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As far as first dates go, this had to be Draco’s favourite. Why? Because not only was he on a date with Mr Harry Potter himself, he wasn’t just out for the usual early evening dinner and minimal chit-chat. No, he was at a Pottery class. At first Draco was surprised that Harry would even have thought of somewhere like this for a first date however, the more the night went on the more he realised that’s he’s Harry Potter, when had anything that boy had ever done been predictable?
Draco had never experienced the muggle side of extra curricular activities so he had absolutely no idea what the night would entail. Thankfully he’d had Harry to guide him through step by step in order to make something that eventually resembled a plate. Even though Draco’s face was smeared with clay and his clothes were probably ruined he decided he couldn’t really care less. This was the most fun Draco had had in a very long time and he knew that there would be no one else he’d want to spend his time with. As the night drew to a close with both men waiting for their plates to dry, Draco smiled to himself as he saw Harry try, and fail, to get the remnants of clay off his jeans eventually ending with him huffing a breath of defeat. Something told Draco that this was the start of something quite extraordinary.

It was two years later when both men were moving into their first house together that they were reminded of their first date. Draco was unpacking the last few boxes of his things in which he found the plate he made the very first night he went out with Harry.
“Harry, come here and look at this,” Draco shouted out in enthusiasm. Harry came walking into the kitchen with a smile on his face which somehow managed to grow as soon as his eyes landed on the object in his boyfriends hands.
“You kept it.” Harry breathed fondly while taking the plate from Draco’s hands and examining it up close.
Draco rolled his eyes and replied teasingly “Of course I kept it Potter, did you think I threw it away as soon as I left that night?”
“No, no of course not. I just thought I was insane for keeping mine for so long and not using it that it’s sort of a relief to see you have yours too.” Harry replied, passing the plate back to Draco.
“Well there is a first time for everything Harry” Draco spoke while pulling him in for a kiss.

So it was that night when Harry and Draco were eating their Chinese takeaway off of their homemade plates that they both realised to themselves that this was perfect, as long as they had each other, they had everything.

Absence (Clony)

Request:  Can you please write a fanfiction about Tony being in an abusive Relationship and Clay is oblivious about it at first, not seeing the signs and changes. Until one day Tony doesnt come to school because his boyfriend beat him so bad he ends up in hospital? Something angsty with hurt/Tony in it, thank you. Of course i can understand if you dont wanna write about such a topic. It is definitely not an easy one to write about :(

Words: 2847

Trigger warning: domestic violence

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Can you please write clony getting caught while having sex?

Woahhhh, sure thang (;


Clay loved having sex with Tony.

He’d never admit this of course. Tony would tease him endlessly for it but god he loved having sex with him. The first time they had sex was terrifying and Clay didn’t really pay attention to the little things due to the fact he was probably going to hurl at any minute. Of course it felt good but the constant reoccurring thoughts of self doubt were enough to make him feel sick for weeks.

The more they did it though? The more Clay started to realise how good Tony was in bed. Like not even in a good looking sense because obviously Tony was ridiculously good looking, he had an amazing body and Clay loved the way his hair would fall out of place as he got more lost in it throughout. His favourite thing was to run his hands through it and tangle his fingers in it and just tug until Tony growled and sped up the pace even more.

But no it wasn’t just that, it was things like the way Tony would grip onto Clay like he would disappear or he would bury his face in the taller boys neck as he grinded into him. It was the look he gave him as he took his shirt off and the way he would lay for ages while Clay ran his hands over every single tattoo he had until Tony would get so frustrated he’d just flip him over and kiss him silly. And it was his god damn voice. It was enough to talk to him normally without getting turned on let alone during while they were actually doing it.

Tony’s voice was gravelly yet smooth, rough yet silky and it sent heat spiralling through every part of Clay. And he wasn’t loud in bed but he was definitely a talker, whispering the most dirtiest stuff Clay had ever heard in his entire life right into his ear. And sometimes, when they they were slick with sweat and Clay felt like he physically couldn’t breathe, Tony would growl something in Spanish and that was it. Clay would spiral over the edge, swearing and whining as he gripped tightly onto the other and trying to anchor himself onto something.

