clay polymer


So I decided to make a new Goddess statue today.  Then I decided to make a little tutorial.  My camera was not so helpful

this is the first time I made any polymer clay figure with foil inside, so I ended up using more than is pictured here.

the “knees” here I ended up straightening and added more foil for the rest of the legs. Basically I did a thin coat of clay to hold everything together at first.

the foil I was going to use for the head ended up filling the chest cavity.  then I started on the breasts, thighs, and butt.

I added foil arms and neck

added the legs and covered everything.  After that i would take tiny strips of clay and fill in missing areas, and add bulk where the body was too thin

I used a mold for the face.  I’m not good at doing faces

Then I realized the butt was too small, as were the thighs.  I made two tear drop shapes for the butt and blended, with the thighs I did long strips of clay.

I re-did her face, then started adding “land”

Than I started adding hair and a crown.  For the crown I used glass beads and stone chips.  To anchor them securely I put wire through the holes, twisted it up and made sure the wire went deep into the clay

I did her makeup with some glittery powder (made for polymer clay specifically) Now all she needs is a few coats of glaze!