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Gerunds are weird: compare "reading books is fun" and "the reading of books is fun". In the first one, the "reading" is clearly a verb form, it takes a noun compliment etc. In the second one, from a distribution position it's a noun because it's preceded by the definite article "the" and is the head of a noun phrase. Some models of grammar (mostly cognitive grammar) say that instead of trying to decide if it's a noun or verb we just say it's not an adjective.

Publishing because my brain has stopped forming words and this is a better explanation than I could hope to attempt! 

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For pre-made character sheets for Pathfinder on Google Drive, Epizephrii's character sheet is a good one (would provide a link but tumblr being tumblr).

I’m sure all interested parties can google for them


lookbook set #04

  • hair . clawtooth ; glowing review - girl next door (bubbles clawtooth)
  • skin . atomic ; lien - buff (ivy graves) past tdr item
  • lashes tattoo . dfo! ; faux twiggy (willa whybrow)
  • freckles . mynerva ; light - dot2dot/blush (rhapzody wilde) no longer available
  • lips . tuli ; elusive lips - fuchsia (tuli asturias)
  • glasses . epoque ; timeless - neutral (vintage mcmillan) is vintage still selling these? idk
  • necklace . mijn boa - le masque - black (mijn boa) no longer available, someone should make something similar -NUDGENUDGE-
  • purse . izumiya ; basic straw (izumi homewood) buy it here
  • top . tres blah ; ciao baby - lovely (julliette westerburg)
  • ring . miel - ahi (mika nieport)
  • bangle . lagyo ; cocoa tropic (gyorgyna larnia) old season hunt item
  • skirt . u.f.o ; blossom band long skirt  (como setsuko)
  • sandals . anexx ; fringe morocco - brown (machang pichot) on sale until Aug 1!

taken at elsewhere


Poses can be found here. Enjoy!

ONCE AGAIN CATCHING UP ON AN OLD TAG, i wait to do these until i’m on computer tumblr which is why it takes so long! i’m sorry! i’m terrible!

tagged by the sublime spectreatpemberley

Name: Cassandra (see below)
Nickname: Cassie (almost always), Cass (to a select few)
Birthday: November 17th
Star Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5′2″, 5′3″ on a good day
Favorite Color: Navy blue, probably? I wear a lot of navy blue. Also gray and black but I don’t think they count.
Time rn: 10:22PM
Average hours I sleep: oh man it varies way more than is healthy! if left to my own devices, I will sleep 9 or 10 hours. When I have school or work, it’s usually closer to 7, less if it’s early in the day.
Lucky Number: None! I don’t believe in luck.
Last thing I googled: Terminator Genisys – not because I’m interested in the movie, but I needed to get the proper spelling for work.
Word that comes to mind: Oh I hate these because I always just get the last word in the prompt stuck in my head and it won’t leave – so, in this case, “mind.”
Happy place: my bed
Number of blankets I sleep under: right now, in the summer, it’s two, unless it’s very hot (but I will usually forgo pants before blankets (who am I kidding I sleep pantsless every night))
Favorite fictional character: the true impossible question! I guess I will go with Bastila Shan
Favorite famous person: I mildly internet stalk / obsess over Meredith Graves
Favorite book: What a question! For a while now it’s been Murakami’s 1Q84, with special mentions going to Pride & Prejudice and Adverbs by Daniel Handler
Favorite bands: IT WILL PROBABLY BE EASIER TO JUST LINK YOU TO MY LAST.FM, although they seem to be having technical difficulties atm? Los Campesinos! is probably my all-time favorite, but I have been very into Cloud Nothings lately.
Last movie I saw: Is it strange that I don’t remember? I’ve been watching a lot of Daredevil lately. Inside Out, probably.
Dream trip: Disney World! I’ve never been a traveler but I am obsessed with Disney World. I went five months or so ago and I’m already itching to return.
Dream job: I mean IDEALLY I would sleep for a living.
No, but actually, I want to teach high school English most of all. I’d also be very interested in writing for a living but I’ve never been much of a creative writer so I don’t really know where I’d go with tht.
What I’m wearing now: Pajamas! A pair of pajama shorts and a Star Wars tee (I own many)

gonna do something different than usual (typically I just tag my mutuals) and tag the last few people to reblog or like things from me, which are!
zucchini-warship clawtooth jicklet hissybat [only if you want to of course]

LOVE WINS! Free hair at Clawtooth Mainstore by Bubbles Clawtooth
Via Flickr:
In honor of the Supreme Court making gay marriage legal in ALL of the United States, Clawtooth is giving away the hairstyle &quot;Heart Attack and Vine&quot; in the rainbow color pack &quot;outrageous&quot; for FREE! <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”></a>

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Yaaaas Anwen. Drag them. Though, generally when we're talking about orthograpy we don't really use phonological terms ... but then you get into things like potestates and figurae and it's generally a faff.

Yeahh, you have a point. I did attempt to go back and edit it for clarity but then I figured that I wasn’t writing a textbook (mainly because I am not qualified) so I hope my messy terminology isn’t too awful (feel free to yell at me if it is!) and that it gets the general gist across.

Orthography v phonology in Welsh isn’t something that I was able to expand upon, because honestly I don’t know enough about it. What I know of phonology was learnt in English lessons, so trying to apply it to Welsh and show the relationship between the orthography and the phonology would have been a bit tricky. I was mostly worried that I’d make more mistakes trying to go into that than I would if I just left it as it was.

I’m publishing this publically so that people can see that I am not the font of all knowledge, and neither am I a linguist; just someone who speaks conversational Welsh and did a module on English phonology!

but a dream. 

Just wanted to do a little picsha, inspired by this amazing gown and hurr @ this month’s round of C88. Happy Sunday <3

taxi ——-> Collabor88


  • Skin: Glam Affair - Cleo - India - (Fatpack)
  • Hair: Clawtooth: Windswept (Captivating Brunettes Pack) (@ C88)
  • Eyelids: Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes
  • Gown: ISON - amelia lace gown (snow) (@ C88)
  • Feet: Slink Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged
  • Book: Lark - Imaginarium Librarium Poetry - RARE (sept arcade)
  • Flowers: TBF Lily Pads & Water Lilies
  • Boat: AF Harry’s Boat (sept arcade)

This weekend has not been good to me. Another busy, stressful week ahead that is already stressing me out. Moving on, The Arcade closes on October 15, and I was determined to style this bag available from pesca there before then. It was a struggle, but playing the game of wearing things that I haven’t worn helped, along with new mesh hands from SLink. The hands are amazing, and come in various types, such as elegant, relaxed, etc. See you next weekend. (I don’t know if a post on Tuesday will happen, since that is the beginning of my stressful week.)

hair: Clawtooth: Glamazon - Dusty Black (slightly tinted darker) mesh
skin: Adam and Eve - Lataya Dark Chocolate (worn w/ cleavage de-enhancer)
eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Darkest Browns / Black
lashes: Beetlebones Mesh Lashes V.01 (minimalist tintable) mesh
top: Whippet & Buck Cole Boatneck Top OLIVE DRAB 
scarf: *League* Snood - Nans (free) mesh
bag: :pesca: old shoulder bag/plane-darkbrown (gacha; available at The Arcade until Oct. 14) mesh
bracelet: ASO!AlphabetBrace(O)Gold (gacha; available at The Arcade until Oct. 14) mesh
hands: SLink Mesh Hands - Casual mesh
skirt: S@bbia - Maxi Jumper Skirt (group gift) mesh
shoes: Tiny Bird - Wanderer Boots - Russet (store closed; n/a)
pose: don’t freak out! [thisthat] eccentric in a quaint way (only available here , I think)

  • Clawtooth kicks legs
  • Clawtooth:eeeeeeeeeee
  • vanquishedValiant:vanquishedValiant falls over
  • vanquishedValiant:ow
  • vanquishedValiant:why would you do that
  • Clawtooth:NOT YOUR LEGS
  • Clawtooth:JFC
  • Clawtooth:sdfhioizshdfbizsdbifzsbiodf
  • vanquishedValiant:jerk
  • Clawtooth:bitch
  • vanquishedValiant:asshole
  • vanquishedValiant:vanquishedValiant scribblefight
  • Clawtooth:poontang
  • vanquishedValiant:pffffwhat
  • Clawtooth:IDFK
  • Clawtooth:Clawtooth giggles
  • vanquishedValiant:you cockgroveller
  • Clawtooth:you douchemuncher
  • vanquishedValiant:buttbaster
  • Clawtooth:fannyflicker
  • vanquishedValiant:dicktickler
  • Clawtooth:boobjuggler
  • vanquishedValiant:scrotumsnuggler
  • Clawtooth:labiastroker
  • vanquishedValiant:wangdangler
  • Clawtooth:clitbasher
  • vanquishedValiant:prostatepummeler
  • Clawtooth:areolapalmer
  • vanquishedValiant:bumtunneler
  • Clawtooth:clungeplunger
  • vanquishedValiant:logboggler
  • Clawtooth:titchafer
  • vanquishedValiant:shafttackler
  • Clawtooth:pussyfisher
  • vanquishedValiant:Gonadgroper
  • Clawtooth:wombwasher
  • vanquishedValiant:sackthwacker
  • Clawtooth:queefsniffer
  • vanquishedValiant:taintpainter
  • Clawtooth:breasttwister
  • vanquishedValiant:sausagesnogger
  • Clawtooth:slitslurper
  • vanquishedValiant:stiffwhiffer
  • Clawtooth:mufffluffer
  • vanquishedValiant:polebowler
  • Clawtooth:beavernuzzler
  • vanquishedValiant:bonerdonor
  • Clawtooth:cherryhunter
  • vanquishedValiant:dingalingjingler
  • Clawtooth:hoohaahandler
  • vanquishedValiant:jeweldrooler
  • Clawtooth:coochmoocher
  • vanquishedValiant:donggonger
  • Clawtooth:Clawtooth shakes hand firmly
  • vanquishedValiant:vanquishedValiant shakes hand

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Celeste Bikini

Sweet in green, with a great coverup as well, this adorable bikini by Beautiful Dangerous, will be a hit at the beach. All mesh in standard sizes, it comes in several different color choices. The hair is Free right now at Clawtooth to celebrate marriage equality and comes in a rainbow of colors. Read more on the website


So Olive has their mainstore back up and I have to say I went on a bit of a spree haha!

This cute bag is a limited edition version from the ones in their new gacha machine but if you’re a group member (fee of 100L$) then you get another version as a free gift!

Also the jewelry set is a freebie outside at the back of the store so be sure to pick that up too. It comes with earrings, a bracelet and a ring seen above!

The final thing I couldn’t resist picking up were these adorable antlers. The horns themselves come in lots of colour options and the flowers/beads are colour changeable!

Skin: Glam affair - Cleo

Hair: Clawtooth - That pretty lady (Arcade)

Antlers: Olive - Oops cherry blossom antlers

Jumper: Little bones - Leisure jumper

Bag: Olive - Mocciilla bag 

Jewelry: Olive - Maybe they’re real jewelry set (Freebie)

Leggings: Bunni designs - Dark floral leggings (15L$ on marketplace)

Shoes: F&S - studded pumps (Free @freestyle HQ)