Clay never really thought they had sex that much. It was more of a spontaneous thing (although he would never complain) but sometimes Clay would feel this desperate itching, watching every move Tony made and his stomach would churn mercilessly. They had done it in some pretty cool places too, his absolute favourite of all time being Tony’s precious car. Tony had always refused to do it in his beloved vehicle but once they went to the movies and a guy was glancing at Clay in more than a friendly way. Tony was immediately tense throughout the whole night and Clay had begun to panic as they sat in the car in silence until Tony all but shoved Clay into the back seat and tugging his shirt off in seconds. Ever since then the car had been a regular spot for them (well, if Clay could convince Tony to anyway)

But Clay should’ve seen it coming. They were all over each other, they were bound to get caught soon.


“And that is why I would never go out with Luke from Star Wars.” Clay finished proudly, grinning at the other boy who let out a disbelieving laugh. The music came to a stop around them and Clay pushed himself up from the floor of the garage and headed over to place another tape in. He loved spending time in the garage with Tony, especially being able to watch his boyfriend fix up cars. There was what’s something about that greasy, oily look that turned Clay on, especially when Tony kept running his hand through that god damn hair of his.

“Earth to Clay,” Tony laughed and Clay blushed as he realised he had just been standing there, ogling Tony like an idiot. “You know, I would think you fancied me if you’re looking at me like that.”

Clay rolled his eyes as he headed over to the other boy, leaning against the side of the car. Tony shuffled so he was standing in front of Clay, twisting the spanner around in his hand. “Well that would be totally egotistical of you Padilla, how could I fancy you?”

Tony smirked and stepped forward, widening his stance and crossing his arms over his chest, head cocked to one side. Clay gulped at the sight, trying not to give away his totally obvious attraction. “So you’re saying, if I fucked you right now, you would be totally against it?”

“H-Holy shit Tony,” Clay spluttered, cheeks flushing instantly at his boyfriends words. He tried to look everywhere but at him which wasn’t helpful as the other boy took another step forward so their faces were inches apart.

“I’m just asking a question babe, no need to get all worked up,” Tony was full on grinning now as he began to unbutton the top of his overalls before sliding them of his shoulders and tying the arms round his waist to reveal a tight white tee. Clay could feel every movement he made, struggling to think straight as he revelled at the sight of newly exposed skin, tattoos bulging on his arms.

“Well the answer is no. I would definitely not be against it,” Clay mumbled, eyes looking down to the side as Tony placed his hands onto Clays waist, wrapping them round and tugging the boy impossibly closer. Clay gulped at the fact they were millimetres apart, feeling himself sunk against the familiar press of Tony’s body.

“I’m glad baby,” Tony grinned effortlessly, “because that’s what I plan on doing.” And with that Clay felt soft lips on his, always tentative at first, always making sure he was okay. Clay could feel himself sigh happily, losing himself in the kiss as he brought his hands up to wrap around Tony’s neck.

Tony Padilla was a good kisser. Clay really didn’t know how he got so lucky, like of course he felt lucky when he found out Tony actually liked him (him!) but he didn’t know about all the other stuff like him being a great kisser. He was like an expert or something and Clay practically fell apart in seconds, simply hanging on for life as Tony would kiss him until his head was spinning.

Speaking of which there was a swipe along his lower lip as Tony asked for entrance with his tongue. Being an idiot, Clay was so lost in what was happening he didn’t actually think to grant him said entrance until Tony actually nipped his lower lip, earning a gasp from the other boy. Tony immediately deepened the kiss while Clay brought his hands down and began to tug at Tony’s tee desperately, needing him to take his god damn shirt off. Sometimes that desperate feeling scared him, the feeling of needing someone so much. But it was Tony, his friend before his boyfriend and the friend rules still applied. The only difference was he got to kiss his friend and go on dates and have sex in weird and wonderful places.

Tony chuckled at the tugging, stepping back and breaking the kiss, raising his arms to let Clay take the shirt off. The taller boy instantly done this, yanking it over Tony’s head and throwing it to the side before rejoining their lips.

