“March Program Day”

Kara Claybrooks


On this program day, I learned about the local government in Rutherford County. It was interesting to discover how the government plays an important part in making Rutherford County very successful. I had the opportunity to learn about the history of Rutherford County, meet the mayors of Rutherford County, and  get more information of the political parties. This program day made me realize how I need to be more active in the community. After the program day, I became more aware of why it’s important to be apart of the community and the importance of  the government.

                   The first event that I enjoyed was touring the Traffic Operation Center. This was my favorite event of the day. I learned more about traffic lights and the various tasks that has to be made to make traffic run smoothly.Moreover, I learned how Ram Balachandran uses proper leadership skills in order to communicate with his colleagues. In addition, he discussed how he makes sure that he has proper leadership skills.

                 Another thing that I enjoyed was the lunch with the mayors. I thought that it was very great to hear about the various reasons why they strive to have good leadership skills. Likewise, I enjoyed hearing the different ways that they will help their community. Plus, I loved hearing the mayors give us insight on how to be a great leader. So, it was good to learn more about how to become a good leader in the community.

                   This program made me realize how it is important to work in the community. Also, it made me realize how I need to get more involved in the community. Overall, I would say that it was a great experience to learn more about the government. I really enjoyed this program day.

“December Program Day”

 Kara Claybrooks


The Human Needs Day was a very special program day to me. On this program, it gave me the opportunity to open my eyes and see what is out in the world. It made me realize how some people are less fortunate, and don’t have the same opportunities as others.

               The first event that I did was tour Adam’s Place. This was my first time going because I never heard of Adam’s Place. So, while visiting Adam’s Place, I was quite impressed by what I witnessed. It was great to see that the elderly or disabled have different options to have fun. Moreover, it was great that their family members can visit and spend the night with them.

              One of the events that stood out to me was going to the Salvation Army. I was able to tour the place, and hear some of the stories that take place there. While touring the Salvation Army, I started to fully understand what homeless people go through. Prior to that, I had a slightly biased opinion about the homeless. From my perspective, I didn’t understand what people had to struggle, or had only one choice to make.

         In addition, one of the most valuable lessons that I took from the program day was the importance of volunteering. By volunteering, you are helping others understand that’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You can help them understand that they can put their mind to anything, and have faith in everything that they do. By doing this, you have inspired them to discover what life is and how they can make it.