clay josh

The Adventures of Clay Josh (and Friends)

Hi! My name is Clay Josh, and I have my very own tumblr page: clayjoshadventures. My page is a place for everyone who loves or has a Clay Josh to follow my adventures. Please share the fun with others by submitting your own pictures, and I’ll post them here so everyone can enjoy them.

If you don’t have a Clay Josh, but you have a Clay Peeta, Clay Jen, Clay Katniss, Mini Josh, Bobblehead Josh, Felt Peeta, or Felt Katniss, or any Hunger Games character, feel free to send those in as well. I’m happy to share them too. To make sure I don’t miss any, please tag clayjoshadventures (no matter which type of clay/mini/etc. you have).

Thank you and welcome to the adventure!