clay & quinn


OTH meme - [¾] couples: Quinn and Clay.
“I was always looking back… at what I had lost, at how my life was supposed to be. But somewhere along the way, you changed all that. When I walk in the door and I see you, it’s like the weight of my day just falls away. I miss you in forever ways. You taught me to look forward again… to days and nights with you. And I love you so much for that.”


one tree hill (23 september 2003- 4 april 2012)

It’s the oldest story in the world. One day, you’re 17 and playing for someday, and then quietly and without you really noticing, someday is today, and then someday is yesterday, and this is your life. We spend so much time wanting, pursuing, wishing. But ambition is good, chasing things with integrity is good, dreaming. If you had a friend you knew you’d never see again, what would you say? If you could do one last thing for someone you love, what would it be? Say it. Do it. Don’t wait. Nothing lasts forever. Make a wish and place it in your heart. Anything you want, everything you want. Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true. You never know where the next miracle’s going to come from, the next memory, the next smile, the next wish come true. But if you believe that it’s right around the corner, you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it, to the certainty of it, you just might get the thing you’re wishing for. The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it. So make your wish. Do you have it? Good. Now believe in it with all your heart.


tv show aesthetic ➤ One Tree Hill.

There’s only one Tree Hill, Jamie Scott. And it’s your home.

800+ Follower Giveaway! (Closed)

You Guys! 

I have over 800 followers now [i know its not a lot compared to other soa bloggers but its a big deal to me] and I wanted to do something special for all of you who follow me and interact so I did a little shopping…  

I present to you…

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I have a Clay Morrow POP! figure, Sons of Anarchy: Bratva, a Sons of Anarchy jacket/vest patch, and SOA Playing Cards. Its not much, but its something, and I want to send it to you!

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