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Kissing Would Include

Alex Standall

It’s usually just really soft and loving. He’s not big on PDA but whenever you’re sad or need reassuring he’ll give you a soft sweet kiss. In private when your cuddling he likes to hold you close and randomly kiss you.

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Clay Jensen

He’s not a big fan of PDA either so lots of forehead/head kisses. But even when it’s just you two most of his kisses are on your head. (don’t get me wrong you still have heavy makeout sessions)

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Jeff Atkins

He’s really passionate and touchy. Like his hands will be on your waist, in your hair, he just wants to feel as close to you as possible. He’s highkey an amazing kisser.

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Justin Foley

With him it’s almost always super passionate. Like all of your kisses usually lead to sex. He doesn’t matter where you are he will 100% get into it. Includes lots of tongue and grinding.

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Montgomery De La Cruz

He is so passionate omg. Literally every kiss leads to sex (or athleast wanting to). It doesn’t matter where you are he’ll pin you against a wall (or bed) to makeout with you and it is his goal to turn you on because he is such a tease.

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Tony Padilla

His kisses are slow and passionate. His hands usually go to your face/ neck to be able to pull you closer and he’s usually really sweet about it. 

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Zach Dempsey

Because of how tall he is he’ll usually either pick you up or set you on a counter. It gets so intense quickly (especially when you wrap your legs around him). He can go either way with sweet or really passionate and intense.

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Unforgettable// Jeff Atkins

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Warning: Smut

Pushing past those doubles door of the school and hurrying to first period, I was incredibly late for school. Loudly open the door of the classroom and earning everyone’s attention as their heads snapped towards my direction.

“Ah Ms. Y/L/N so kind of you to join us” our educator pronounced at the head of the class and I took an empty seat next to the sweetest jock in school, Jeff Atkins.

I managed to pull out my notebook for some notes that I had missed within the previous hour.

“Need any help?” a whispered tone of voice came from beside as I smiled and nodded towards his gesture.

“Thank you” I accepted his notebook and summarized the information whilst catching up to the events of now.

After a few hours more the bell had gone indicating it was our free period, I sighed in relief and headed towards the exit of the class and making my way towards the cafeteria. Immediately I noticed two of my friends sitting and chatting up amongst themselves, I walked over and took a sit next to Clay and Hannah.

“What topic is on the agenda today?” I asked enthusiastically and in a mocking tone because they always had a topic to discuss based on life events or merely the coincidences that occur.

“We were actually discussing whether or not we are going to attend Jessica’s party tonight” Hannah spoke up.

“Yeah, I’m thinking about that as well and I think it should be fun. I’m not exactly the partying type but a fucking good time never hurt nobody” I stated and earned a surprised look from the both of them.

“Seems like a legit statement, so we’re in” they smiled as we went back to fixate upon other topics.

Last period went by so quickly, I was headed towards the same door as this morning but only this time exiting the building so I can head home. My house was not too far from school so I decided to walk whilst listening to some music. My heart rate was elevated as I kept walking, it had been 10 minutes and I’m 5 minutes away from my house, I couldn’t stop planning my outfit for tonight- various selections of clothing had had lapses in my mind; I finally gave into my thoughts as I reached my front door and twisting the knob, I instantly jogged up to my room and straight into my closet.

After what felt like a decade I made up my mind to wear a Deep V neck Lace- up body suit, sleevless, and tucking them inside my ripped jean shorts with a belt.

(left side one)

I was finally pleased with what I chose, it had already gotten late and I had to rush and get ready while I messaged Hannah to ask for her location because she was my ride to the party and luckily she was right around the block. I slipped my black Nike shoes on and grabbed my phone as I headed out the door and into the vehicle with my friend.

“Girl, you look hot!” she emphasized on ‘hot’

“Thanks” I smiled and buckled my seat belt as she sped off to the party.

Arriving shortly I saw the front yard were full of people as they engaged in conversations, we got out of the car and we weren’t even at inside the house yet and we could smell the alcohol and teen spirit out in the air.

“Hannah! Y/N!” Clay yelled over the loud music and we made our way to him as he awkwardly stood in the middle of the living room and most probably feeling like an outcast.

“Hey Clay, you clean up nice for a party” I said

“Thanks?” he seemed confused of whether I was making a joke or being serious

Hannah walked over to him “You’re too buttoned up” she stated as her hand grasped the collar of his shirt and unbuttoning the first set, I noticed how nervous he was as he had an anxious laugh. They were so cute and very obvious they had a spark between them.

“I’m going to get a drink and I will be right back” I motioned over to the kitchen table full of drinks, I don’t normally have any alcohol but I decided to drink a little bit of beer and only one should be okay for the entire night.

