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Lead pencils are underrated in witchcraft. They’re, like, perfect wands:

- A pointy stick of mineral encased in wood. Literally, a magic wand.

- Graphite : conducting electricity and energy and directing it in a straight line in the pencil. Plus, it has iron in it. 

- Contains clay. Myths about the creation of life, anyone? 

- Can physically manifest sigils, circles, etc.

- Comes in lots of colours.

- Inconspicious af


This made me incredibly emotional.

Contains Spoilers


slime! ⭐️

I just came across the whole EU thing and felt inspired to maybe make a character? how do you think they’d fare? they don’t know their true name and the name given to them means nothing. they like to study the stars and are usually out at night always accompanied by an iron charm covered instrument case and a silver telescope grasped in clay and paint covered fingers. ¼

2/3 (not 4 oops) they often talk too loudly about dangerous things but the fae have always had a soft spot for musicians;the price for their words is usually light. their instrument itself was payment for playing at a party (seemingly several months long but when they got back it was only the week of finals they’d missed) a viola made of an unfamiliar silvered wood. they always wear silver and iron rings that you can hear rattle before they play, being at EU has not helped with anxiety.

3/3 they often forget to eat and sleep being too caught up with other endeavors and their hair is always in the same braid with both real and silver flowers tucked into the strands their room is filled with star charts and plants side by side with tokens of gratitude from the crows and fae alike containers of clay and half finished sculptures on the desk and floors and paint splatters on an unused bed They often try to sculpt the fae they see around campus but never finish the faces for fear of actual offence


They sound like they’re favored, which is good because despite the lip service to protection in the form of iron and silver, they’re toeing the line of what’s safe. But they’re clever enough to leave the sculptures unfinished; with any luck that and whatever is so fond of them are together enough to get them out the other side (the also sound like leaving would be heartbreak; like the world outside would feel hollow, after Eslewhere. I don’t envy them.)


Baliscate standing stones, Isle of Mull, Scotland 2017

In moorland close to Baliscate, three standing stones of basalt have been erected in an approximately straight line running North and South. The northern stone, 1.7m in height, is a straight-sided monolith with a flattish top. The second stone is prone, half-embedded in peat, and is 2.8m long. The tallest of the stones stands within a ruined turf-and-stone bank and measures 2.6m in height, it is an irregular slab, which expands above the base before narrowing to a pointed top.

Before excavation the site comprised two standing stones with a recumbent or fallen stone positioned at right-angles in-between them. Excavation revealed that the original position of the recumbent stone was approximately equidistant between the two upright standing stones.  At some point during prehistory it either collapsed or was deliberately overthrown (as had happened nearby at Ardnacross, a double stone row), and came to rest in the position it occupies today. The substantial socket stones were scattered and the socket (not fully excavated) filled up with darker earth and peat. In addition to this the stump of a fourth, smaller stone was uncovered to the north of the row, which appears to have been broken, perhaps deliberately, at some point in the more recent past, and until its discovery was entirely covered by the peat. Close to the base of this stone, cut into the prehistoric ground surface, a very small cremation burial was uncovered beneath a large lump of charcoal.

The ground surface underneath the peat consisted of a layer of waterlogged clay silt that contained numerous small degraded stones, along with frequent specks and patches of charcoal and reddish clay. Areas of this surface had either been burnt or burning had occurred nearby, although it was unclear if this practice was deliberate or incidental. This layer also contained one piece of crudely worked flint and several pieces of degraded quartz, neither of which are local in origin. The site can now confidently be identified as a four-stone row, and it is hoped that radiocarbon dates can be obtained from the cremated bone.

Stuck Together

Crowley x Reader

Requested by @littleblue5mcdork from the drabble prompt list. She requested three prompts together: 7:  “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” 13: “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.” 96:  “Stop being grumpy. It’s lame.”

HERE is the list of drabble people are requesting from.

HERE is the list of drabble prompts I’ve Completed. 

“Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.” You muttered, glancing around the darkened cave, nervously nibbling on your lip as you took in the crumbled doorway that was currently blocking your only way out.