“You know,” Tony mumbled against his mouth, voice gravelly and rough, “I have to wash that shirt now.” Clay grounded and pulled away, glaring at his boyfriend as the other laughed.

“Really? You’re talking about washing. Please tell me you were going to wash it anyway, it was sweaty!” Clay couldn’t resist running his hands done Tony’s chest, nails digging in ever so slightly, enough to make Tony swallow roughly.

“Is that why you wanted to rip my shirt off?” Tony teased, grinning and Clay rolled his eyes. Tony stepped forward and begun unbuttoning the others shirt, sliding it up his torso and over his head.

“Fuck you,” Clay mumbled, all previous spite gone as he shivered at the draft hitting his skin. He rarely felt self conscious around Tony any more, but there was always that split second that he practically waited for Tony to grimace, or look away. But again, this was Tony, the boy who was currently looking at Clay like he was the luckiest guy on earth.

“I think the plan is for me to fuck you actually,” Tony smirked, stepping forward and pressing his lips onto Clays once more before tilting his chin back to latch on to his neck. They did have a no marks rule, unless it was in a place that definitely couldn’t be seen (Clay would always remember the hickey on his arse that his boyfriend so lovingly gave him.) especially knowing how panicky Clay got about them if they were in obvious places (he totally did not cry when he got his first hickey. Totally.)

Clay thumped his head back onto the car as he shivered at the sensation of teeth scraping against his throat, nipping at his jaw, kissing along his collarbone. His pants felt uncomfortably tight as he shifted, trying to release a bit of the tension. His worst nightmare was to come to early but Tony was so good at winding him up, like a nail, screwing him tighter and tighter until he was stuck.

As though Tony could hear his thoughts, he brought his hands down to Clays jeans and popped them open, sliding them down to his ankles and waiting for Clay to step out of them. They joined the pile of growing clothes as Clay placed a hand on Clays jaw and brought him back in for a kiss. His other hand trailed down Clays torso towards his boxers and he gently placed his hand over his bulge, grinding his hand in circles. Clay couldn’t help but whine at that, breaking the kiss and thudding his forehead down onto Tony’s shoulder.

With that the younger boy sped his pace up, grinding harder and faster until he dipped his fingers underneath the waistband and wrapped them around Clay. He used his thumb to gather the moisture at the top before spreading it down his dick and moving his hand up and down. Clays mind went into overdrive as he sunk his teeth into Tony’s shoulder, gripping onto his waist as the other boy hissed slightly at the sensation.

“Clay babe, where did we put the lube? I need to go get the lube,” Tony muttered, his hand never ceasing its pace. Clay groaned and shook his head, gripping onto Tony tighter.

“Fuck the lube, I’m practically an adult I don’t need it.” Clay mumbled angrily as Tony laughed in his ear, his hand beginning to slow.

“You know I won’t do that. It might fee good now but-”

“It will hurt in the morning,” Clay finished with a groan, “fine go get it.” Tony grinned and brought his hand out, jogging towards the door of the garage and disappearing up into his house. Clay stood there awkwardly, his dick incredibly uncomfortable in his underwear as he glanced round the room. His back was starting to hurt from leaning against the car but he had obviously been too distracted to notice. He listened out for any footsteps before wandering round the garage, trying to urge himself to calm down and not make a fool of himself.

He hurried over to Tony’s red mustang and checked the lock: it was open. He grinned as he opened the back door and shuffled inside, laying across the back seats and sighing in relief as the leather cooled his skin down. He took deep breaths, trying to ground himself just as a door slammed shut in the room. He heard footsteps and lifted his head as the footsteps wandered round confused before his boyfriend appeared in view, holding a small bottle in his hand and of course, a condom. Clay felt a small shiver at the sight, the fact it was confirmation of exactly what they would be doing.

Tony crawled into the back seat, shutting the door behind him before settling on top of Clay, hair falling out of place on his head. Clay noticed he had also left his jeans behind, leaving him clad in just boxers as Tony grinned down at him.

