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DIY Butter Slime Without Clay! LINK IN BIO!!! Thank you guys so much for all the views! I was out the whole day for wedding dress fitting (pics on Snapchat! Username @maqaroon) and just catching up in everything now. Credit for this goes to @slime_og whose butter slime videos basically broke Instagram on Sunday 😂. The original recipe uses equal parts of orange slime and yellow Daiso clay. My recipe doesn’t require clay since you effectively “make” your own cold porcelain clay as part of the process. It has a really cool texture like kinetic sand but is still fluffy and squishy like a slime! #slime #butterslime #butterslimerecipe #butterslimetutorial #slimediy #relaxing #sleepaid #slimeshop #diybutterslime

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daisy-entendu  asked:

do you have any diys of how to make clay? thank you!!

DIY Clay! I got your back! 

These are recipes for clay to be used to harden into objects, not for play. But if you’re look for clay for play, kneading, and fun, don’t hesitate to ask me again! Hope these help, though!

DIY Baking Soda Clay

DIY Clay Recipe

DIY Cold Porcelain Clay

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anonymous asked:

do you know of any people that make custom sigil tokens/charms/etc ? i want one thats pretty permanent and that i can carry with me essentially : O (i designed my own sigil but i just want like, a pretty version of it haha)

This was something I really wanted to do myself actually. But where I stand now, I don’t think I can in the near future. But I have plans…

And otherwise, no, I don’t know of any people that do that, sorry. :(

There are a crap ton of tutorials on how to make clays and stuff like that, with flour and glue and various things; you could make some yourself to make it super personal to you :3

Boom! :D