It had all started simply enough. Just a random search inside a multitude of caves, looking for the witch that was causing all the trouble. Splitting up from your brothers to try and figure it out before another kid turned into a victim. At first it had seemed so easy. All clues pointed towards the caves along the mountainside, part of an ancient civilization that had been long forgotten.

Yet here you were, standing in one of those caves, stuck. Your only hope that your brothers found your cave before you ran out of air. That and you were currently stuck in the cave with Crowley, who you had never met before.

“Tell me again why you were already here?” You asked him cautiously, walking around the edge of the cave, as close to the rubble as possible.

“Same as you. This witch is wreaking havoc. Also, she might have information about my mother.” Crowley answered, standing there, his hands in his coat as he stared your way.

“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy. So why should I believe you?” You asked him, feeling unsettled and panicked.

Because you have no other choice. Like it or not, we are both locked in here until your brothers can find us.” He answered, but that made you question him even more.

“You’re a Demon. You can just vanish from places, so why aren’t you doing that right now?” You asked him, as you noticed the clay container lining the wall, the herbs still hanging from the low ceiling.

“The witch is strong. She’s made my powers useless. I want nothing more than to pull both of us to safety, but I am unable to.” He explained, and you just shook your head, frustrated.

Kicking at one of the rocks, you jumped back when they showered down on you, one hitting you on the shoulder. “Damn it!”

“Will you just shut up and sit down before you get the both of us killed!” Crowley yelled at you, and you glowered at him.

Stop being grumpy. It’s lame.” You retorted, watching as a small smile covered his face.

“When we get out of here, and we will. You and I are definitely spending some time together.” He informed you. “You’re intriguing, and I’m mad that your brothers have kept you hidden from me.”

As you heard rustling from the outside, you stuck your hand out, waiting for Crowley to shake it. “It’s a deal. I’ve always heard terrible things about you, but you seem kinda cool.”

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clay & apollo finally graduating high school and not tossing their hats since they have something special for it, they run and go while no one is looking

apollo leading clay the way to a place where he had hidden a telescope all along and then both of them carry it and prepare for tonight’s special stargazing trip

apollo & clay preparing their clothes in their respective homes but this time they wear the clothes that they want their future jobs to be so apollo has a lawyer suit while clay gets an astronaut’s outfit and a helmet

at night they go out and sit by the tree and prepared to holler up the telescope and both of them successfully bring it up.

apollo & clay having problems preparing the telescope in the tree but they find a way though it took a lot of time but they were contented

apollo & clay wait for a shooting star to pass until it’s midnight and they finally make a wish and they promise each other not to tell what it is until they die

the moment they make a wish, they threw their graduation hats up in the air

then years later (present timeline), apollo receives a letter after a month or so after clay’s death and it contains what clay wished and it was that “i wish for apollo to have a longer, a more successful life that i’ll ever have, and most importantly, for him to have a family”

apollo just breaks down and cries

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you give tips on creating a decoy (for protection purposes)?

Rule 0: Your decoy will be destroyed. If not by taking strikes meant for you, then by you when its time to move on. It is imperative that what you use for/on your decoy is environmentally safe and is disposed of in a way that does not poison the land and waters around it. So if you must use plastics, don’t bury them! Recycle them preferably, proper landfill trash if nothing else. (Or try not to use plastics unless necessary.) Consider how to incorporate the disposal methods into the working.

In all these suggestions, the actual working steps involved is left up to the reader to work out. One size does not fit all. Customize to your satisfaction.

What is your decoy? Stone? Paper craft? An unglazed clay jar? A glazed ceramic jar? Or even a glass jar? All these items are going to be disposed of in different ways, so keep that in mind as you start making the thing smell more you than you.

Speaking of smell, then a very light perfuming, or a smidge of your favorite antiperspirant/deodorant, or a drop of scented soap/gel can be used to make the decoy more you than you. You don’t have to complete douse the thing, just let it share your scent.

Do you smoke? Blow smoke over the decoy. Do you tend to get ashes on yourself? Rub a bit onto the decoy. Do you smell like cinnamon and nutmeg because of your job? Yup. Add that too. Whatever you smell like, give the decoy the same scent. If your decoy can withstand it, rub some body odor on it. (But, be safe. It doesn’t belong there, there, or over there unless it was made for such purposes. Don’t risk an infection trying to set this up.)

