clayton moss

King’s Kids

Proverbs 17:6 (AMP) Children’s children are the crown of old men, and the glory of children is their fathers.

This week, I researched 3 interesting children on the Internet. I first looked at a girl named 1Akiane Kramarik, secondly a boy named 2Colton Burpo, and thirdly another boy named 3Clayton Moss. All three kids are very different children, with three extremely different sets ofparents, belief systems and ultimately childhoods.

Akiane Kramarik is considered to be a binary genius. A blurb from one of her websites says that she is “An internationally recognized 12-year-old prodigy, considered the only known child binary genius, in both realist painting and poetry.” “Binary” in this sense simply means “two”. She’s considered a genius (prodigy) in two areas, not just one area (like most child prodigies). She is so intelligent that she home-schooled herself. It is worth your time to look her up. She grew up in an atheist home, yet at the age of 3-4 started having visions of heaven and Jesus and subsequently drew, painted and wrote about these visions with astonishing skill and biblical accuracy.

The second child I looked at was Colton Burpo (from the acclaimed book and movie “Heaven is for real”). Both his parents are in full time ministry. At age 3, he saw Jesus after almost dying on an operating table. Colton’s dad showed him many illustrated pictures and paintings of Jesus, asking Him if Jesus looked like these pictures to which he always replied “no”, until Colton saw Akiane’s painting of Jesus. Colton said that her depiction of Jesus looked exactly the way he remembers Jesus. Between the two children they have had astounding, biblically accurate, visions of heaven with no rational or scientific explication as to how this was possible.

The third story I watched was about a boy named Clayton Moss. His mom was a drug addict and his dad and stepmother was left to look after him. He was only 6-years-old when his parents propped him up in a roll of fencing wire that was held in place by chains and a lock, which forced him to stand up strait, day and night, in a dark 2 x 2 foot bathroom cupboard for months (often without food or water) before being rescued by police… His parents poured liquid detergent in his mouth if he screamed and he sometimes ate paper wrappings to try and stop the hunger… He was utterly unloved…

Luke 18:16 (AMP)16 But Jesus called them [the parents] to Him, saying, Allow the little children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for to such [as these] belongs the kingdom of God.

Whether our kids are geniuses, talented, gifted, disabled, abused or just normal kids, none of this influences the love God has for them. Our children are His children and we are merely their guardians on this earth. Looking after children is a community project and we are all responsible to care and protect them, especially those whose parents fail to protect and love them! Turning a blind eye to abuse or neglect is not an option! We have a burden and mandate to teach our children the gospel and to teach our children the love God has for them!

If God’s heart is for the children, then we as His Body have no choice but to treat each one of His children like our own.

Proverbs 14:26 (MSG) 26 The Fear-of-God builds up confidence, and makes a world safe for your children.

We are the guardians of His children. Love them!

By Ps Zania Schoeman


1. Akiane Kramarik

Note that she was 8 when she pained her famous oil painting of Jesus.

2.  Colton Burpo

His dad Todd Burpo wrote a book on all his experiences and it is well worth reading – “Heaven Is For Real” 

 3. Clayton Moss

His mother’s aunt adopted him and truly loved him back to life.

Well, that’s a rap folks. 15 issues straight of Secret Avengers done. It’s been a crazy ride, and an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much, and fought to try and be better with every page. …Thanks to Ales Kot, Matt Wilson, Clayton Cowles, Wil Moss, Jon Moisan, and Lauren Sankovitch for making it all happen. I’ll never forget this.