Hello followers!  You might not know this, but I’m a artist. I recently made a small Shiba sculpture and made a mold of it.  I’m going to be selling these little guys if anyone is interested.  Info below!

Just a example of some Shiba Inu sculptures I will be selling. These are casts that I hand painted as examples. They will be limited and each one will be hand painted by me to look like your pup! $45 for the sculpture in a color of my choice or $55 for a custom paint job of your choice. Make it look like your Sheeb! Make it neon! Blue, Green!  Whatever you choose. Accessories such as clothing, bandanas, toys are a extra $5. Shipping costs depends on your location.  Shoot me a email at wicked.sairah@gmail.com


Ferrasso Marcelo by Ferrasso Marcelo
Via Flickr:
Ferrasso Marcelo