Cheslock Facts

Name: Cheslock

Age: 17-18

🎻 He was Gregory Violet’s fag, later succeeding him as Prefect to the Violet Wolf house.

🎻 Cheslock joined the Funtom 5, but was the only one without a script. He was told to act as himself.

🎻 He took offense to having no set role to play.

🎻 He has one unnamed younger sister.

🎻 His design was recycled from one of the original drafts for Ronald Knox.

🎻 Cheslock his highly sarcastic.

🎻 He is incredibly skilled in sports, most notably cricket.

🎻 He has been seen being able to many instruments, including zither, bagpipes, violin, and piano.

🎻 He is said to be able to play any instrument, due to his “magic fingers”.

🎻 Cheslock’s signature move in cricket is the “Purple Burnout”.

🎻 His heritige is unknown, making the means by which he made it into an elite school such as Weston a mystery. Being a noble is unlikely, given his appearance and manner of speaking.

🎻 His sister enjoy’s having her fortune told.

🎻 He is the only member of the Funtom 5 who did not join for a lofty reason. His was simply that he found the idea amusing.

🎻 He tries to pick a fight with Sebastian when the latter comments that his hair and makeup ‘make their own impression’.

🎻 Cheslock can behave quite aggressively when provoked.


The Zodiac Signs as Disney Villains

Aries: Captain Hook

Taurus: Cruella De Vil

Gemini: King Candy

Cancer: Lots-o’-Huggin’-Bear

Leo: Gaston

Virgo: Lady Tremaine

Libra: Shan Yu

Scorpio: Maleficent

Sagittarius: Hades

Capricorn: Clayton

Aquarius: Ratcliffe

Pisces: Jafar


Kuroshitsuji & Groups

Which one is your favorite?


Kuroshitsuji: Starlight Four vs Funtom Five

Shining boys in white garbs or bad boys clad in black?

I have found that I have utterly and completely fallen like a fool for you. Your name spills out of my mouth like I’m sick with the flu. I caught it so hard from that smile you try to hide. Oh god, I’m so in love with you. I think if I got my blood drawn, they’d find specks of you. Oh god, oh god, I’m so sick in love and I don’t want to be cured. Some days, it hurts my head and I get so angry, but I’d still choose you over and over again. One day, I’ll wake up to you every morning and even if I wanted to be sad, I couldn’t. I want it to be you and me in the end. Oh god, some days, I don’t want to live another hour, but I’d live a million years with you. Shred my heart, I don’t care, you can keep the pieces. I want you. Just you. Just let me have your heart, and it’ll all be okay. I’m so dizzy in love. There’s no candles needed to be blown out, shooting starts to be found, or waiting for 11:11 because, baby, I got my only wish and it’s you. I love you. I love you. I love you. You have me fully.
—  Not a minute goes by that you’re not in my mind; if only you were in my arms as much.

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