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My Book of Shadows progress🍃

The original book was a blank, bright yellow sketchbook I found for $5.
I painted it black, glazed it, painted on the sigils, glazed it again (I intend to charge the sigils according to which one best suits my needs when writing). I sculpted the centre piece out of air dry clay around a glass cabochon, which was painted on the back with nail polish. Super glued everything, painted again, glazed again! I even added a bookmark using handmade polymer clay beads and a piece of cord, pulled through the spine and knotted on both ends. It also has a loop to attach charms with sigils, bottles with herbal spells, etc!✨

You don’t need a lot of money to have a pretty Book of Shadows/Grimoire! Additionally, if you find crafting relaxing then putting that positive energy into your book can only help.🌙

Tips for High School Witches

Hey guys! I’ve been a witch for about a year now, and being a high schooler in a conservative state has made it quite interesting, to say the least. So here are some things I’ve discovered that have made being a young, jobless witch AMAZINGLY easy!

The Library- if you are in High school, you undoubtedly have easy access to a library. This will contain information on mythology, religion, weather, astronomy, history, and just about any subject. Almost all of this knowledge (certainly all that I just listed) can be used in your craft. These are FREE BOOKS WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM. Take advantage!

The Art Room- weather you are in an art class or not, there is usually at least one art teacher in the school who has plenty of strange junk and materials that can be used for witchcraft. For instance, my teacher’s closet includes: bones, wax, wire, clay, wood, soapstone, beads, and all kinds of other brilliant components. These are FREE MATERIALS!!! As long as you have the teachers permission, GET WHATEVER YOU CAN!! You wouldn’t believe how many witchy items I’ve made in third period that cost me exactly $0.00.

The Thrift Store- I’ve seen other witches beat this one to death, but I must stress what a good resource thrift stores are for witchcraft. I’ve purchased brass candle holders, carved wooden boxes, stone incense burners, and more for less than $5. You can also find altar cloths, candles, picture frames, and more. The thrift stores of good for more than retro fashion!

Now, I also want to suggest some of the most useful spells and tricks to a high school witch (in my experience, of course.)

Anti Suspicion- wether your parents know or not (mine certainly don’t) you definitely don’t want your whole school to know that you’re a witch. Trust me. A simple sigil or spell to avert suspicion and ill intent will go MILES! My altar is the first thing you see in my room, I hoard bottles and jars, I use all the candles, and my parents suspect nothing. I’ve come to school with sigils all over my arm and no one so much as blinks an eye. I’ve also been able to get away with not wearing my school ID for a semester and a half, which was a nice side effect. Moon water is also great for making you less visible/noticeable.

Focus/success- when you’re about halfway through a semester of homework and studying, you’re gonna want some help. Spells for focus, knowledge, brain power, and success at schoolwork should not be underestimated. I’ve also found that wearing carnelian and aventurine Jewellry does wonders. I also rub safely diluted Rosemary oil on the back of my hand, and smell it whenever I’m struggling on tests and quizzes, as it aids in memory.

Luck, Prosperity, & health- you are a high schooler. You probably stay up way too late, forget a ton of assignments, spill things constantly, trip, lose socks, lose your wallet, and run into all kinds of awkward, dumb situations. A blend of safely diluted orange, lemon, Rosemary, and lavender oil will provide health, prosperity, positivity, happiness, protection, and psychic power. Aventurine, citrine, and rise Quartz are also some good crystals to keep you focused, happy, and protected.

If you have any more questions for me, want to talk, or want to add to the list, feel free to do so! Love you guys, and good luck!!!


I have a bunch of homemade crystal necklaces for sale! I’m selling these to fund my university studies.

Price for one is 15€ including 1st class shipping worldwide.

Materials vary in every piece, including: Tibetan phantom and Lemurian seed quartz; Aventurine; bone, clay, glass and wooden beads; hemp or waxed cotton cord. Each crystal is different and the shape, size and condition vary in every piece. Crystal sizes are 6-3cm and in most pieces the cord is adjustable: maximum length approximately 90cm/35inch, minimum 45cm/18inch. Ask me about a specific piece!

Contact me at @sxiga for any questions or inquiries!

pssst… If you want to buy one for friend *ahemholidays* I can ship them directly to them. I’ll also include a greeting card with your message of choice!

