“The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.”

Xiaolin Showdown- November 1, 2003- May 13, 2006

a mess of xiaolin headcanons:
  • music is banned in rai’s and kimiko’s rooms
  • then in the whole temple - they gotta use earbuds, no exceptions
  • omi is lactose intolerant and no one makes fun of him because HEIGHT
  • jack being very sick and wuya staying with him for a while (“You took care of me too”)
  • kim and good!chase were very close bros in that alternate universe
  • hannibal never ever forgives chase and raimundo.
  • this said, chase and rai actually admire each other a lot
  • the monks kept the heylin cutouts from 3.11. and they either keep using them OR send them to their real counterparts as a christmas present
  • clay is the mom friend. 
  • the monks see bits of each other lives when they create either of the formations; the good and bad bits too.
  • so it is natural they bond over lost mothers (seriously? where are the mothers in this show??)
  • BUT jack calls wuya ‘mom’ a lot. the first time chase witnesses this, they are dining together and he spits soup all over the table
  • kimiko teaching omi to write in cursive
  • clay teaches all of them strip poker, omi is SUPRISINGLY good
  • all of them dream a lot of the xiaolin dragons before them
  • dojo crying when the monks become dragons
  • guan and chase have tea once in while. 
  • chase rearranging furnitures every 6 months cause he is like that
  • when omi is older he regularly say; “Just a sex” instead of sec

feel free to add!

One of my favourite things about Raimundo is how he occasionally just drops into frame. I mean look at this:

He just drops down like ‘Hello friends, I am ready to fight!’. That and what was he even doing up there. The squirrels were on the ground Rai. Were you just floating around chilling and occasionally punting a fire breathing squirrel out of a tree?

Also when he scares the shit out of Clay.

Just background Rai kinda just dropping in to give his pal a heart attack.

Here, have another one.