“I think you have a fetish for cars Clay, is that why you’re with me?” Clay laughed as Tony raised himself up, knees slotted by Clays and leaned back, urging the boy to bring his legs up. They shuffled round slightly until Clay had his knees around Tony and the other boys knees were settled in between. Clay slipped his boxers off just as Tony reached for the lube, flipping his hair out of his face as he did, popping the cap open and drizzling it over his fingers. Clay gulped loudly in the car, squirming on the leather seats. Tony looked at him reassuringly, giving him a small lopsided smile.

Tony leaned his body back down to join their lips together again and Clay shivered as he felt one of Tony’s fingers gently slide in, slowly until he reached the knuckle. Clay let out a breath and Tony waited until he got a nod before he began moving his finger, in and out, bit by bit. Clay rapidly grew frustrated, begging for another finger to be added and soon he was gripping into Tony as he moved three fingers in and out of him, the sting long gone and replaced with pure and utter desperation.

“Tony, please,” Clay whined as the boy hurriedly withdrew his fingers and yanked his own boxers off, chucking them to one side. He scrambled around for the condom, ripping the packet open with his teeth and rolling it down himself before repositioning himself above Clay. And they both seemed to hold their breaths as Tony ever so slowly pushed into Clay, biting his bottom lip until he was settled right inside. Clay looked up at the car roof, trying to control his breathing as he shifted slightly to get used to the sensation of feeling so unbelievably full.

After a few minutes passed Clay gave a nod and with that Tony began to pull back out then back in again, pumping slowly as he began to pick up a rhythm. Clay moaned as the slight pain began to melt away, yanking Tony’s head down to his so he could kiss him, to at least try to ground himself. Tony began to speed up, grinding into Clay desperately as he let out occasional grunts.

“Fuck Clay, you’re so tight.” He groaned, keeping his arms positioned either side of the other boy. Clay ran his hands through Tony’s hair and tugged on it, almost smiling to himself at the way Tony sped up the pace. Clay could feel his release building, as he his head begun to swim at the feeing of pleasure that ran round his body.

“Faster,” he whimpered and Tony instantly complied, pumping into him rapidly as the sound of skin hitting skin filled the car. Clay let out a whine at the steady building sensation in his body, skin tingling and he opened his mouth to confirm exactly what he wanted to do when someone beat him to it.

“Tony Padilla you absolute scumbag.” Clay froze on the spot as did Tony who stopped his movements instantly. Clay felt around for his boxers, and pathetically attempted to hid himself with the small material as Tony’s brothers face came into view, disgusted but grinning a shit eating grin.

“Fuck off! Get out, now!” Tony yelled, still hovering over Clay as he felt around for his own boxers. He yanked the over his legs and unread fully, still covering the other boy from view as Clay quickly pulled his boxers on.

“You know, I’ve always liked your car, but I don’t want to drive it now, you can keep it,” the boy laughed as Tony climbed out the car and shoved his brother who began to leave the room. Just before he left he turned and shouted over his shoulder “nice ass Clay! We have chicken legs for dinner by the way.”

Tony scrambled back to the car and sat next to Clay, blushing harder than Clay had ever seen him blush. “I’m so sorry Clay, I thought they weren’t coming home and they obviously text me but I didn’t look at my phone and fuck, I’m sorry.”

“Erm, it’s okay. Well it’s not because that was the most humiliating thing to ever happen to me. But I’m sure with therapy I’ll get over it. I think I’ve totally lost the mood though.”

And that night they sat eating chicken legs, Tony’s father confused as to why both boys were blushing and Tony’s brother was grinning at the both of them.


So there you go, I have sinned for you. Hope you enjoyed, love!

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Clony 34??