Few of these have been reserved/bought already! This is the availability:

12 o’clock: sold
1 o’clock:  available
2: reserved
3: sold
4:  available
5:  available
6:  available
7: reserved
8: sold
9: available
10: sold
11: reserved

I’m willing to change the bead/add one if you want another or the crystal you like has a bead you don’t like. Just let me know. :)

I have a bunch of homemade crystal necklaces available! My first priority is selling these to support my studies, but I’m willing to accept trade if offered something interesting! (like small bones or antlers, ceramics, clay or bone beads…)

My asking price for one is 15€ including 1st class shipping worldwide. 

Materials vary in every piece, including: Tibetan phantom, Lemurian seed and clear quartz; bone, clay, glass and wooden beads; hemp or waxed cotton cord. Each crystal is different and the shape, size and condition vary in every piece. Crystal sizes are 6-3cm and in most pieces the cord is adjustable: maximum length approximately 90cm/35inch, minimum 45cm/18inch. Ask me about a specific piece!

Contact me at @sxiga for any questions or inquiries!


My best friend’s birthday is coming up and I’ve been preparing a special birthday package for her, and since she’s also a doll collector, I thought it might be nice to make her a cake that her dolls could enjoy for the occasion! To make this, I used was pink and white polymer clay, pink micro beads, chalk pastels, gloss varnish, thin cardboard, and metallic gold paint! ^_^ The cake, roses and rose petals were glued to the cardboard base using Elmer’s Glue All, and the texturing of the cake was done with a needle. :3 I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and I actually kind of wish I wasn’t giving this piece away, but I know that this will make her really happy once she sees it. ^.^ 

The guy was about nineteen, and he looked pretty cool. He was tall and muscular, with short-cropped sandy hair and a friendly smile. He wore an orange tank top, cutoffs, sandals, and a leather necklace with five different-colored clay beads. The only thing unsettling about his appearance was a thick white scar that ran from just beneath his right eye to his jaw, like an old knife slash.

do i have ur permission to compile all the times percy describes luke so we can analyze them

Craft Project #1 - Polymer Clay Cake Charms

Materials You Will Need

- Polymer Clay in the colors or your choice.

- Clay tools such as a needle tool, toothpick, toothbrush, blade, ball tool, etc…

- Round cookie cutter

- Eye pin, jump ring, cell phone strap

- Pasta machine or clay roller

- Embellishments such as silicone, whipple cream, glitter, clay sprinkles, micro beads, cane slices, puffy paint, etc…

- Glaze of your choice, paint brush

- Pliers

Step 1 & 2

Pick out what two colors you would like to use and condition your clay.  Once you get it nice and soft either roll it out with a clay roller or run it threw a pasta machine.  You want the clay to be between 1/8 and ¼ of an inch, depending on the style your going for. Once you get smooth sheets of clay, take your round cookie cutter (or whatever shape you’d like to use) and cut out two circles of one color and one circle of the other color.  You will also need to roll out a pretty big sheet of really thin clay to act as ‘fondant.’ You want this to be about four inches round or so. After you get them cut out , stack them together, single color in the middle and other color on top and bottom.  Smooth out any imperfections.

Step 3

After you are satisfied with the way your layers look, take the layer of ‘fondant’ and smooth over top of the cake making sure to get the top and the sides.  Cut off any access clay at the bottom.

Step 4

Take your blade and cut out however many slices you wish.  You should be able to get six to twelve slices, depending on how big or small you want them.  After you get your slices cut out you want to insert your eye pin to the top of each slice.  

Step 5 & 6

For the middle part, you can either take your needle tool and poke lots and lots of tiny little holes, to give the illusion of it looking like ‘mousse,’  you can leave it smooth, or you can make it look like ‘cake’ by taking your needle tool and picking at the clay in a circular motion. For the top and bottom layers, you can do the same thing as the middle or do something different.

Step 7

Once you texture all of your cakes, and they look the way you want them to look, you want to bake them in the oven for fifteen minutes at 275 degrees, 


Step 8

After your slices have cooled completely, you can either glaze your cake first and then add the embellishments or add the embellishments and then glaze it, or if you want a more realistic look, dont glaze the cake but just the ‘icing’ and toppings.  After everything has dried you can use your pliers to open your jump rings to add them to your charm along with your cell phone strap.

