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I drew Apollo Justice from Ace Attorney for a friend of mine, Sol! It turned out pretty nice actually! I’m pretty proud after having drawn maybe only 3 times digitally in the last year.

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Dream Character Combinations for AA7

The lawyer/prosecution/co-council groupings I’d like to see most (even if it’s unlikely)

Case 1: Phoenix with Trucy as co-council. If we’re going to drag Phoenix back for yet another game, I need some quality father-daughter interaction. Obligatory Payne opposition. 

Case 2: Handled completely by Athena. No Phoenix. No Apollo. No Simon unless he’s the opposition and doesn’t give her any hints. It’s time she was properly independent in her own right. (I will accept a Pearl or Trucy co-council). Ideally, older Franziska Von Karma as prosecutor, but I will accept Blackquill because he provides good banter. 

Case 3: A flashback case to set up for the finale. I don’t care how or why it connects to the main case, but it does. Apollo is defending, Klavier is prosecuting, and Clay is there. He can be the defendant, or a witness, or the co-council, I don’t care, I just need Clay-Apollo interaction. Clay-Klavier interaction would be nice too. I need Clay in general. This is Capcom’s chance to atone for killing off Clay for emotional value without giving us any reason to actually feel sad about it. 

Case 4: All three lawyers are defending. (Yes, I know Apollo’s in Khura’in, I don’t care, I liked when all three were on the final case of DD. Bring him back. Let him have a holiday or something.) Trucy is there too because we didn’t get enough Trucy in the last two games and I like her. Franziska Von Karma is prosecuting. Lamiroir is the defendant. THE TRUTH IS REVEALED ABOUT TRUCY AND APOLLO’S MOTHER. If I have to go another whole game without anyone telling them, I will go insane. 

Anyway, I doubt this will happen, for one thing I’m sure Capcom want to squeeze in a new prosecutor, but I this is my take on what would make the game enjoyable for me. 

If you have any of your own combinations of characters you’d like to see for upcoming trials, add them below!