Dating Tom includes...

  • when you first meet 
  • tom thinks you’re fucking beautiful and he can’t stop staring at you
  • but you think it’s kinda creepy, but he’s lucky because of his cute looks
  • then he finally got the courage to talk to you
  • and he didn’t leave empty handed too bc you gave him your number
  • soon enough y’all started dating
  • everyone shipped you for the longest times
  • inStAgRAM CAptions AbOut EaChOtHer 
  • and its indirect af
  • but everyone knows its about you two
  • taking that cliche beach picture of him holding your hand but you’re ahead of him
  • but let’s be honest he just wanted to see you in a bathing suit bc you’re perfect the way you are to him.
  • cuddles™
  • you on his chest sometimes
  • tom between your legs sometimes
  • tom constantly has to be touching you
  • he loves it when you have your hands in his hair
  • and you like touching his curly messy hair
  • its soft af.
  • being accused of being a gold digger
  • but you were oblivious to the fact that tom was famous for like a month or two
  • “tommy, why do you always hide your face when you go outside?”
  • “paparazzi”
  • “haha, no seriously.” 
  • tom feeling like he can’t take you anywhere bc of paparazzi.
  • once you had a panic attack in front of him and he held you for hours afterwards
  • sometimes your depression gets really bad and you stay in bed, but tom joins you.
  • but you’re up against the wall because you don’t wanna talk or be touched and he gives you time
  • then you give in and he cuddles, kisses, and snuggles you all day.
  • holding HANDS UGHH
  • you lucky bitch you
  • spooning
  • tom constantly taking pictures of you
  • you sometimes being mad because you say you look ugly
  • tom then being mad bc you’re not ugly
  • tom calling you cute names that make your heart flutter
  • princess™
  • baBY GIRL™
  • DarLING™
  • getting to hear his morning voice and that shit turns you on
  • speaking of being turned on
  • lots and lots of sex
  • but seriously
  • sometimes there’s the fluffy passionate days
  • sometimes there’s the rough angsty days
  • but overall it’s great
  • “don’t you dare hold your moans in, babygirl.”
  • tom found your sweetspot on your neck one time
  • and you moaned loudly
  • and he continued
  • “i- da- mhmm” 
  • tom pulling away. 
  • “huh, daddy, babygirl?” 
  • let’s just say it was an exciting night and one to not be forgotten of. 
  • going on set with him
  • and tom getting head after a long stressful day on set
  • getting to meet the avengers
  • and you almost collapsing
  • “tommy, i told you i had to pace myself meeting them. i almost died.” 
  • tom sleeping in your lap sometimes
  • “tommy, baby, you have gray hairs.”
  • “wut??!!!”
  • the holland brothers love you
  • mostly bc you’re a pro at roasting your boyfriend
  • quackson claxon™
  • “omg, tom, can we keep her?”
  • “harry, no. she’s mine.”
  • “i don’t recall being an object, stanley.” 
  • him deathglaring you and now you know your in for it tonight.
  • harrison constantly gagging at you pda
  • zenday and laura being your bestfriends
  • catching tom singing on camera
  • using it as blackmail
  • jacob being like the brother you always wanted
  • being the biggest prankster on set
  • “damn, i should be an actress.”
  • one time you two had a fight
  • and tom left and slammed the door
  • and didnt return or talk to you for a fucking week
  • and you were a wreck
  • then when he did come back, you were still in your bed crying over it
  • “i’m so sorry, princess. i’ll never do it again.”
  • makeup sex
  • “daddy’s sorry, princess.” 
  • and you guys being cute af together everyday
  • you end up being on the avengers gc
  • they all adore you
  • especially seb
  • and mackie
  • you all roast tom together
  • silent treatment.
  • “baby, we were just joking.” you would murmur, kissing his neck. 
  • hollywood’s young lovers™ forever. 

