, knowing all his weapons were gone. picking up a lead pipe up off the floor, he twirled it in his hands before walking towards the door across from where he sat and pulled the door open. peeking his head out he door, he looked both ways as if he was crossing the street and stepped out from the room he was in. 

walking around from what he guess was an abandoned factory, he held the pipe close to him and tried to figure out where he was. hearing voice inch towards him, he hid in the shadows and waited for them to walk by. as they did, he brought back his arms and swung hard, quickly grabbing the man, he brought the pipe to his neck and started to pull. groaning himself he pulled it tighter, feeling him squirm a little more. soon the kicking and thrashing started to subside and the body Tom held in his arms went limp.

 dragging the body off he threw the limp body down and took his weapons. Starting to walk again, two broad arms wrapped around him, but Tom’s mind was took quick. Pulling the trigger on the gun, he shot the man in the foot, his arms releasing from his body to hold his bleeding foot, Tom took that as an opportunity to push the man where he tumbled back and hit the railing, flipping over and falling to his death. Watching the man to make sure he fell, another goon came and tried the same thing but Tom grabbed his arm and flipped him over his head, sending the man flying over the railing as well. More goons enclosed around him, his arms up in a fist ready to fight. Just as he was about to attack, slow claps started to echo through the factory. 

“Thomas, or should I say agent 007” He said with a dry chuckle, crossing his arms over his chest. “Sir Hugo Drax” Tom chuckled letting his arms fall to his side. “To what do I owe the pleasure to?” Tom asked, his lip curving to a half smile, his deep brown eyes staring into his enemies pair of duel green eyes. “You think you can destroy me don’t you 007?” he asked, placing his arms behind his back, pacing back n forth in front of the agent. Looking around, he took note of how many men were enclosed around him and how he could pick each one of them off. Tuning out Drax, he came up with a plan to get out of this alive. “There’s no escaping this agent, this where we draw the line, you end here, and I, Sir Hugo Drax will destroy you once and for all” He concluded and staring at the man across from him. 

Tom shook his head and chuckled dryly and started to inch towards him, but Drax too had a few tricks up his sleeve. “This is where we part ways agent” he said and nodded his head, his goons inching closer to the agent. “Get him” he said and waved his hand, pivoting on his feet turning his back on the agent and his men. Each goon inched closer to him, one charging towards the man, Tom dodging his grasp, grabbing his elbow, and pushing it towards the face of another goon. Twisting his wrist a certain way he snapped it and shoved him off to the side. One man coming up to him with a gun in hand, he twisted his body away from the gun and grabbed the mans much bigger hands and slipped the weapon from his grasp and shot him. Looking around at the remaining men, he shot the gun, watching them fall to the floor. Sighing he wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead, walking from the gruesome scene, he stepped over the lifeless bodies in front of him and went to look for Drax. 

Checking the gun, he unloaded it and picked up a new case of bullets and loaded it in the gun and cocked the neck back. Licking over his slightly chapped lips, he followed the trail Drax went down leaving and found himself in a grand room filled with computer screens, different imagines on the screens. Walking towards the keyboard, he started to type on it, watching different numbers and code erupt on the screen he mumbled to him self and looked down at his suit, reaching into his jacket pocket puling out a pen, removing the cap of the pen showing a usb drive. Shoving it in the port, he transferred all the files from the screen to the pen. Looking over his shoulder he continued to transfer the files, reading over a few as he worked. looking at the loading, he smiled to himself seeing it was done downloading. taking the pen, he put the cap back on and turned around, his forehead meeting the cold barrel of a gun. 

swallowing, he looked at the person holding the gun, “I knew I couldn’t let those fools finish the job” he started and cocked the gun, “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself” he said and smiled, pressing the trigger lightly. Tom took a deep breath and just as he was about to pull the trigger, Tom’s quick thinking came into action, and he moved his head at the last second, the gun going off and hitting the computer behind him. Taking the gun from his hand, he turned around and now pointed it to him, Tom giving the villain a cheeky grin. Drax chuckled and dropped to the floor, kicking his feet under the agent, causing him to fall and Draw ran. Tom quickly pushing himself up he ran after him, looking left and right, trying to listen for the echo of steps. Running off to the direction where he heard the steps, he tried to get to him but it was too late. Drax was in a plane and was taking off.

 Tom watched in defeat and locked his jaw turning around in. He knew this wouldn’t be the last time he would meet this mad man, so he knew that he needed to be better prepared for when he was to see him next. Sighing he walked the same way he came and found the front of the building. Taking a random car, he dove it back to his HQ.

 Walking in, his suit was dirty, ripped and covered in blood. His lip was cut and he had a cut on his eyebrow that wouldn’t stop bleeding. Walking into the HQ he met with his boss and handed him the pen “007” he simply said looking at the boy up and down “Drax got away, but I managed to download his plans and they’re on this pen” he said handing the much older man the pen. Looking at the pen, he looked back at the agent and nodded at him “you’ve out done yourself yet again agent” he complimented. Tom bowed a bit, he knew he was the best agent in the field and he held that status like a badge. “Get cleaned up, and get some rest for a bit; we’ll call when your next mission is ready” he said and turned away from the beat up man. Cracking his neck, he turned and fixed his tie, and started to walk. Leaving HQ he made way back to his place, starting to strip from his suit, his back turned away from the door in his bedroom.

 Groaning a bit in pain, he stripped from the suit, the silk dress shirt slipping down his muscular back and falling to the floor. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes letting the pain that washed over him subside. Standing there, he could feel the hairs on his neck stand up as a pair of slender, feminine arms wrap around his shoulders. Her nails grazed over his muscles, causing goosebumps to arise on his rough arms. She look his large hand in her smaller one, her freshly done nails grazing over his bloody knuckles, bringing his hand to her lips, leaving a soft kiss on them, looking up at him through her lashes. “Y/N” he said in low raspy voice. “Darling” she whispered back to him…

The Littlest Winchester - Search and Rescue

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 733


I love love love love LOVE the Littlest Winchester series. Could you maybe do one where she’s kidnapped by a demon or something? I just think it’d be cool.

Could you do a littlest Winchester One shot where the reader gets taken and dean and sam and angel cassie comes and helps her out. Lots of Angst. Lots of Protective Daddy Dean Pleeassee. DANKE SCHON.


           For the millionth time in three days, Dean curses himself. He’d known there was danger and a high chance that someone would come after them, and yet he’d let his daughter stray away from his side. In his hurry to pack up and leave, he hadn’t noticed her walk across the motel room. Because of this negligence, a demon has her.

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