clay chibis

Long time since I’ve made something with polymer clay.
Princess Kenny Chibi. BD Made for Hun.

I’m obsessed with South Park. I’m obsessed with Kenny Crenny and I’m obsessed with Hun, cause she shares all them feels with me. ;//u//;
My Hun, my Bae, my roleplay Kenny & my Monster-Hunter-Buddy-Partner-in-Crime. ♥

(。• ̀д•́) 人 (•̀ω•́ )バTeam motherfucking Crenny.


The Gods!, Dianite, Ianite and Mianite :)

I love how well Dianite’s horns turned out, I’m proud of them :).

I also made the Heroes of Mianite and the Great Wizard.

I recorded a video of these figures that is on my YouTube channel which I’m currently working on.

Click here for the video! :)

Let me know what you guys think of them :)