i think one of my favorite AA college au ideas I ever came across is Korean transfer student Clay Terran, German transfer student Klavier Gavin, and Puerto Rican transfer student Apollo Justice all living in the same dorm and bonding during orientation week as they struggle to communicate because they tend to forget their English when they get stressed out

so when they can’t find something they’re running late they just wind up going up to the nearest orientation facilitator and it’s like


-suave yet progressively more anxious German-

(frustrated muttering in Spanish)

And of course they wind up going everywhere together and become fast friends and each learn pieces of each others’ languages, but the rest of the hall can’t understand how they manage not to kill each other when any disagreement about the mini fridge turns into a yelling match in at least four languages


Ben from “Song of the Sea” in Cx5s

Here’s something I just finished today! :D It’s Ben from “Song of the Sea!” Sculpted in Cx5s. I really wanted to try and recreate this style in 3D, as it has a flatness to it that I thought would be very challenging. I decided it’d also be fun if I didn’t just make a maquette, but something that could sit on my desk :) This is Ben being generally angsty to be at Granny’s. Or in this case, on my desk. 

 If you haven’t seen “Song of the Sea,” you should watch it. It’s an eyegasm. Tomm Moore and the other kick-ass artists at Cartoon Saloon will blow your mind. Also, their first film “The Secret of Kells” is on Netflix RIGHT NOW, so don’t tell me you don’t have anything to watch! 

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thegoddamnunicornsorceress  asked:

Are you going to make a Papyrus doll too? It's okay if you don't, but if you do I'd love to see more of the process. That Sans doll turned out really well, especially for clay. Clay's not easy to use.

thank you!! and

what you think im gonna make sans but NOT make papyrus??? pffT fpft that would be a crime

i dont have the time to get started on another doll right now but papyrus will follow up as soon as i do 


Tree Bark Tutorial // Faux Wood from Polymer Clay

by Stephanie Kilgast

3,000-Year-Old Cooking Mistake Revealed

Archaeologists in Denmark have found evidence of a 3,000 year-old cooking mistake that casts some light into the everyday life of Scandinavian Bronze Age people.

Clear evidence for one of the most common mistakes in the kitchen – burning food – lay in a clay pot that was excavated in central Jutland, Denmark.

The clay vessel was found, upturned and in near mint condition, at the bottom of what was once a waste pit.

“The pot is typical for cooking vessels in this region of Denmark. It was accompanied by several other objects fitting the dating,” archaeologist Kaj F. Rasmussen from Museum Silkeborg, Denmark, told Discovery News. Read more.