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Magnus is crying because he's at the chug n squeeze and its really hard to make a clay duck on a potters wheel (carey helps him later and clues him in that you don't use a pottery wheel to make non-vase/pot/bowl shapes)

oh man how would he even try to make a duck on a potter’s wheel… magnus you silly

Tony x Clay x Jeff

How did their relationship start?

Tony totally picked up on the fact that Jeff was crushing on Clay and told Clay about it. Clay was obviously in denial about it. One night, at a party that Jeff forced him to go to and a few drinks in, he asked Jeff about it, who was oddly very blunt and was just like “Yeah, okay, so I’m bisexual. That’s not a problem, right?” and cue Clay’s internal crisis on whether or not he was also bi. He went to Tony then to vent about everything and BAM. Tony ends up kissing Clay. Clay is confused as fuck, has two boys that like him, and is pretty sure he didn’t have a problem with Tony kissing him. He avoids his problems, ofc, until Tony and Jeff both show up at his house and basically corner him. 

“Okay! So, maybe I like guys, but, I… You can’t expect me to choose between you!”

“Maybe you don’t have to choose,” Jeff suggests.

So… he doesn’t. POLYAMORY.


1. Tony lets Jeff and Clay switch off for passenger side in his car when they go out.

2. Jeff and Tony both try to get Clay to be more adventurous because they’re alike in that aspect.

3. Tony teaches Jeff more about how to work on cars. Everyone benefits when Jeff’s shirt gets all greasy and he has to take it off.

4. Both Tony and Clay start tutoring Jeff. Not much actual tutoring gets done, so Clay usually ends up kicking Tony out so they can focus and not have an extra person in the room to distract them (mostly with kisses).

5. Tony fucking loves Jeff’s ear piercings.