“This booby is madly in love with Clawsette.”

Classicat #25: Meowrius Pont-Mew-Cy, Clawsette, and bonus confused dad Jean Meowljan, from Les Meowserables by Victor Mewgo

(Clawsette’s fur is naturally white. Meowljan’s fur turned white long ago from stress, so that many cats call him “Mewnsieur Leblanc”  Or “Mewnsieur The White.”)

In the book Clawsette and her father walk to a park every day, and every day Meowrius Pont-mew-cy walks to the same park. One day, Clawsette and Meowrius make Dramatic Eye Contact and spend the rest of their days nonverbally flirting with each other. Clawsette flirts by owning fancy clothes and makeup. Meowrius just acts like a  dweeb (he hopes Clawsette has noticed his new hat!!) Meowljan, meanwhile, is very confused. 

Basically: all the cats involved in this subplot are complete dorks. Meowljan has never loved anyone romantically, and Clawsette/Meowrius are experiencing romantic love for the first time– meaning none of them know what to do because none of them understand romantic love. So the whole subplot is an adorable mess of awkward

“Jean Meowljan had never loved anything. For twenty-five years he had been alone in the world. He had never been a father, husband, lover, or furriend…the tender emotions of his youth, if he had any, had been lost in oblivion.

When he saw Clawsette and rescued her, he felt his heart move again. Everything within him, all feeling and affection, was roused and poured onto this kitten.”

Classicat #11: Jean Meowljan and Clawsette (with her doll Catherine), from Les Meowserables by Victor Mewgo

In the book there’s a scene where Meowljan and Clawsette are making their way towards Pawris on foot when Clawsette gets tired. She doesn’t complain, but Meowljan notices anyway. So he carries her the rest of the way (she weighs nothing to him because of his Convict Strength) while she sleeps on his shoulder.


It’s Classicsbutwithcats’ one month anniversary! YAYYYY!

 I’ve posted one classic literature character as a cat every day for one month! 

A one month anniversary…or should I say… a One Meownth Punniversary??
 Shoutout to my awesome followers for willingly subjecting themselves to my terrible puns!!!! Ya’ll are great!!!!! And very amazing and supportive

Because it’s our One Meownth Punniversy,  I decided to post something different today: a simple look into my current drawing purr-ocess. There might be 2 people who find it interesting!

  1.  Quick thumbnail idea-sketches
  2. A simple messy-ish sketch (the drawings on the left.) 
  3. Then I take a picture of the sketch with my phone. Image quality doesn’t matter since the sketch is just a guideline that is completely gone by the time I finish. I send it to my computer.
  4. Edit sketch in Paint Tool Sai until it looks right
  5.  Lineart layer!!!
  6. Flat colors
  7. Recently I’ve just been using the lineart/flat colors as a starting point for paintings
  8. obsessively tweak

So here are some Classicats (even if they’re flawed fluffers who I will hate in a year, and already am not happy with now, I love them), side by side with their original sketch. They’re listed (mostly) in order so you can see how my style evolved over the course of one month.  

From top to bottom:

  1. The first cat I posted! Has sentimental value. I hadn’t done a pencil sketch, and instead tried to do everything digitally. 
  2. Clawsette from Les Meowserables
  3. Pawnjolras and Grantail from Les Meowserables
  4. Sydney Catton from A Tail of Two Kitties
  5.  Jean Meowljan and Clawsette from Les Meowserables
  6.  The Whiskered Witch of the West from The Wizard of Fuzz
  7. Furntine and Clawsette from Les Meowserables
  8. Furntine from Les Meowserables
  9. Purr-egrine Took from The Meowlowship of the Ring
  10. Ebemeowzer Scrooge from A Christmas Yowl