Use makeup? Draw on the decoy. Use runes, sigils, and/or personal markings? Get to it. Avoid the use of paints, or large quantities of ink if possible. Especially if you are going to dispose of the decoy by burial or waterway.

Carry the decoy (or the objects you’re placing in jars) for a few days so it can pick up various “energetic” associations connected with you. Why the quote marks? Because what one person would call energetic, another would call astral, and another would call soul-contamination, and I can’t keep up with all these new fangled terms so I’m just going to throw one out there and keep going.

Give it a good rub every now and then. Make some gesture and/or statement that reinforces that the decoy is associated with you. But don’t think of it as a pet (rock). This sucker is going to take an arrow to the knee for you. No emotional attachments!

I’d give it about three days of steady dunking in your personal aura before I would consider it ready for deployment. Where you place your decoy is dependent on what you’re trying to avoid, and why. If it’s decent looking enough, you can have it out in plain sight. Which makes it easy to check for signs of strikes, or if it is time to dispose of it.

If you are worried about something coming through the mirror, place the decoy in front of it. Doorway? Knick-knack table next to it. Property boundary? Marked stones can be buried there. Still don’t trust that spirit board and/or tarot deck despite all that has been reblogged about the topic of mass-produced cardboard? Plop that decoy right on top of it.

How many decoys to use, and where to place them in relation to you is something that you will have to answer for yourself. A good way to figure it out is to pretend you have an evil twin from another dimension that wants to replace you. How would they attack you. There are your decoy points.

Check your decoy often. If it is showing signs of degrading, breaking, discoloration, unusual odors, or movements that can not be accounted for, then it’s time to let it go.

Break the connection between the decoy and you before disposing, if desired. Rock? Douse it with water. Paper? Burn it or soak it in water. Glass jar or glazed ceramic jar? Fill it with water. (If already filled with liquid, pour out that liquid in a safe and responsible manner, then fill the jar again.) Unglazed clay or other porous container? Dunk it in a bucket of water.

(I’m quite fond of clean water as a cleansing and neutralizing tool, if you haven’t noticed. If your worldview varies, use what is appropriate for you. Just don’t burn down the garage, okay. Be safe.)

If you are reusing the jars, give them a good scrub out with salt and/or water. Rocks can be buried, or thrown in waterways if they won’t bring any problems to the receiving waterway. Paper can be recycled, or thrown away responsibly. But don’t contaminate watersheds with diluted paints, or use liquids that will harm the wildlife when they come to investigate it. Be responsible.

Emergency decoys: Spit on it.

Let’s say you walked into the wrong neighborhood, and the local spirits are not too happy about it. They’re on your ass and won’t let you leave without a fight. You’re trying to get away, but the damn darts keep coming.

Pick up a handful of pebbles or small rocks and spit on them. Throw them in various directions behind and to the side of your direction of travel. Then cover your head and depart with quickness.

This has been my emergency “why can’t Stealth be real” procedure and so far it’s worked for me. As long as the spit on the rocks are wet and undiluted, the decoy is effective. Once the spit dries out, I’m now the brightest blip on the radar again.

In other words, this does not work in the desert nor in pouring rain. I also have found this out the hard way.

Blood? No. I want to strongly advise to never use blood for a decoy, but I can not back up that advice with anything other than personal observations and an acknowledgement that it really comes down to how the working person views blood in the first place. But personally, I would never use blood for a decoy unless I was 1,850% sure that I would have complete control over that decoy at all times and that I would be the one to destroy it. And by destroy, I mean pulverize/burn that shit to nothing.

If you have read this far, keep in mind that this is all based on personal experiences and “Oh Shit!” circumstances. I am not a teacher. Not an expert. Have read no books on the subject that I would consider better than what I have found on the Internet. I can not tailor a specialized plan for you, because I do not know you, your circumstances, or what you are trying to dodge. It would take much more than a few asks/responses to sort that out.

If someone is out to get you and they have physical access to you, then these decoys are going to do jacque shitte at best, and at worst can be used against you.

Defend yourself, using whatever means are available to you. Don’t be afraid to think outside your paradigm(s).

Spiders and Diamonds

What you need to know:

A forgotten temple dedicated to spiders and element.

How it begins:

This adventure is for a slow game day or a session you need a quick one shot without any build up or consequences for abandoning.
While the insides of the temple are hostile, the effect or threat to the outside world is benign, nothing needs to be resolved other than sating the players own curiosity. You can introduce the adventure a number of different ways: a hole opens in the road, there is a secret door in the mine or cavern the players are taking shelter in, there is a bricked up doorway in a tavern, inn or shop that has become a local legend, etc.

–The temple–

The first room is a large circular chamber. There are 4 doors to the left, 4 to the right and one on the north wall.

  • -A- The walls are studded with fist size iron spider decoratives.
  • -B- The north door is made of stone and has a 1 meter tall iron spider crest on it.
  • Each spider leg ends in a circular slot.
    Note 1: Each slot takes one gem which can be found in the other 8 rooms. The door cannot be opened unless all 8 gems are inserted into the slots.
    Note 2: The gems can be retrieved once the door is opened, but it should be noted if the price of the listed gem is too much for your players at this time, consider devaluing the gem through flaws and cracks.
  • -C- The other 8 doors are made of stone and can be opened with ease.
  • Past each door is one of the 8 rooms in no particular order.

A stone room with blackened singed walls. It smells of ash and the air is hot. In the center of the room is a one meter long iron spider statue with a ruby inserted on its back.

  • -A- When a player enters the room, a blast wave of fire shoots out form the ruby hitting all players in the room for X D6 fire damage and automatically setting them ablaze.
  • Any player who is set on fire takes D6 fire damage every round until they spend one round putting out the flames.
  • -B- The spider is hot to the touch, dealing X D6 fire damage to any player who touched the surface.
  • -C- The ruby can be removed with ease.
    Once the ruby is removed, the room cools and fire no longer blasts from the ruby.


A stone room with green acidic mold on the walls and ceiling. The mold secretes acid, it drips from the ceiling and makes the walls slick. The floor is a 3 meter deep basin with a pool of acid and summered within is a 1 meter long glassy spider statute with an emerald inserted on its back.

  • -A- The walls deal X D6 acid damage to the touch.
  • -B- The ceiling leaks acid and any player who enters the room must roll to avoid being dripped on or take X D6 acid damage and loses one mundane item as it dissolves.
  • -C- Any player who enters the pools takes X D6 acid damage a round.
  • -D- The emerald can be removed with ease.
  • Once the emerald is removed, the acid turns to water and the mold shrivels and dies.


A large stone room covered in ice. Snow falls from the ceiling with no source. There is X snow drifts throughout the chamber.

  • -A- Any player who enters the room automatically takes X D6 cold damage as the room is in a deep freeze.
  • Every round a player stays in the room, they must roll or become frozen solid as if they suffered a flesh to stone spell.
    Note: While in this state, a player is not dead but can do nothing as if rendered unconscious. The effect will end once a player removes the sapphire from the spider’s back.
  • -B- Under 1 of the snow drifts is a hidden 1 meter long ice sculpture of a spider with a sapphire inserted on its back.
  • -C- The sapphire can be removed with ease.
    Once the sapphire is removed, the room starts to warm and the snow melts.


A room of stone. The walls and floors spark randomly and every surface hums to the touch. The air is charged, sending players hairs on end. In the center of the room is a one meter long iron statue of a spider with a citrine inserted into its back.

  • -A- Any player who enters the room is hit with a bolt of lightning, dealing X D6 lighting damage.
  • The lightning branches out and hits every other player for half damage regardless or range unless they are outside the temple.
    Note: Any player hit by the main bolt must roll or become stunned as their body contracts from muscle spasms brought on by the electric charge.
  • -B- The spider statue is electrified and delivers a shock for X D6 lightning damage to any player who touches its surface.
  • -C- The citrine can be removed with ease.
  • Once the citrine is removed, the lightning stops and the room no longer hums with energy.


A room of brown stone. A netting of thick dead roots covers every surface. A meter long stone statue of a spider is in the center of the room with a piece of agate inserted into its back.

  • -A- Any player who enters feels a weight press down on them, absorbing their strength with each step.
  • The spider is X steps away.
  • Players must roll strength for each step with increasing difficulty as the weight bearing down on them becomes heavier and heavier.
  • Every failed roll, the players stop moving for a round and lose 1 point of strength, which can be regained after rest.
  • -B- The agate cannot be removed with ease and requires a strength roll to be removed.
  • Once the agate is removed, the effect of the room fades although, all lost strength remains.


A room of crystal blocks. The walls are studded with sharp crystalline spikes. A wind howls and blows throughout the chamber. A one meter crystalline spider statue is in the center of the room with a diamond that randomly appears and disappears throughout its surface.

  • -A- Any player who enters the room must roll dexterity to avoid being hit by gusts of wind.
  • Any player who fails is thrust against the spikes, their arms, hands and legs impaled, dealing X D6 damage plus losing 1 point of dexterity, which can be regained after rest.
  • -B- Any player attempting to grab the moving diamond must roll a dexterity to check to get a hold of it.
  • Once grabbed, the diamond can be removed with ease.
  • Once the diamond is removed, the wind fades although all lost dexterity remains.


A room of slick blue coral covered in sea weed. A pool of water is in the back of the chamber.

  • -A- Within in the pool is a coral tunnel caked with seaweed.
  • Any player who enters the pool immediately has all the air sucked from their lungs.
  • Players must roll constitution every round while under the water and are suffering D6 damage from drowning plus losing 1 point of constitution, which can be regained after rest.
  • -B- The seaweed wraps itself around the players’ arms and legs, making it difficult to move.
  • Every round a player must roll a swimming check or become stopped for a round as the player becomes entangled in seaweed.
  • -C- At the end of the tunnel, X rounds of swimming away, is a 1 meter long blue coral statue of a spider with a pearl inserted into its back.
  • -D- The pearl can be removed with ease.
  • Once the pearl is removed, all the water drains within one round, but all lost constitution points still remain.


A chamber of stone shrouded in shadows. In the center of the room is a veil of thick shadows.

  • -A- Any player who enters the chamber starts to hear whispers and voices in their head, and must roll an intelligence check to suppress the voices.
  • Every failed roll results in the loss of one intelligence point, which can be regained after rest, and one step toward insanity.
  • Three steps towards insanity and the player goes insane and must roll intelligence every round to break free.
  • -B- Any player who moves into the veil of shadows, at first sees their worst nightmare and must roll an intelligence check.
  • Any player who fails loses D6 intelligence points and goes insane until a sufficient intelligence check can be made.
  • Any player who passes, sees a 1 meter long black and warped wooden statue of a spider with a piece of obsidian inserted into its back.
  • -C- The obsidian can be removed with ease.
  • Once the obsidian is removed, the whispers stop and player no longer have to roll for insanity and insane players automatically become sane, although all intelligence points lost remain.

–Final Chamber–

Once all 8 gems have been inserted into their slot, the north door will open. It is a stone room covered in rainbow colored web of silk. Jars and clay pots are wrapped up in the web. In the center of the room is a rainbow colored crystalline spider.

  • -A- The spider is hostile and attacks as soon as the players enter.
  • The spider can have any stats, but always gets 8 attacks, each dealing 1 D6 damage plus one of the effects below:
    D6 fire
    D6 cold
    D6 lightning
    D6 acid
    1 constitution loss
    1 dexteriy loss
    1strength loss
    1intellence loss
  • All drained stats should be regained after rest unless you want to give the players a challenge.
  • -B- The web cannot be burned and affects the players as a slow spell while they are in the room.
  • Once the spider is defeated, the web breaks apart and fades.
  • -C- The clay pots contain ancient treasure long forgotten: old coins from another age, gems (there should always be gems), magic items reflecting old long forgotten cultures, etc.


Although this is a one off, the effects can have more lasting effects should you choose.
Maybe the gems can be combined to form an artifact weapon.
Maybe the gems each contains a piece of a deity or ancient evil and when combined bring the entity back to life which then helps or hinders the players throughout their campaign.
Maybe a group of tainted druids have heard about these gems and want to use them to turn the ecosystems of their areas into wild and harsh environments, destroying civilization.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.

Bilingual Sumerian Proverbs, Babylonia c. 2000-1700 BC

Written in Neo Sumerian and Old Babylonian cuneiform on clay, containing 42 proverbs, a folk tale and a fable. This is the only known major bilingual proverb tablet of Old Babylonian origin.

Some of the proverbs say:

-Strength does not compare to the possession of intelligence.

- My strength is my god, but it is finished by myself.

- A swift one caught a gazelle, but a strong man carried it away.

- The small pig roots, “I will not eat it for pleasure” he said.

The folk tale is about a man getting increasingly old, his declining physical abilities, and the effect of a young girl on him. It is the oldest known example of a theme well attested in later world literature. The best known examples are 1 Kings 1:1 ff. and 2:17 ff., Eccl. 12: 1-7, and the Merchant’s Tale in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

Herb of the Week-Saffron



Saffron, also known as Crocus sativus, is a plant that grows from a bulb and belongs to the family of Sword Lily. This is actually a spice with an intense aroma and is used extensively in a variety of cuisines. In fact, saffron is among the most expensive spices available.

This yellowish spice is obtained from the blooms of the species called Crocus sativus, which is widely called saffron crocus, The saffron crocus plant grows up to a height of anything between 20 cm and 30 cm and each plant produces a maximum of about four flowers. Each flower of this species has three bright crimson stigmas that are located far away from the point of attachment of a carpel. In conjunction with the stalks or styles which are connected to the stigmas to the plant hosting them, the dried out stigmas are mostly used in a variety of cuisines in the form of a seasoning as well as coloring agent.

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Neo-Assyrian Planisphere (Star Chart) from the Library of Ashurbanipal, Nineveh, c. 7th Century BC

This planisphere shows how the night sky over Nineveh would have appeared on January 3rd-4th in the year 650 BC. The chart identifies the constellations we now call Gemini, Pleiades and Pegasus. The incomplete piece is restored from fragments and was partly accidentally vitrified in antiquity during the destruction of Nineveh in 612 BC by a coalition of Babylonians, Scythians and Medes.

The Library of Ashurbanipal, named after the last great king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, is a collection of thousands of clay tablets and fragments containing texts of all kinds from about the 7th century BC. Ashurbanipal’s library was not the first library of its kind but it is the oldest surviving library collection in the world. Most of it is now in the British Museum (such as this piece) or the Department of Antiquities in Baghdad. The Epic of Gilgamesh, a masterpiece of ancient Babylonian poetry, was found in the library as was the Enuma Elis creation story, and myth of Adapa the first man, and stories such as the Poor Man of Nippur.

The News borrows from “First They Came,” a popular poem penned by Pastor Martin Niemöller, which targets the Germans who turned a blind eye to the tactics used during the rise of Hitler as he took over as the leader of Nazi Germany:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

(via New York Daily News on Twitter: “Early look at tomorrow’s Page 1… TIME TO SPEAK UP: SOUND FAMILIAR?”)

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iammekka-deactivated20141102  asked:

Hello I just want to ask one more question, how do you keep your skin,so clear I have sensitive skin and acne scars I don't know what products to use for sensitive skin, do you have any suggestions on what might work?

Hey Mecca,

Most commercially available skin care products used as facial scrubs and for scar removal contain a chemical called glycolic acid… this is also found in pineapples and lemons… and many other fruits… this very gentle acid removes built up oils and helps the skin to heal. I would recommend making a basic product yourself using clay (zeolite or ultrafine mineral clay), manuka honey (which contains peroxide, and removes sebum and skin oils and acts as a disinfectant) and the juice of a pineapple. You can also add lemon juice. This really simple home remedy is as effective as anything you will buy over the counter and is perfectly safe. Basically you want to mix the ingredients until you reach a nice consistency that will be easy to apply to your whole face. Keep it in the refrigerator and make a new batch each week. Like a meal for your skin. After you apply it, leave it on until it dries out, the clay will draw toxins from deep in your facial tissue.

Also by cleansing your liver and kidneys your skin will naturally improve.

Always buy organic food or grow your own. No deep fried food or animal fats.