clayton nelson

There will be clear scans of these later, but for now, please enjoy this potato quality photo of the art I’ve made that I hope to get to the Rifftrax folks at the show Thursday night. (Iffy chance, but my intentions are good.) I still have a couple more to do! But this… This is good progress.

Side note: I am very tired. XD


Trace mocking Trace mocking Trace will always be one of my favourite host segments.

Movie Sign!

From: sarah johnson
Subject: Fanart for Turkey Day 2015!!

Relatively new fan, but MST3K quickly found its way into my heart to be my favorite show- and I’m someone that doesn’t really watch a lot of TV shows!! I’ve been working on this for a couple days and I hope it shows my appreciation <3

Joel says:

Sarah, this is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing.



Directed by: Jim Mallon

Written by and Starring: Jim Mallon, Michael J. Nelson, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy, & Mary Jo Pehl

I caught the MST3K bug back in the days when the SyFy channel was called the ‘Sci-Fi Channel’ and they aired quality programming. Of course I had no idea they used to air on Comedy Central and I was witnessing the days where their were characters like Joel, the Mads, and Crow had a different voice. Now I got a ton of the DVDs (those things ain’t cheap!) and am well verse in the lore of what made this series great. But it took a while for me to watch the movie which, for whatever reason, got a theatrical release.

The movie is a good primer, if anything, to anyone who has yet to find joy in this series. There’s no plot to speak of as it is just the guys riffing on an edited version of the film This Island Earth. Why a movie had to be edited down, and subsequently make this release barely ninety minutes, is anyone’s guess. You don’t get the annoying commercials that were prevalent in the TV run and yet it feels like you get a bit cheated for not getting the full experience. But these guys are pros and you still get a bevy of wonderful jokes and insights into a bad movie. Again, a nice intro to the world of MST3K but you are better off getting the DVDs, find random releases on Netflix Instant, or even YouTube to truly enjoy what made this series great.