Pre-Christmas Gift II // Hair: Unkempt in December

Because it tends to get unreliable for me to post CC as it gets closer to christmas (because of…well y’know…”christmas”), I’m gonna continue pushing finished CC as “Pre-Christmas Gifts” :P

For the second pre-christmas gift (the first one was the ME Military Fatigues ;)) is another male hair. Available in all EA-base colors, it likewise has all LODs and hat compatibility + BGC and the usual stuff.

Like with most hairs I’ve released, there’s never really much else I can say other than enjoy it ;)

Download‘s down here↯  

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“You hear lots of stories about them doing stupid things like making a thousand teapots or digging a hole five miles deep,” said Vimes.
“Yes, but that’s not exactly criminal activity, is it, sir? That’s just ordinary rebellion.”
“What do you mean, ‘rebellion’?”
“Dumbly obeying orders, sir. You know… someone shouts at it ‘Go and make teapots,’ so it does. Can’t be blamed for obeying orders, sir. No one told them how many. No one wants them to think, so they get their own back by not thinking.”

– on golem rebellion | Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay
Hands of Clay: Outtakes - Chapter 13 - The One on Christmas Eve
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A Hands of Clay piece of holiday fluff, with Bucky and Steve being shmoopy on Christmas Eve. Enjoy.

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Vimes pounded through the fog after the fleeing figure. It wasn’t quite so fast as him, despite the twinges in his legs and one or two warning stabs from his left knee, but whenever he came close to it some muffled pedestrian got in the way, or a cart pulled out of a cross-street.*

*This always happens in any police chase anywhere. A heavily laden lorry will always pull out of a side alley in front of the pursuit. If vehicles aren’t involved, then it’ll be a man with a rack of garments. Or two men with a large sheet of glass. there’s probably some kind of secret society behind all this.

– on chase scenes | Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay


I’ve got a request. Gemma and Tig have a secret love affair behind Clay’s back, and you’re Gemma & Clay’s daughter that finds out.

You had known something has been going on between Tig and Gemma. You were like you mother and could sense things like that. You were working in the office, when you saw your mother walk up to Tig and whisper something in his ear. He had a grain on his face as she walked away.

You didn’t want to believe anything to that matter because it was your fathers best man. You just sighed and continued working. Gemma walked into the office, acting like nothing had happened.

“Hey baby, what are you working on?” Your mom asked as she took a seat on the couch.

“Some order for some more tools. Dad said to order more.” You answered not   looking up from the papers.

“Y/n whats wrong?” She asked always knowing.

“I know something is going on between you and Tiggy, mom. I’m not stupid and don’t insult me by saying you aren’t messing around with him.” You said, looking up at Gemma.

Gemma was stunned. Had clay noticed too? She asked herself.

“Well, I’m not going to lie to you. Don’t tell Clay, I want to. and don’t let Tig know you know.” She said, looking exhausted.

“That’s it? You’re cheating on my father with his best friend, and you ask me to keep your dirty little secret. Fuck that.” You got up and stormed out of the office, going to the clubhouse.

You busted into the clubhouse and everyone was in church, you didn’t care you were going in there.

“So the Maya-” Clay was talking as you busted open the door.

“What the hell are you doin’ here? You know that you being in here is against the rules!” Clay’s voice boomed throughout the clubhouse.

“Listen to me! Mom is sleeping with Tig.” You confessed.

Clay was stunned and he just sat there, in awe.

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Role Call: Having a Blaster: