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These vows are perhaps the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard. 

“When I met you in the third grade, I didn’t love you yet. When you passed me a note in sixth grade while in band together, I didn’t love you yet. The first time I rode to your house on my bike, I didn’t love you yet. But this didn’t last very long. When we would take Christian to the pool when he was little, I loved you then. When you would ride on the handle bars of my bike for so long your abs would burn, I loved you then. Before we started dating, and were dating other people, I loved you then. But I didn’t know what love was yet. All I knew was how I cared for you, like I have never cared for anyone else. I remember, when we were young, Alexis saying “You two are totally going to get married one day.” I also remember thinking that as shocking as that felt at 14, inside I knew that wasn’t too far fetched. Well Alexis, it’s safe to say, you called it. But I don’t think it was such a hard thing to see. I remember my mom asking me “Why don’t you and Adrienne date?” With my grown up response of “Mom, we’re too good of friends to date. I don’t want to screw it up.” And Mom, I think we were both right. My love has grown for you over 15 years. Thats almost 60% of my life, I have loved you. When we are 70, I will have loved you for almost 93% percent of my life. That’s How Strong My Love Is. And it wont stop.