Feels like rain

“The clouds roll in
Across the moon
The wind howls out your name
And it feels like rain
And it feels like rain
Baby can ya feel it?”

Hair: Clawtooth - Up and Away Essentials Pack
Necklace: .::Supernatural::.  Gabriella @ The Gacha Garden
Dress: The Beautiful Ones - .:TBO:. Vivian - cocktail dress @L’Elite
Rings: [*KATE*] Boho Rings Collection for Vista Bento Hands
Eyeshadow: DS'ELLES - Eyeshadow SERIE 3 For Catwa head @Mesh Body Addicts

Body details:
Head: Catwa - Catya
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Shape: DS’ELLES - Shape Bento ORNELLA For head CATYA Catwa @Mesh Body Addicts

Pose: EFM Poses -  Umbrella 09 @L’Elite

My Garden

Body details:
Head: Catwa - Catya
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Shape: Flor de pimienta - Nateas - Nataly Bento @Fashion Bloc
Skin: L’Etre

Hair: Clawtooth - Winter Romance Essentials Pack
Top: :::Revelation::: Betsy Ruffle Crop Top
Shorts: [WellMade] Lara Outfit @Fashion Bloc
Sandals: Petit Chat - *PC Flowery Sandals @The Chapter 4

Tattoo: Sam Tattoos - Uncover

Hair: Exile - Tommy & Gina (Gift!)
Boots: [Deadwool] Trauermarsch Boots - Black

Pose: .:Joplino:. - Side by Side [Exclusive @Designer Circle 153rd]
Gazebo: [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS - Rita Gazebo @ enMESHed
Bench: Verocity - Wooden Bench (Poses Included)
Wheelbarrel: ETNIA - Vintage Wheelbarrel Set - Red @Shiny Shabby
Dog: JIAN - Lively Labs :: Black Wander Pup

clawtooth  asked:

Gerunds are weird: compare "reading books is fun" and "the reading of books is fun". In the first one, the "reading" is clearly a verb form, it takes a noun compliment etc. In the second one, from a distribution position it's a noun because it's preceded by the definite article "the" and is the head of a noun phrase. Some models of grammar (mostly cognitive grammar) say that instead of trying to decide if it's a noun or verb we just say it's not an adjective.

Publishing because my brain has stopped forming words and this is a better explanation than I could hope to attempt! 

clawtooth  asked:

Yaaaas Anwen. Drag them. Though, generally when we're talking about orthograpy we don't really use phonological terms ... but then you get into things like potestates and figurae and it's generally a faff.

Yeahh, you have a point. I did attempt to go back and edit it for clarity but then I figured that I wasn’t writing a textbook (mainly because I am not qualified) so I hope my messy terminology isn’t too awful (feel free to yell at me if it is!) and that it gets the general gist across.

Orthography v phonology in Welsh isn’t something that I was able to expand upon, because honestly I don’t know enough about it. What I know of phonology was learnt in English lessons, so trying to apply it to Welsh and show the relationship between the orthography and the phonology would have been a bit tricky. I was mostly worried that I’d make more mistakes trying to go into that than I would if I just left it as it was.

I’m publishing this publically so that people can see that I am not the font of all knowledge, and neither am I a linguist; just someone who speaks conversational Welsh and did a module on English phonology!

Imaginerding, The Good Dinosaur.

So like I said previously Animal Kingdom has always had one rather large blemish on it’s rather perfect theming and design since it’s opening. And that is the carnival area known as Chester and Hester’s Dinorama. See back when this park was getting made budgets had to be cut and dates had to be pushed up in order to still meet their opening date. So what kind of land can you make cheaply and quickly that can add some fluff rides and attractions for guests? A local fair setup. 

Home to such classic Disney attractions like 

That coaster that squishes you into your neighbor into a forced fusion of pain and vertigo. 

and Triceratop dumbo.So what do we do with this land that can improve it? Pave over all of it and replace it with this guy and his beautiful world.

The good dinosaur is easily one of the most beautiful landscapes pixar or rather anyone has ever made. Nothing would be more cohesive with the rest of Animal Kingdom than creating this beautiful wilderness landscape and finally killing off the concrete roads that is the chester area once and for all. 

Heck I am pretty sure the guys at pixar made this movie just to fit in with Animal Kingdom. That mountain above is known as clawtooth mountain in the film and serves as a pivotal anchor to the plot and the characters. You know what mountain Dinoland at Animal Kingdom is actually next to?

Everest. You can literally build Arlo’s farm and most of the wilderness from the film right on the other side of Everest where dinoland is and it would not only be great world building it would still remain organic to each land. In Asia that is Expedition Everest, in dinoland that is Clawtooth mountain which is perched beyond arlo’s home. It’s literally perfect. So as for how to do it? I would say redo and divide dinoland.  Make one half the dino institute that is currently existent albeit more cleaned up (The area where Dinosaur is and the playground). Also keep dinosaur because that is still a fantastic eticket. 

However when it comes to the Dinorama area, pave over it and kill it completely. Make that Arlo’s farm and the wilderness surrounding that. Put a D ticket dark ride for the kid’s where primeval whirl once stood. Make that about Arlo’s journey and include some wonderful scenes from the film, make it a ride the whole family can enjoy. That’s something that Animal Kingdom sorely needs even with the inclusion of the avatar stuff headed their way. They can even integrate the land with the new Rivers of light show. As it’s been stated Rivers of light shall be hosted by fireflies, you know what film has some fireflies?

The Good Dinosaur. Make their home in Dinoland and have certain area’s at night in that land contain these beautiful critters so they can come out and dazzle guests. As for other attractions I am sure they can make some cute b and c tickets based off the various dinos from the film. Think of Mater’s jamboree but themed to the dinosaurs in the film. The possibilities here are strong.

Let’s bring this kind of beauty to Animal Kingdom, 

and let’s kill this concrete nightmare off.

depth over distance.

there’s strength in the blindness you fear, if you’re coming too.



  • skin: -Glam Affair - Mokatana - Jamaica 
  • hair: Clawtooth: Cozy cutie (Captivating Brunettes Pack)
  • eyes: IKON
  • sweater: tram - cable knit sweater white
  • jeans: Emery - Mesh Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans Verve Grey
  • boots: Maitreya Stagioni XTD Leather * Bronze


clawtooth  asked:

Hey, I made a character on Balmung after maintenance because I'm interested in RP but I don't really know where to start. I've never rped in an MMO before (I've done loads of tabletop and forum rp tho). Where's a good place to start?

I admit that I don’t do a whole lot of roleplay outside of my friends and FC, so I’m probably not the best person to answer this but I’ll do my best!

The main sort of roleplay hub on Balmung is in Ul'dah, especially the Quicksand. You’ll find a lot of people rping in there, but personally it isn’t an environment I enjoy at all so it might be for you, it might not. It’s pretty fast-paced and I find it quite hard to keep up with and a lot of the time the RP isn’t really to my taste.

If you can find a roleplay-focused FC or linkshell, that would help, there are a lot of them on Balmung. Even FCs that aren’t RP-focused often have roleplayers in them. The other thing you can do is attend events, or just approach people who are open to walk-ups (a lot of people have something in their search info saying this but it’s usually best to send a tell first).

There’s also which has a forum with a lot of stuff on it so you can find out about things that are going on and discuss with other roleplayers, and it has a wiki database of character profiles too. I don’t really use it though so I’m not sure how helpful that is. 

You can also hit me up in-game if you want and maybe we can roleplay at some point, I am kind of bad at actually finding time to do it sometimes but yeah! I hope this was a helpful answer…

ooh... oohhhh sunday..........

why are you so boring? ugggh.

External image
hair - clawtooth, Bubbles Clawtooth.

headpiece - fashionably dead, Toast Bard.

skin - glam affair, Aida Ewing. | new, Giselle skinline.

jacket - emery, Sunami Beck.

top - the sea hole, Drinkinstein Sorbet. | collabor may.

skirt -, charming Meiler. | collabor may.

socks - pig, Apatia Hammerer. 

shoes - kao, Kao Sands. 

pose - marukin, Valencia Southard.

bag - tee*fy, Azure Electricteeth.


Here’s another post featuring some items from fi*Friday, The Mens Dept, Collabor88 & many other wonderful stores. Enjoy ! 

On Sevyn (Left) 

Hair: (Clawtooth @ Collabor88) Love My Way *NEW*

Shirt: (House of Fox @ Collabor88) Xue Top *NEW*

Pants: (Mon Tissu) Favorite Wool Tights

Shoes: (Maitreya) Moxie

Clutch: (Illmatic @ fi*Friday) Vintage Clutch *NEW*

Bow: (Milk Motion) Huge Leather Bow

On Tylonn (Right)

Hair: (Taketomi) Gyp

Coat: (Sleepy Eddy @ The Mens Dept) Pea Coat (Turtleneck also available at TMD) *NEW*

Pants: (Amerie) Mesh Skinny Pants

Shoes: (2Lag) “1988" *NEW*

Beanie: (Entente) Slouch Beanie

Freebs x2

Maybe you already know about this freebies but i think they are worth to see them again :) Both tops are freebies by OoEas and there is a purple one for you too! The redish hair is a huntitem by Clawtooth for the Seasons hunt (find a lil bee)!


Skin-Artemis by Unique Megastore

Hair-Careless Wisper by Clawtooth - free for seasons hunt

Top-Shorty Bustier by OoEas - Free

Skirt-Ginny Skirt by Cynful

Shoes-Basic ancle Boots by Mentine


Skin-malinka by Natural Beauty New

Hair-Carina by Truth

Necklace-Aimee by Je Suis

Bag-BarCode Tote by Boom

Top-Velvet Embrance by OoEas Free

Jeans-Rip Low dark by CandyDoll

Boots-Tight Knee Boots 4green suede by Mentine

Poses by Ricielli and myself