I took a sip of the beer in the red cup and watched as every drunk person in this room made bad choices tonight.

“Enjoying yourself?” the same voice from earlier spoke beside me once more.

“very much” I looked at Jeff who was sipping coca cola from his cup.

“Loosen up! head to the dance floor” he laughed, and I actually took his suggestion into consideration after all, it is a party and there is music blasting through the speakers; the beer had done its job as it coursed through my veins and allowed me to loosen myself up- not to be overly confident but I did know how to dance.

I walked over to the crowd of people dancing around with my cup still in hand, the music was just right as my hips moved along to the beat. One hand tangled up in my hair as I guided my hips, I dropped down to the floor and pushed my ass out into the air and slowly got back up and this time I felt a pair of hands grasp my hips and pulling me into them, I swung around and noticed it was Jeff and for the life of me I don’t understand why but I smashed my lips against his but he didn’t seem to mind as he deepened the kiss by his tongue grazing my bottom lip asking for entrance and I accepted, his tongue moved in sync with mine and then suddenly I became very aware of where we were and I pulled away.

“Can we head to my place?” he asked evening out his breathing.

“Yeah” I breathed out

As soon as the words left my lips he took me by the hand and guided me to his car, getting inside as he drove to his place. I messaged Hannah to let her know I had left in case she looked for me after going home.

Jeff’s hand laid on my thigh the entire ride and from time to time I felt him squeezing it and his jaw clenched.

We arrived at his place and his parents car didn’t seem to me in sight so I am guessing they are either out of town or out for the night but I didn’t care because what is about to happen is burned in my mind.

He searched for his house key in his pocket and shuffled it around as he slipped into keyhole and turning the knob as we went inside, I was pulled up the stairs and into his bedroom, I’m assuming.

“The way you moved your body had me feeling some type of way, I looked at you from across the room and I had to pick you, You are something special and I need to have you” he spoke up with pure lust in his eyes.

“W-What?” I asked in complete disbelief.

“Tonight I’m going to pleasure you.” he smirked as he pushed me down onto the bed and immediately he attacked my neck with wet kisses and bruises, I bit onto my lower lip to muffle the moans and explicit words from escaping my lips.

The straps were undone as he revealed my breasts as he hungrily attacked my nipples; he sucked and licked on them until they hardened at the feel of his tongue grazing upon them, he unbuckled my belt and undid the button of my shorts and he slid them down and ripped off my bodysuit and undergarment, pushing my legs up so they rest on his shoulders, a cold air was blown on my wet core just so he can tease me- I flinched at his action but loved the foreplay, he used his fingers to spread my lips as his tongue licked up my slit and sucked on my clit; making sure to tease my nub as he circled his tongue around it, this caused my arousal to deepen as I got wetter. I ached to feel his fingers inside me.

“Fingers, Please Jeff” I begged and whimpered

I could feel him smile against me as he pushed a finger inside me, it was only one and I could feel his thick finger stretched me out slightly as he moved it painfully slow and later adding another for full pleasure whilst his tongue still circled around my clit.

“Oh my god” I moaned, unable to contain the emotions I was harboring.

I was stripped from my pleasure as he pulled away and stood up from between my legs and my eyes flew open within seconds as I stared up at him, I was out of breath as my chest rose and fell- my heart rate blew out of proportion, I was extremely aroused and felt the need of wanting more. I noticed the prominent bulge in his jeans and I was curious to know what laid behind those pile of fabrics, I bit my lip as I slid off the bed and kissed his juice filled lips as I tasted myself off his tongue and smiled a devilish smile because I figured he would find it hot when I tasted myself- I removed his clothes and making sure to reveal his abs and biceps because besides his outstanding and sweet personality, his abs and biceps were an absolute turn on as well. I grabbed his length and pumped him a few times before I spat on his tip and watched as he paid attention of every little detail; I circled my tongue around his tip and felt him flinch as I slid his entire length into my mouth and his tip making contact with my throat, it was quite difficult to take him all in based on his size, he was well endowed. I built up his pleasure and took it from him, I pushed hi onto the bed and straddled his waist as I suck down on his length and felt his thickness stretch out the walls of my core and I moaned and groaned as the pleasure and pain built up within me, I rode him and had a view of watching his face; his eyes were shut, lips parted as the profanities escaped his mouth but he didn’t seem to like the idea of me being in charge and so I was flipped over and dragged to the foot of the bed and he had pulled only to slam inside me again and this time I cursed under my breath, his tip brushed against my G-Spot repeatedly as his pace became faster and movements because sloppier, I curled my toes as the knot in the pit of my stomach tightened and my G-spot tingled with the pleasure that shot throughout my body as my orgasm caused me to tremble underneath him.

