This is Mega Jesus, the final and more powerful version of Jesus, no other version of Jesus is stronger than this one, he will protect you from evil, sing you lullabies and eat your cookies.

But don’t piss him off or He could disintegrate you with his Cannon of justice and his clawns of eternal love.

Irish 101 | Gaeilge 101


  • HOUSEHOLD/EXTENDED FAMILY — teachglach [tcheye-loch]
  • FAMILY / RELATIVES — muintir [mween-teer]
  • OCCUPANTS OF THE HOUSE — muintir an tí [mween-teer on tee]
  • MY FOLKS — mo mhuintir [muh vween-teer]
  • CHILDREN OF THE FAMILY — clann [clawn]
  • MY CHILDREN — mo chlann [mo chlawn]
  • CHILD — leanbh / páiste [lan-iv / paw-stah]
  • CHILDREN — páisti / leanaí [paw-stee / lan-y]
  • PARENTS  — tuismitheoiri [tish-mih-hore-ee]
  • GRANDFATHER — seanathair [shan-a-heer]
  • GRANDMOTHER — seanmháthair [shan-vaw-her]
  • FATHER — athair [ah-her]
  • MOTHER — máthair [maw-her]
  • UNCLE — uncail [un-cal]
  • AUNT — aintín [an-teen]
  • SON — mac [mock]
  • DAUGHTER — iníon [in-een]
  • BROTHER — deartháir [dre-har]
  • SISTER — deirfiúr [dre-four]
  • NEPHEW — nia [nee-a]
  • NIECE — neacht [noct]
  • COUSIN  — col ceathar [cul cah-her] (translates as four people related) []
  • SECOND COUSIN  — col seisir [cul-sesh-ur] (translates as six people related) []
  • GRANDSON — garmhac [gar-vock]
  • GRANDDAUGHTER — gariníon [gar-in-een]
  • HUSBAND — an fear céile [on far kay-la]
  • WIFE — an bhean chéile [on van kay-la]
  • MY HUSBAND — m'fhear céile [mar kay-la]
  • MY WIFE — mo bhean chéile [muh van kay-la]

Important note: It is incorrect to refer to your family as your ‘clann’. because it means you are referring to the children of your family, not your family as a whole.

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Oh hi! I'm stupid. I reblogged the post, but not tagged it ouch(( Plz look at my blog;) it was “Shh, c’mere…” for Clawn PLEAZZZZE <3 and “Oh fuck, oh FUCK.” and “Please, put it DOWN.” 2 in 1 Clawen if you please? *crying bc i'm so slow and you finish with it already* Your sketches r amazing btw!

I didn’t see the reblog. That’s why I only take request through asks, I don’t spend my time looking at my activity ;)

Shh, c’mere

She could still feel the breath of the T-Rex hot on her heels in pursuit, the unsteady ground under her feet that shook with every of the Dinosaur Queen’s step…

Her eyes flew open, her body already jerking into a running motion until arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her back.

“Claire, it’s okay.” a deep voice promised. “It’s okay.”

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