officialplaydoh asked:

okay so crush story! so me and my crush have been flirting since seventh grade[were in ninth now] and our friends have tried to set us up multiple times before but it ends up blowing up in our faces so we pretty much are just fwb's now whoops

thats cool too to right? relationships are tricky i think 

officialplaydoh asked:

okay so my crush is one of my good guy friends and he knows so much crap about me and we've only known eachother for two years. but he's about five foot eleven(so my height), obsessed with music, has super curly hair, and plays football. and he's an amazing artist and drew me a really cool picture that I might get as a tattoo

get it as a tattoo

officialplaydoh asked:

if you could have the power in the world to do or be anything, what would you do/be? (btw i swear i was following you, but must have unfollowed on mobile when stalking)

umm ive always wanted to make things appear out of thin air but id probably get fat from all the food id make so imma go with invisibility bc i could watch cute boys int he shower muahahhaa

liam cuz you both seem genuine and friendly (you’re very pretty btw :))

i gotta say michael bc im just getting that vibe also he seems like he has the same music taste as you

doinggg ships