You can use these as cell phone charms, key chains, zipper pulls, wine markers and lots more!!

a future

The bleak early morning air felt so cool and nice against her skin, the waves softly hitting her bare ankles in the summer breeze. Annabeth found herself playing with the small clay beads strung around her neck. There were 16 beads now, the necklace almost being too short to hold them all. She breathed in the ocean spray, and dug her toes further into the sand. 

Sometimes in the early mornings, when she couldn’t sleep, when the dreams became a little too surreal, she would sneak out of Cabin 3 and to the ocean waves, watching the foam and sea spray roll across the sand. Today was no exception, as she had dreamt of a future that she felt was too good to be true.

A soft patter of footsteps signalled to her that her boyfriends had noticed her disappearance. A pair of warm arms encircled her waist, chin resting on her shoulder. Annabeth turned to give Percy a proper hug, pulling him down so that he was sitting alongside her. Percy draped a small blanket that he had carried with him over them both. Annabeth glanced down at Percy’s camp necklace, he had far less than she did, having only 7. 

It always made her feel so ….old, a often a little insecure, knowing that she started at camp long beach at the young age of 7 because she didn’t have a family that cared for her. Even though that has changed, she was always reminded of her lonely childhood, dreaming of a future where she was happy. 

She is now. She should be so happy, with no wars to deal with and a loving beautiful boyfriend alongside of her. But that night, her dreams of a future returned, but instead she yearned for a family, her own family- with Percy. They were both 23 but never once was the idea of marriage and kids ever formally discussed. She wondered if he wanted the same. 

Percy felt her tense under his embrace and soothingly rubbed her shoulders and back. This wasn’t new to him; he came out after her almost every night. But unbeknownst to her, he too had startlingly vivid slumbers. He dreamt of a better world, one where he and his love did not ever have to suffer, that they could grow up and have a family without worrying about monsters or the gods approval. 

Annabeth turned her head to look at Percy, his beautiful green orbs so bright for such bleak morning light. She leant in and the two shared a short but sweet kiss.

In that moment, Annabeth decided to let her worries and dreams go, she was the happiest she’d ever been and with Percy by her side, she would happily and confidently stride into the future. She leant her head against his shoulder, arm draped across his chest, eyes beginning to flutter shut.

Percy looked down at her sleeping form, his heart constricted in his chest. These were the moments he loved and cherished. These were the moments he wanted to live in forever. With Annabeth. He considered carrying her back to his cabin but the warmth of her body pressed against his lulled him back into sleep. 

In the morning, the campers found their two leaders curled up to each other, asleep on the beach. The pair had soft smiles on their faces, almost as if they were sharing the same dream . 

And they were. They dreamt of a little girl with beautiful green-grey eyes and black curls and a boy whose blonde hair glinted in the sun and eyes greener than the waves in the ocean. 

~ hope you liked it!! This is dedicated to @somethingmorecreative1 for inspiring me to write my own fics 


Try the best new remedies to help make your skin look all shiny and new.

You don’t need to wish upon a star to have skin as bright as the solar system. Banishing dull-looking skin isn’t as complicated as getting to the moon—all you really need is one of these shiny new brightening masks. Each innovative formula in these four treatments focuses on something more than just radiance, like pore minimizing and detoxifying, so you can pick the one that works best for the overall health of your complexion. Meet the creamy skin-saving supernovas to add to your beauty arsenal. JESSICA VELEZ

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The pretty pale pink color of this mask is a nice change of pace from dark, swampy versions we’re used to pasting on our faces. You can save time and your skin in one application with this Origins creation. The two-in-one formula deeply cleanses pores with Mediterranean rose clay and exfoliating jojoba beads, while Canadian willowherb provides that burst of radiance you desire. Wash it off after a quick 10 minutes and you’ll reveal skin that practically twinkles.

GLAMGLOW Flashmud Brightening Treatment

Untwist the neon orange jar and you’ll instantly get a whiff of this gummy-candy-smelling cream—guaranteed to brighten your mood and skin after one use. Packed with complex ingredients like white birch bark, quartz microspheres, and diamond photoluminescence, Flashmud will make you gleam like a crowned jewel, in addition to balancing your skintone. It also provides three levels of intense exfoliating power to obliterate dead skin cells for a baby smooth touch. Use it three days in a row to instantly see results, then move on to twice a week to maintain the brilliance.

Skin Inc. Get Glowin’ Brightening Mask

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Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask

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