Peter Parker Imagines

  • Words (x)
  • Treat You Better (x)
  • Mine (x)
  • To Lose An Heir (x)
  • Forever & Always (x)
  • Chocolate Kisses (x)
  • Radioactive (x)
  • I Choose You (x)
  • The Hidden Hero (x)
  • Portrait of Love (x)
  • His Excuses (x)
  • Heathens (x)
  • Blood VS. Water (x)
  • The Rubik’s Cube (x)
  • Partners in Crime (x)
  • You Make Me Wanna (x) (extended)
  • One Call Away (x)
  • Bring It On Home (x)
  • Smi)e (x)

Tom Holland Imagines

  • Over Dramatic (x)
  • I Still Feel Like Your Man (x)
  • The Great Gymnast (x)
  • The Innocent Boy (x)
  • The Montréal Girl (x)
  • The Lost Soldier (x)
  • Crazy Cravings (x)
  • Hello Autumn (x)
  • Baby Holland (x)
  • British Blood (x)
  • Little Flirt (x)

Harrison Osterfield Imagines

  • Tom’s Little Sister (x) (extended*)
  • His Replacement (x)
  • The Deceitful Man (x)
  • Quarantine (x)
  • Babysitting Business (x)
  • The Broken Shadow (x)

Sam Holland Imagines

  • Be Patient (x)
  • Gentle Touch (x)
  • Little Moments (x)
  • Banana Pancakes (x)

Harry Holland Imagines

  • Penny Lane (x)




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Wow I love you 💛💛 Also no i can’t guess who bc I’m like half asleep and have no idea, I’m sorry! I still love you! 

And instead of sending this im gonna tag people: 💛💛

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Espero no sea tarde para recordarte, que tu, eres lo más importante
Espero no estar a destiempo, no se me haya ido el momento pues, me muero por preguntarte
Si te quieres ir de aquí conmigo, jugar a vivir a un lado mío
Yo prometo tomar lo que venga y convertirlo en brillo
Y siempre cuidar a tu corazón, antes que al mío.
—  Antes que al mío (Los Claxons)
Aquel panorama jamas lo olvidaría puesto que era una de mis estaciones favoritas; el cielo estaba cubierto por una inmensa nube negra y por el otro lado azulado, era raro estaba partido hacia la mitad. Me encontraba caminando de la mano junto con mi novia por la famosisima avenida Javier Prado, caminábamos casi sin rumbo hasta que a uno de los dos se unos ocurrió cantar esa canción el cual nos habría marcado tanto; Viajar en el metro de Patio Solar, entonces nos detuvimos en un rincón de aquella avenida casi sin pensarlo y empezamos a bailar aunque torpemente al principio pero con mucho amor, cantábamos fuerte aquellas letras que sabíamos perfectamente de memoria y mientras más fuerte cantábamos nuestra voz se convirtió en una sola y empezamos a cantar más y más alto, por un instante el sonido del claxon de los vehículos se detuvo, el sonido del tiempo y del lugar no existía en aquel momento, solo se escuchaba nuestras voces cantando sin parar, sin fallar, solo los dos juntos abrazados en aquella avenida, nuestra avenida.
coffee (part five) - t.h.

word count: 1.4k

summary: a series au in which tom returns to his life as a university student after taking a year out to film spider-man

a/n: part five of the fic that @boyfriendjoe​ and i are working on! 

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After Tom gets up and walks away, you’re left feeling deflated. You avoid him for the next few weeks, dodging his calls and texts, dipping in and out of lectures before he can get the chance to talk to you. 

You know he wants a chance to apologise, to talk to you about where you go from the first date, but you can’t handle it. There shouldn’t be that much pressure on being somebody’s girlfriend, if that’s even what you were going to be. You shouldn’t be scared of what people are going to say about you, be scared of grabbing a coffee because of staring eyes, be scared to love someone for your own safety.

No, it’s better like this.

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Tienes una vibra bien bonita
se nota
a en cuanto me abrazas
en cómo dejas caer
tus brazos como serpientes
como si mi espalda
fuese su desierto
y me susurras
soy una gelatina galáctica
me rompes
pero me rompes de alegría
un ángel me habla
me va dejando regados
narcisos en la voz
junto a mi nariz
bailan peces de lluvia
una franja
decorando mi caguama
espumosa dadiva
paupérrimo micro orgasmo
hoy la tristeza vino
a decirme que ha quedado huérfana
y la mandé al orfanato
tienes una vibra bien bonita
como un claxon
que suena mientras cuatro
ejecutivos cruzan en la calle
para convertir en sonido
en un estanque de blues
un vinilo que derrite los oídos
cólmame la panza de helado
de zarzamora
y cuando te vayas
voy a dirigirme sin recelo
ni brinquitos de nostalgia
a la Quebrada de Acapulco
en tu cabello
para decirte
mucho gusto
tienes una vibra bien bonita
—  La alegría es un roadtrip, Quetzal Noah