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My chance is here! Now I have a reason to finally upload these figures! I’ve made almost all of them and I’ve been wanting to upload them, but I’m too lazy.  :P  I probably won’t get noticed, but it’s worth a shot. #septicart  #inktober @therealjacksepticeye



The rest are coming soon!


So I had some clay left from my earlier clay sculpting attemp. I wanted to do something small and quick therefore chibi Souji felt a good idea. The cat is quite too big but I still have nearly thirth of clay left so I probably do another smaller one. While I was doing the hair I didn’t think about how much weight the topknot would to add to the head, that’s why I had to put him lean on something otherwise he would fall over :P (maybe if I do the smaller cat mended in his lap and add somekind of stand could balance him?) edit: smaller cat version here

This was fun little project although it greatly distracted me from studying for a test. I think sculpting was far easier this time as I have shorter nails, who would have thought.

2017 Creations Tag Game

Thank you for the tag @eliz1369 :D

Rules: It’s time to love yourselves! Choose your 5 favorite works you’ve created this [last] year (fics, art, edits, etc!) and link them below   to reflect on the amazing things you’ve brought into the world in 2017. Tag as many writers/artists/etc as you want (fan or original!) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works. <3

Oh great.. that pretty much means everything I have done on this blog until now. My personal feelings on most of my doodles is that they’re, well, artistically trash since I’m quite perfectionist when it comes to myself.

hey look I don’t have legs because I forgot to draw them :P

But I’m not doing these doodles to be artistically perfect, I just do them for fun, and that’s most important. Though now I have to go back to view whatever I have created last year.


You can see it here

Yep.. this silly thing I did last summer purely out of boredom. I’m very glad and surprised how popular it became(most popular thing I have posted), apparently I’m not only one who likes to think this sort of things.

2. Majora’s Mask the Moon clock

I somewhat dislike watercolors and I had never really done this kind of thing before, taking all those things into account I’m quite happy with my creation. If only it didn’t fall from the wall and break the second hand.

3. Reigen na Hitomi

I’m still not regretting that weekend I spend on this. I was learning a lot by doing this too, I should challenge myself more often.

4. Chibi Souji with neko

Unlike my first try with clay on fierce deity this was far less stressful to make. I also got so much amazing feedback on this little thing, it really made my day. I’m also proud how it’s just barely balanced with the cat.

5. Running Heisuke

I’m happy how I for once finished my sketch, and looking at running Heisuke still makes me happy :)

I want to put some honorable mentions: KazaSen I like the colors, Kondou and leaves I was super tired and just drew it on one sitting, this old story by @shenanigumi I still laugh to that one and silent night comic simply because I did so much background searches for Hijikata’s office and in the end it wasn’t really even necessary. But now I know where the door exactly is.

Hmm, apart from @shenanigumi and @queengurako it seems everyone I can think of around this fandom has already been tagged(sorry if I’m wrong), so if they have time and energy to do this I’d love to see their lists.