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Trigger Warnings: Graphic violence, Death of unborn child. character death

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“The baby looks healthy, perfect weight and size for being twenty weeks a long.”

“Can you tell us, the sex?” Chibs looked down at me, holding my hand.

“Your child is being stubborn, and showing us it’s backside today.” The ultrasound tech laughed.

“I wonder where that stubbornness comes from?” I grin, looking up at my old man.

He leans down kissing me. “I think our wee little love gets a bit of stubbornness from us both love!” 

“Maybe you’re right!” I wipe the gel off my stomach as the tech hands him the pictures. “I’ll see you at home later?”

“What are you doing for the rest of the day?” His hand was at the small of my back guiding me outside to the parking lot.

“I’m meeting Ma and Tara for lunch, then we are shopping for the baby. I’ll be home around four.”

“Be careful my love.” He pulled me close kissing me. “I love you!”

“I love you too.” I climbed into my car, and went to meet my Ma and Tara.


Gemma sped into the parking lot, blasting the horn, the guys filed out of the garage. “What’s all the noise about baby?” Clay asked.

She glanced around at the men, her eyes landing on Chibs. “Have you heard from (Y/N)?”

“She had a doctor’s appointment this morning and a ultrasound, she was suppose to meet you and Tara for lunch and shopping.”

“She never showed up, she isn’t answering her phone, she isn’t at home…”

“Don’t get in a panic Gem, I’m sure there’s an explanation.” Clay pulled her into a hug. “Juice, see if you can locate our daughter.”

(Y/N) vehicle had a low jack installed years ago, being the presidents daughter and the V.P. sister put her in danger. Having her car tagged with a GPS, helped them find her in emergency situations.


Chibs pulled out his phone, dialing his old lady’s number. He closed his eyes, praying she’d answer. “Hello.” A male voice answered her phone.

“Who the hell is this? Why do you have (Y/N)’s phone?”

There was a laugh. “This must me Telford, the baby daddy. Your old lady is hot, even knocked up.”

“Don’t touch her, you dirty pig!”

There was another laugh. “Get your president on the phone, so we can talk money.”

Chibs rushed towards Clay, switching the phone to speaker. “Let me talk to (Y/N), I need to know she’s alive.”

There was some scuffling in the background, he heard her hiss in pain. Chibs had to control his emotions. “Filip, I’m okay baby, we’re okay. I love you.”

“I love you too, you hang on my love. I’m coming for you!”

Clay grabbed the phone. “Who has you sweetheart?”

“My name is Edward, and I’m a member of the Mayans, If you want to see your daughter, and future grand baby, you better listen up.


I was exhausted, hungry, and a little scared; not for myself, but for my child. I knew that my dad, brother, and old man would move haven, hell, and earth to get to me. 

Truth be told, in my heart I knew every member of the club would. I just had to wait for them to show up. The door to the room I was being kept in swung open, the man that was keeping me, grabbed me, dragging me out.

He was being rough, and hurting me, I let out a whimper. “Not very tough for a biker princess!”

I didn’t dignify him with an answer, he slapped me across the face. “You must feel like a real man, to come after a pregnant old lady.”

He pushed me into a room, a knife held to my throat, I let out a gasp, seeing my brother and Tig in the room. I knew Chibs had to be somewhere close, there was no way he wouldn’t come.

“Did you bring my money?” Edward asked.

Jax’s eyes narrowed. “Let her go, and you can have it.”

“I should have known!” I don’t remember what happened next, it was a blur of blinding hot pain, noise and chaos.

Tig was knelt beside me, tears in his eyes, his hands pressing on the top of my stomach. “Hold on beautiful, stay with me. CHIBS! CHIBS!”

My eyes flickered shut, I fought to open them, Chibs was next to me, tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry Filip….I’m sorry!”

“No love…you have nothing to be sorry for.”

“I wasn’t careful, I let them run me off the road….now the baby…”

“You hold on, our baby will be fine, you’ll see, you’ll be fine. Once you’re all better, we’ll get married.”

“I love you Filip….”


Chibs wiped away his tears as he stood at the grave markers for (Y/N) and their daughter. He’d lost them both that day, (Y/N) bled out in the ambulance on the way to the hospital

Their daughter died in utero, she never got a chance, he named her Serenity Grace. “I love you my girls, I always will.”

Placing the white roses on the graves, he turned and walked away.



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These are the fired glaze rings from my test glazes in this post. The base recipe was all the same and I added different colourants to it.

I was expecting the manganese to come out somewhat pink, and the red iron oxide more red and less brown. I was surprised that the rutile came out whiter than the titanium.

Now I need to think of names for them all. The manganese looks like sand, and the rutile looks a bit like snow on the pb103, but like cookies and cream on the BRT.

Base Recipe
45   Potash Feldspar
22   Dolomite
16   Silica
11   Zirconium Silicate
6    China Clay

Test 1
2   Copper Carbonate

Test 2
10  Red Iron Oxide

Test 3
10  Yellow Ochre

Test 4
4   Rutile

Test 5
3   Manganese Dioxide

Test 6
3   Titanium Dioxide

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Where the Fuck is their book, DC?

No one gives a Fuck about this “Dark Matter / New Age of Heroes / Blood Gun / Gun Blood / Blood Blood / Gun Gun” thing you’re doing.

We want the Legion of Super-Pets, God damn it.

Also: why did no one invite Jumpa?

I’ve been working so hard on a few mushroom tea cup pin cushions for an order. Pretty excited to start showing them to you all! This bolete pin cushion is maybe a favourite of mine - the moss balls are so fun to felt but also drive me a little bit batty after a while!