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hi, i'm a bit confused right now. did elounor really, officially 'break up'? because ive seen some people on twitter saying the pictures are photoshopped and that they're still together.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is why they need to be as in your face as possible.

Like the weed video. Louis could NOT have been more explicit and in your face about how they were smoking weed, and some fans were STILL ‘I don’t think he was really smoking weed’. When people have a fixed idea in their brains sometimes you need a semi-truck to get through.

Le Journal Illustre, 1885
The famous fencing troupe of Professor Hartl in Vienna.

“Oh, no; it is not at all for money that I continue to remain with Professor Hartl, neither did I join his excellent school in Vienna with the idea of ever going before a public audience, but I first took up fencing on my doctor’s orders, and the wonderful results in the improvement of my health from this training made me loth to quit the exercise.” – Frauline A., quoted by Charles E. Clay, in Outing magazine Vol 13, 1888