Some images from the protest at the County Prosecutor’s Office in Clayton, Missouri.

The ladies in the matching blue shirts came all the way from Nashville. The young man in the last image was going full ACAB and folks had to calm him down and inform him that it wasn’t the best time for such an attitude. It was a very peaceful, but very passionate gathering.

More talk about justice and equality, about institutionalized racism.

More silence from the police.

Teen Beach 2

I feel like I’m the only one who actually felt so bad for tanner when he was telling Brady that he’s worried about him not being good enough for Lela. He started tearing and I cried! Tanner has alway been very self absorbed and now he’s finally found someone that’s more important to him than him! CAN WE APPRECIATE THAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?


via Bill Schwulst

State Senator denied access to Justice Center to deliver petitions to remove #mcculloch from #MichaelBrown case. Eventually allowed in.”