Why do you need to equip your claws? They're attached to you, and your only real method of fighting if that is what you are insinuating. If you were really in trouble you could throw or use a pickax. Maybe. Which is … OH NOTCH OH NOTCH! Curse that previous anon! Something big and cold has come up behind you! You panic and your fur stands on end.

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how-do-i-nezzy asked:

One of the main reasons for Zangoose, I believe, is because of Nepeta's clawkind strife specibus. Along that line, I would suggest Sneasel as a substitute, since it is awfully cat-like in design.

Oh! I didn’t know you were basing Zangoose off her weapons, sorry. I’ve encountered a lot of people who thought Zangoose was a cat and it’s become frustrating. Fun fact, when I was younger I wanted more cat Pokemon plushies since all we had was Meowth, and then my dad got a Sneasel. So yeah, that’s fitting.