etsyfindoftheday | 10.23.18

small glazed ceramic items by kiracallceramics

i dig the shiny, colorful glazes and gilding at kiracallceramics — and her organic, OOAK shapes and creations.


Pore texture thanks to @wwwkenstoolscom

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Studying Sediments in Space

An International Space Station investigation called BCAT-CS studies dynamic forces between sediment particles that cluster together.

For the study, scientists sent mixtures of quartz and clay particles to the space station and subjected them to various levels of simulated gravity.

Conducting the experiment in microgravity makes it possible to separate out different forces that act on sediments and look at the function of each.

Sediment systems of quartz and clay occur many places on Earth, including rivers, lakes, and oceans, and affect many activities, from deep-sea hydrocarbon drilling to carbon sequestration.

Understanding how sediments behave has a range of applications on Earth, including predicting and mitigating erosion, improving water treatment, modeling the carbon cycle, sequestering contaminants and more accurately finding deep sea oil reservoirs.

It also may provide insight for future studies of the geology of new and unexplored planets.

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