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

The party was loud. The party was the last place Clay Jensen wanted to be, but Tony had forced him to come. He sat on the crowed sofa, waiting for Tony to come back from the bathroom. He didn’t want to be here, especially since this was another party at Jessica’s. But it was the first Friday of senior year, so of course she was hosting the party. It had become tradition.
He saw Tony fighting his way through the crowd, coming to him, and he stood up and walked to meet him halfway.
“Man, this place is packed!” Tony said. But Clay wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying, he was too busy staring at the way Tony’s t-shirt was tight in just the right places, a little too tight even. His blue jeans hugged his hips perfectly, and he knew Tony’s ass probably looked great in the jeans too.
“Clay? Clay, you okay, babe?” Tony asked, looking at him curiously.
“Yeah.” Clay shouted to be heard over the loud music, giving his boyfriend a sultry look. He was trying to look sexy but was afraid he probably looked constipated or something. He wanted Tony. Like really wanted him.
“Why’re you looking at me like that?” Tony laughed.
Clay could hardly get out a coherent sentence. “You, me, bedroom. Now”
“Hm? You wanna leave the living room?”
Clay shook his head. “C'mon, it’s too crowded in here.”
Tony smiled at him with those gorgeous big brown eyes. “Yeah, you sure that’s why you wanna leave?”
“Okay.” He shrugged, blushing probably. “I kind of want you to fuck me. As soon as possible.”
Tony immediately grabbed his hand and all but dragged him to the hallway. He glanced back as they walked, laughing and saying, “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
Now it was Clay who started dragging Tony. They entered an empty bedroom, and Clay shut the door behind him.

Clay comes out to his parents

Hey everyone, back with another clony fic. I got an anonymous request to write about Clay’s parents being homophobic so this is a warning. You may want to skip over this post if this kind of stuff makes you uncomfortable. I couldn’t bring myself to write Clay’s parents using homophobic slurs so I tried to make them come off as ignorant instead of malicious. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I suggest reading some of my other clony fics.

“I’m gonna do it, Tony. I’m gonna tell my parents we’re together.”

Clay had been contemplating all morning and the night before whether he should come out to his parents now or later. But now he had made up his mind.

It was a Saturday morning so his mom hadn’t left for work yet and his dad was most likely downstairs having his daily coffee. Before he could actually tell his parents, he had to call his boyfriend and give him a heads up.

“Shit, Clay. Are you sure? I mean just the other day you were saying you weren’t ready. What changed your mind?”

“Honestly, you. I love you, Tony and I don’t want to have to hide that. Not from anyone. Especially not my parents.”

“I really appreciate that, man.” Clay could hear the grin in Tony’s voice. “But I don’t want you to feel like you have to come out because of me. You should do it on your own time, whenever you feel most comfortable.”

“I know and I’m ready to do it right now. I mean how bad could it be? If your religious parents can handle it mine sure can. I bet my mom already knows since I can never leave my door closed when you come over.”

Tony laughed. “Yeah, you got a point there.”

A few moments of silence passed.

“Just know that I’m here for you, always.”

“Thanks…I’ll call you later?”

“Sure thing.”

“Clay!” All of a sudden Lainie called from downstairs.


Clay mistakenly locked his iPhone instead of ending the call as he shoved his phone in his jean pocket.

“Clay, you still there?” Tony asked.

Once Clay made it downstairs, his mom asked him if he wanted pancakes or waffles.

“Uh, pancakes. And mom? I need to talk to you and dad about something.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I don’t know how else to say this so I guess I’ll just come out and say it. I’m bisexual.”

Lainie stopped fumbling around in the kitchen and turned around to look at Clay while his dad lifted his head from the newspaper, with his glasses perched on his nose.

“And I’m with Tony.”

A few awkward seconds passed before his parents chimed in at the same time.

“You’re with Tony?”

“You’re bisexual?”

“Yes and yes.”

All the while this was going on, Tony remained on the line, listening to every word. He knew he should’ve hung up but he couldn’t resist listening to what Clay’s parents had to say.

“How long has this been going on?” Lainie asked.

“About a month. But I’ve been liking Tony way before we even got together.”

“So what you’re saying is you’re gay.” His dad commented.

“Well technically I’m half gay. I like girls too I just happen to like Tony way more.” Clay laughed nervously.

His parents didn’t find humor in the statement.

“Son…’ his dad sighed in disappointment, taking his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose.

“You do realize this lifestyle will make things hard for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think what your father is trying to say is being a gay person in this world, your bound to face a lot of hardships.” 

“I don’t care about that, mom. I just want to be free to love whoever I want.”