“Fuck, I’m coming” I cursed even louder and I felt juices squirting out of me and I felt a little embarrassed.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum” he shut his eyes and pulled out as he released his juices onto my stomach and pumped himself until he was done.

I laid there quietly as he went to get towels and he came back to notice the mess I made on the floor and his bed sheets.

“You’re a squiter?” he asked

“I’m sorry” I mumbled

“That’s hot” he smiled and picked me up so I could have a shower with him and I watched as he washed the alcohol and sex off my body and pecked a sweet kiss on my lips.

“Stay over?” he asked

“ I’d love to” I smiled as we got out and dried ourselves, I slept in nothing but his shirt and messaged my parents to say I was sleeping over at a friends place- we lied together on his bed with our fingers intertwined as we spoke about our dreams and passion.

Hurt// Zach Dempsey

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I saw Zach send what seemed to be the 50th text. I watched as he started calling I stared down at my phone before shutting it off.

“Wow what did he do?” Bryce smirked.

“Nothing just drive.” I stared ahead at the dashboard in anger. It all started this morning.

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But clearly the insidious distillation of racial terror, state violence, and surveillance in our current era demands a new collection of jams. Likewise, this moment calls for an active, watchful, robust, and antiphonal black commons “woke” enough (as the kids would say) to read the commodification of “blackness” and “black message” music so as to make sophisticated and empowering choices and statements, to generate critical reception as well as rejection of the pop art that we’re invited to consume ad nauseam, 24/7. New millennial black protest pop captures and grapples with the specificity of racial catastrophe in the twenty-first century—its inextricable ties to neoliberal infrastructures, to the prison-industrial complex and globalized wealth inequality; its ferocious preoccupation with the violent expenditure of women and children; its ubiquity crossed with its seeming illegibility. New millennial black protest pop recognizes, mourns, and rages against the relentless roll call of black folk slain by the state, by one another (in conditions enabled by the state), and by agents of white supremacy.

That black protest music (if that’s what we should even call it anymore) might look and sound and feel as contradictory and varied as it does in the hands of a culture-industry behemoth like Beyoncé or an upstart South Central hip-hop poet like Kendrick Lamar, who rejects the title “MC” in favor of “writer,” or an iconoclastic neosoul vet like D’Angelo, who shuns the flash of the pop world, should come as no surprise in this moment of two-generations-removed post–civil rights struggle and activism. We are in an era characterized by spectacular dichotomies in black modern life, the ironies of hypervisible black-celebrity wealth existing alongside an outsize, cancerous black and brown carceral complex. So it makes sense that such a diverse array of voices would emerge in tandem with, in response to, inspired by, and occasionally at ideological odds with Black Lives Matter, the most prominent grassroots black-liberation movement in the US in more than two decades. After all, this large-scale uprising—which started on social media and quickly took to the streets—was started and is led in part by three young African American women (two of whom identify as queer): Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, who know a thing or two about intersectional politics—a politics of racial, gender, sexual, and class identities and experiences informing one’s selfhood. BLM is thus an effort founded on the principles of complex, multifaceted “blackness” and on the heterogeneous sociopolitical energies and ideologies of black feminism, hip-hop, LGBTQ activism, Occupy, and civil rights and Black Power resistance movements aimed at creating a new coalition of dissenters lobbying for reform. As scholar Andreana Clay has astutely pointed out, “we have a full-fledged movement happening that is full of leaders, actually, predominantly led by black queer women, transfolk and our allies. Just look at the leadership in almost every BLM chapter: Chicago (BYP), Minneapolis, Oakland, Los Angeles. The ‘ladies’ are already in formation.” So shouldn’t the music follow suit? If, as black music critic Greg Tate reminds us, hip-hop is “the voice of the voiceless,” and if BLM is, as he suggests, the revolutionary manifestation of hip-hop, it is only fitting that this modern movement would inspire urgent rap lamentations (J. Cole’s wrenching “Be Free”) and manifestos for living (Big K.R.I.T.’s “Soul Food”), as well as sort-of-black-feminist, sort-of-patriarchal tribute pieces (Big Sean’s well-meaning “One Man Can Change the World”).

The multifarious voices that make up BLM impel the art that accompanies the movement to be as capacious as blackness itself—and the current sound track offers new strategies, new scores, new narratives, new arrangements for protesting, resisting, and disturbing the political and socioeconomic subjugation of black and brown folk in American culture. The sonic performances of D’Angelo, Lamar, and Beyoncé drive these points home in distinct and powerful ways.
—  Daphne Brooks, Modern Protest Pop