clay pin

Here’s that Allan I got during the weekend with a missing nose. Despite building up his nose and making it as flush as possible attempts to colour match it made his nose look wrong… So I decided to just paint it a different colour altogether and turn him into a fawn type deer guy since I’ve been wanting to do such a custom on an Allan for awhile.

I wasn’t too happy with his initial repaint until I realised in trying to match his eyebrows to his hair it completely threw off the rest of the face, so he got dark brown ones instead.

His horns are polymer clay ones sculpted onto pins then stabbed into his head and glued on for security.

Definitely a more ambitious custom but I’m happy with how he turned out haha…


New polymer clay pins! A Keaton from Majora’s Mask and an Arctic Fox, featuring backer cards I designed a little while back. I think Majora’s Mask was a pretty big formative influence on my small self, so it was fun making one of the original masks from the game. More to come!

Still gotta launch that etsy, I’ll let all you lovely followers know when it’s up.