“We get that, honey. But if you’re going to be with a guy at least choose someone who’s worthy. I mean don’t get me wrong, Tony’s a nice kid and a great friend to you but let’s just say his family isn’t the kind of family I’d ever want you to marry into.”

“Yeah and we definitely don’t want his family to become our extended family.”

“Mom! Dad! I can’t believe you would say that. Tony and his family are wonderful people.”

The words “fuck you” ran through Tony’s brain as he heard Clay’s parents talk down about his family. He decided he couldn’t and wouldn’t hear anymore of this conversation so he hung up.

“And at least Tony’s parents support him unlike you two.”

“That’s not fair, Clay. We love you no matter what, this just isn’t the life we would’ve chosen for you.”

“You said you like girls, why don’t you find a nice young lady to settle down with instead?”

Clay was dumbfounded. He looked as his parents like they had each grown an extra head. He never suspected them to be the “I’m okay with gay people as long as it’s not my kid” type parents. 

Thinking about the conversation he had with Tony earlier almost made Clay embarrassed. The fact that he had expected his parents to be cool about the whole situation and then they act the complete opposite.

Not only did they insult Clay by saying he wouldn’t have a good life because of his sexuality, they also had the nerve to insult his relationship with Tony and Tony’s family on top of everything else!

Clay needed to see Tony.

“Wow. I finally open up to you guys and this is the reaction I get. Glad to know I can talk to you guys about anything.” Clay uttered sarcastically.

“Clay, wait we-”

“I’m spending the night at Tony’s so don’t wait up for me.”

Clay got out of the house as quickly as possible without even packing a bag or telling Tony he was on his way.

He hoped Tony wouldn’t mind him showing up unexpectedly.

Tony was still reeling over what he had heard over the phone from the Jensen’s house.

He always thought Clay’s parents were cool people, maybe a little uppity, but cool people nonetheless.

I guess I was wrong, Tony thought.

When Tony made his way to the kitchen he heard a familiar voice. He rounded the corner and surprisingly seen Clay and his mom talking.

“Clay? What are you doing here? Are you okay?”

Clay looked a little red in the face and seemed to be breathing heavily.

“I just needed to get out of the house. I petaled as fast as could over here.”

“It was that bad, huh?”

“Bad enough.” Clay sighed. “I hope it’s okay that I’m here.”

“Of course. Ma, is it okay if Clay spends the night?”

“Yes, mijo.”

“Thanks mom. Clay, come on, let’s go to my room.”

Tony shared a room with one of his older brothers but luckily his brother was rarely at home so the room basically belonged to Tony.

“Tell me what happened.”

“Ugh, it was awful, Tony. My mom was trying to sound all sweet and caring when really she just came across as a bitch. And my dad was no better. He looked so disappointed in me…I’ve never seen him look that way before.”

“I’m sorry, Clay. But you know my dad didn’t take it too well when I first told him I was gay. Eventually he got over it though, I’m sure yours will too.”

“I don’t know about that. Some of the things they said about us…” And by “us” Clay meant Tony. “were inexcusable.”

“You mean how they think my family and I aren’t good enough for you.”

Clay looked stunned. “How did you know-”

“I might’ve overheard the conversation on the phone. You never hung up.”

“Oh my god, Tony. I’m so sorry you heard that.”

“Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault, you can’t control what they say.”

“I know I just,” Clay held his face in his hands. “I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow.”

“Don’t think about tomorrow, let’s just enjoy each others company right now.”

Clay groaned.

Tony took Clay in his arms. “Hey, everything is gonna be alright.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Clay’s words came out muffled.

“You’d be just fine without me.”

“No I wouldn’t. I’d be a fucking teenage tragedy.”

“You already are.” Tony teased.

“Hey!” Clay pinched Tony’s side which made him jerk.

Tony laughed. “I’m kidding.”

They sat there silently embracing each other. Clay melted in the warmth and comfort of his boyfriends arms.

“Can we just stay like this forever?”

“We can stay like this as long as you’d like.”

“Thank you.”

Tony kissed the side of Clay’s head and prayed for a better day tomorrow.

Wow, the new season of Yuri on Ice looks really good