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we are more powerful
than half the world
combined and still
we are honest and good

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Bobby’s Angel - Part 8

A/N - This might be hard for some people to read. There is mention of child abuse. I’ve tried a new style and did little time skips in this chapter. There is a lot to cover in this but I’m trying to keep it easy to read.

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California GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter censors painting of police as animals in Capitol

  • A Republican congressman from California stole the prize-winning work of art from a congressional art competition on Friday night, saying it was disrespectful to police.
  • The artwork was titled “Untitled #1” and depicted police officers arresting protesters as various animals including a boar, 
  • Rep. Duncan Hunter’s office says Duncan’s removal of the art from a student competition earned him accolades from law enforcement agencies, the Peace Officers Research Association of California and the Fraternal Order of Police.
  • Hunter delivered the piece of artwork to the office of Rep. William Lacy Clay Jr., an African-American Democrat from Missouri who sponsored the competition. Read more.

a four part netflix original series based on the lunar chronicles, a bestselling series by marissa meyer, is coming to netflix on june 9. netflix has released the posters in preparation for the electric debut of this thrilling and face-paced series.