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who’s the cuddler:

  • Clay. He’s a sucker for cuddles. He’l; snuggle up to Desmond at any given time just for an opportunity for a cuddle. 

who makes the bed:

  • Desmond. When it gets too bad, he’ll clean up a bit, since the messy looking sheets irritate him. Usually though, the bed goes unmade.  

who wakes up first:

  • Clay. he’s a light sleeper too, when he does get to sleep. Usually when Clay wakes up, he makes too much noise and wakes Desmond up as well on accident.  

who has the weird taste in music:

  • Desmond. The kid just can’t stick to one genre, can he?  

who is more protective:

  • Clay. He’s been lonely for too long to afford to lose something else. With all the mistrust in his life, Clay’s got to be sure he doesn’t lose something else important to him. 

who sings in the shower:

  • Clay. When asked about it, he’ll pretend like he didn’t and try to blow the whole thing off. It’s pretty obvious that he did, and if you walk into the bathroom when he’s in the shower, you’ll most likely hear him. 

who cries during movies:

  • Both of them. Depending on the movie, you might see them leaning against each other, with one cinematic tear rolling down their faces. Sometimes they might be openly weeping, and other times they’ll deny that they ever cried, though they both saw each other do it. It’s a mix, but more often than not, if a movie is emotional, they’ll be crying in some way or another. 

who spends the most while out shopping:

  • Clay. He’ll get easily distracted, or end up stopping at all the food stations for some free samples.  

who kisses more roughly:

  • Desmond. He loves to be rough with his kisses and will aim to please. Sometimes though, it can get a bit sloppy. 

who is more dominate:

  • Desmond. Couple this with some rough kissing, and Clay’s got a wild time on his hands. 

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Synchronous Chapter 1, an assassin's creed fanfic | FanFiction
Being kidnapped by an evil multinational corporation and forced to relive the memories of an ancestor you hate isn't exactly fun. To make matters worse, the Animus program is experiencing some strange glitches. Is Desmond really alone in there? 16x17


be prepared to have your fucking heart broken at the last chapter though

A friend asked that I link my fanfics on my tumblr, and while I do have some scattered links in the my writing tag, I suppose I could do a, like, summary list post. So here we go. (This won’t be a complete list, just selected works.)

Ray of Light - Clay becomes Desmond’s guardian angel. I mean what more explanation do you need ^▽^Pairing is Claysmond obviously. In progress, 2k words so far.

Kryptokos - the one where Desmond is mpreg by some sci-fi shit and angsts a bunch before calming down. One brief DesBecca scene but really it’s no pairing. Complete, 67k words.

Because of You - sequel to Kryptokos. Desmond figuring out fatherhood while the ACBF plotline is happening. No pairing. In progress, 30k words so far.

Replication - far and away my most popular one. Also my longest one. Desmond is secretly fuckbuddies with Alex and ends up getting him pregnant, whoops. Then they fall in love 💗 Pairings: Almond obviously, but with side helpings of Claysmond (past), ClayLucy (just a lil bit), and RebDana (sortof). Complete, 72k words.

Miles, Magic, and Mayhem - the one where Desmond is the Dragonborn. Not to be confused with any other Desmond-in-Skyrim fics you may find. No pairing. In progress, 25k words.

Small Steps - Desmond growing up on the Assassin Farm as a transgender guy. There will be Claysmond in future chapters. In progress, 11k words so far.

Rendezvous at Monteriggioni - the one where Desmond runs across his girlfriend during the events of Brotherhood. Desmond/OC, and brief OC/historical figure, although it is mostly not a romance fic. Complete, 26k words.