The Other Guy: Pt. 16

Summary: The reader has harboured feelings for Jax Teller since he picked her up on the side of the road and gave her a home and a family, but his life is complicated, and his relationship even more so.  When Jax tries to use the reader to mess with his girlfriend, he pushes her straight into the arms of his best friend, Opie Winston.  But will Opie ever be anything but the other guy?  And will her new family be able to keep her safe when her past comes back to haunt her?

Pairing: Opie Winston x Reader; Jax Teller x Reader

Warnings: Language, mentions of violence, mentions of forced prostitution

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You could feel confused eyes watching you as you fidgeted in your seat, your fingers gripping the edge of the table white-knuckle tight as you tried to control the nerves that were churning in your stomach.  There had been some murmurs of uncertainty as the men had filed into the room to find that the seating arrangement had changed somewhat.  Jax still sat at Clay’s left-hand but an extra chair had been squeezed in beside him, where you were now perched, with Opie on your other side.  They were your rocks, these two men.  It was only the gentle solidity of their presence that kept you sitting there when all you really wanted to do was run.

‘Everythin’ okay, boss?’  Chibs’ eyes flicked from you to Clay as he tried to figure out what was happening here, but a sharp nod from the President silenced him, and he took his seat without another word.  

‘Alright,’ Clay addressed his club once they were settled, his gaze falling upon each of them in turn.  ‘I’m not gonna beat around the bush here.  You can already tell that something’s going on and I’m as much in the dark as the rest of you.  Jax has something that he’d like to put to the table, which…’  He tailed off to fix you with a stern stare.  ‘I’m guessing has something to do with you.’

You swallowed hard, unable to speak, inhaling sharply when Opie reached over to take your hand, squeezing it gently as he tried to ease your discomfort.  It didn’t seem to register with any of the others around the table, the physical contact, and you supposed it wouldn’t.  It wasn’t unlike you to be tactile with the club members.  It hadn’t clued them in to the new relationship that had been blossoming under their noses.

Jax was leaning forward in his chair now, hands clasped together as he took the meeting under his control, his voice low and serious as he began.  ‘Brothers.  Thank you for making it here at such short notice.  I know I interrupted my mom’s dinner and I’m sure I’ll be paying for that later, but this couldn’t wait.’  He cleared his throat, his eyes meeting yours before he continued.  ‘You all know Y/N.  You all love her.  She’s family.  She’s a part of this club just as much as the old ladies and the crows.’

‘Damn right she is,’ Tig chipped in and you shot him a grateful smile.  

‘Now, I don’t know how much you know about how Y/N ended up here.’  Jax ignored the interruption, battling through, determined to get the ordeal over with.  ‘But I guess that most of you figured out that she was running from something.’  There were a few nods of agreement.  ‘Well, tonight she’s gonna fill in some of the gaps for you and then we’ve got some decisions to make.’  He sat back and gestured for you to start your story.  ‘The floor’s yours, darlin’.’

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