clay throwing



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throwing some clay! from a few nights ago. 

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Throwing a vase out of ~5 lbs of stoneware clay.
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  • Magus: *stands outside Alex's bedroom and sings at the top of his lungs whilst glowing* Let it glow, let it glow, I can't fight my love for you any more!
  • Alex: *yells* Fuck off Magnus. I'm trying to sleep!
  • Magnus: LET IT GLOW!
  • Alex: *throws clay pot at his head* I swear to Odin, I will decapitate you again!
  • Magnus: *whispers* Let it-
  • *door opens and Magnus runs*

Is this some kind of pottery wizardry or self-throwing clay?!

From @willemiteceramics - Clays turning into a vase. 🎶 music by the Carolina Chocolate Drops “Snowden’s Jig” 🎶

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Throwing Demo #4
I asked my dirty potters on Periscope what they would like to see more on my youtube channel, they said they want more throwing demos; so here you go, me throwing one of my favorite shapes. THANK YOU GUYS FOR 420+ SUBSCRIBERS, i love that you love and share my art and content :) - Comment down below to let me know what you would like to see in future videos. - Facebook art page : - instagram page: - Periscope (be warned, my periscope is dirty) :

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My AA ships and double dates

Justicykes + Terranwoods: Picnics in the spring.  Clay and Athena throwing frisbees at each other, with Athena sometimes missing terribly. Junie and Polly just watching in the background, while talking about random stuff. Junie making a scarf long enough for all four of them to wear at the same time. Tag teams in Smash. Clay and Athena showing off their strength by carrying Apollo and Junie on their shoulders, only for them to escalate in chicken fights (except instead of Polly and Junie shoving each other they just have thumb wars).

Narumitsu + Feyquill: Phoenix and Maya bitching to their boyfriends over impossible clients, of whom neither man prosecuted, over dinner that Miles had made for everyone. Watching bad movies together with witty commentary. Simon and Miles looking out the window, wondering what Pess and Taka are up to. Maya joking that they’re probably solving murder mysteries amoungst the neighborhood.

Klema + Farabeste: Going to resturants with musical media on the wall, talking about their favorite bands growing up. Kay feeling somewhat left out because she isn’t as musically cultured as Sebatian, Klavier, or Ema are. Making jokes that only prosecutors and detectives would understand. Wondering when the hell Mr. Wright would just get his shit together and marry Edgeworth.

Justicykes + WrightFamme (Trucy/Betty): Going to the amusement park. Apollo and Trucy kicking their girlfriends’ asses in the shooting range (Damn their percieve ability). And then getting their asses kicked right back at the high striker. Betty being just as scared as Apollo when it comes to heights, the two of them just watching as Trucy and Athena get on that stupid boat ride (you know, the one that goes completely upside down and has like NOTHING for them to hang on top). Athena driving everyone home, kissing Apollo goodnight before walking off… and him reminding her that they live together.

Justicykes + Blackmadhi: Apollo and Nahyuta showing their datefriends the most beautiful locations in all of khura’in. Athena falling in love with the culture, getting caught up in street dances with the towns folk and just dragging Apollo along, with Simon and Nahyuta watching in the background, smiling. Simon and Apollo watching their datefriends on horseback, Athena showing off her equestrian skills.

Narumitsu + Magshoe: Cookouts with the fey clan. Gumshoe and Maggey eating twice as much as everyone else, while excitedly talking about their plans for the future. Phoenix and Miles talking about their plans to turn the court system around.

Narumitsu + Fradrien: Tea time under the gazebo. Everyone laughing as Franziska bitches about her most recent encounters with fools amoungst the law. Phoenix offering to put them in their place, only to be informed that Agent Lang beat him to it.

And now for the sadder ones;

Blackbright + Auris: Just the four of them sitting in the lanai of Aura’s house, enjoying tea. Simon and Metis forgetting they’re with their dates, nerding on and on about japanese mythology, while Bobby tries his best to follow them and Aura just being So. Goddamn. Done with these dumb nerds. Bobby wanting to clean up after himself only to be shot down by Aura, because he is a guest.

Dhurmara + Jovelassa: Dhurke and Amara inviting their guests to join them for dinner. Each couple gushing over and complimenting each other’s babies. Jove and Thalassa excited talking about how they first met, and how much they’ve loved seeing what Khura’in has to offer. Thalassa showing off the beautiful bracelets she inherited from her father, and then kicking all their asses in card games. Jove singing songs with his guitar, at first just performing a few solos but then Thalassa accompanying him for a duet. Thalassa singing a lullaby not only to baby Apollo, but tiny Nahyuta as well.