clean 18 days


It takes 21 days to develop a habit. As of today, I am 18 days clean from purging and 14 days clean from all other ED behaviors. That means in just one week, recovery will become a habit for me. That is probably one of the healthiest habits one could ever develop. It has been anything but easy, but each day I learn why it is worth it. I’m thawing. I’m coming back to life. Yes, my emotions are one of the most intense roller coasters one could ever experience, but I’m feeling again. I’m feeding myself. I still feel guilt, shame, and disgust, but I’m feeding my body. My body loves me and it deserves to be loved back. It’s kept me alive even though I’ve abused it. I’ve starved it. I’ve made it sick. I’ve beaten and cut it. I’ve pushed it to unfathomable limits. And yet, it still loves me. And now I’m learning to love it back. I’m choosing health. I’m choosing recovery💕