Sylph of Heart

Heals heart, or heals through heart.

Sylphs are the passive half of the Creation class, with their counterparts being the more active Maids. Sylphs heal, repair, and replenish their aspect, or physically heal teammates using their aspect as a power source. They are often the ‘moms’ of the team - nosily involving themselves in everything and giving unrequested advice. The Sylph must learn when their help is wanted though; forcing their help will only exacerbate teammates’ problems, no matter what the Sylph’s intentions were. Though may get on a few nerves, Sylphs do genuinely mean well and care deeply for their teammates. Expect them to be analytical and more than a little self-righteous. Some motormouth tendencies would not be a surprise.

Heart is the aspect of Love, Passion, Individuality, and Soul. It’s counterpart is Mind. Heart players may be passionate and illogical, embracing an idea with little to no logical evidence. They are most likely cheerful and very friendly. Unfortunately, Heart players are doomed to have at least one completely disastrous relationship (or an unrequited love), and tend to have splintered personalities that show themselves through roleplay, mood swings, or copies of themselves.

The Sylph of Heart would have the ability to heal passion and individuality. They are essentially the ultimate therapist - healing a person’s sense of worth and individuality as well as repairing their emotional responses would make the Sylph of Heart an ideal ally in a game as traumatizing as Sburb. 

The role of a Sylph of Heart in a typical Sburb session is a passive one: healing the physical injuries of teammates, guiding teammates through romantic or personal breakdowns, and fighting the Derse royalty.  Beware though - while Sylphs may seem to be the very definition of a passive class, their melee fighting ability is shockingly potent and they can wreak a lot of havoc.

Prior to God-tiering, the Sylph of Heart would be a hopeless romantic who loved playing matchmaker. They would probably have a large group of associates with a few truly close friends. The Sylph would be the go-to person for romantic problems, emotional problems, self-esteem problems, and dozens of other problems, which is a role that the Sylph would happily accept. Should someone disregard their advice though, they may feel personally insulted and become bitter about it.

Ascension is usually difficult, but Sylphs are usually headstrong, and Heart players can get really set on something once they’ve gotten it into their head. With that in mind, a Sylph of Heart who wants to reach Godhood would sprint straight to their Quest Bed and kill themselves without a backward glance - but a Sylph of Heart who did not want to go through with it would be all but impossible to convince.

Post God-tiering, a Sylph of Heart would be a powerful force to reckon with. They could keep all of their allies healthy and positive, limit their own mortality rate, and help fight the Derse royalty.

The inversion of a Sylph of Heart is a Prince of Mind; one who actively destroys choices, thought, and intelligence.

The potential land of a Sylph of Heart might be LOPAP, or the Land of Pillows and Parties. The plush, downy surface of this patchwork planet is dotted with the pillow-fort dance parties of the fluffy chinchilla consorts. However, there’s a problem! Due to the meddling of the denizen, the chinchillas all suppress their personalities and emotions in an attempt to seem cool and win the eye of their crush - but they’re simultaneously confused and hurt because their crush is also acting so cold and emotionless! The Sylph of Heart must fix the chinchillas’ unhealthy view of romance, heal their self-esteem and individuality, and eventually repair their broken hearts. (They can act as a matchmaker for the chinchillas as well, if they can find the time.)

Sylphs can have any type of weapon, but said weapon always transforms in some way - lipstick can become a chainsaw or dice can change shape based on the roll. Heart players tend to prefer handheld slicing weapons, but that’s really more of a guideline than a rule. Bladekind, clawkind, axekind, or razorkind  are all options. As for potential transformations, the possibilities are endless!

The greatest strengths of a Sylph of Heart are their kindness and devotion to their team, but their greatest weaknesses are their hubris and nosiness.

The special ability of a Sylph of Heart is True Love’s Kiss! Heal any affliction through the power of True Love! The only downside is that Disney may try to sue for using copyrighted material.

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anyone know where saying "got tiger" instead of "godtier" came from

OMG I WAS IN CONTACT WITH THE PLAYER WHEN THIS WENT DOWN! Ok, so here’s what happened. This friggin hilarious Scottish Prince of Doom named Griffith had contacted me back when I was traveling sessions becaause his team decided to be total dicks to him. So he has me install the server client to get him out of his restraints. (His team tied him up so they could kill the Black King without him) Once he was out he prototyped his Sprite, which already had a tiger as his sprite, with his own dead corpse. Then he backflipped off the fucking balcony, used his clawkind to rip out his heart on his way down, his corpse landed on his quest bed he had moved earlier for easy access and he God Tiered instantly. After waking up on the Battlefield he modified his God Tier outfit into a kilt and green straps across his chest like some Scottish commando and his skin was covered in black and orange stripes. So Griffith starts streaking towards the area the Black King occupies and this King is friggin huge with 12 prototypes. He finally gets there and finds his team in craters, half are dead, the king is barely hurt, and the queen gave the ring to the Draconian Dignitary, left her post on Derse, and reclaimed the ring on the battlefield and was staring him down. So this dude just straight up Berserk Triggers casting “JUDGMENT DAY” and just starts streaking across the monarchs with his Clawkind and the poison coming off his skin is literally rotting through them. By the time he was done the Monarchs had every bit of them melted and stripped from their bones and this dude is straight up covered in blood. Unfortunately only 4 of the 6 that were alive when Griffith arrived had survived judgment day and that was only because two sprites had jumped in and got them in the air and off the planet. Anyways, Long story short is that the Got Tiger meme came from the last 4 teamates who pretty much worshipped him after that stunt.


SN Tech Support (Clown)

Seer of Heart

Invites knowledge of heart, invites knowledge through heart.

Seers are the passive half of the Understanding class, with their counterpart being Mages. Seers tend to be a bit self-righteous, with a strong sense of fairness and justice. They fully understand their aspect, and share that knowledge with their teammates in order to give the group an advantage. They are among the most passive and strategic of classes.

Heart is the aspect of Love, Passion, Individuality, and Soul. It’s counterpart is Mind. Heart players may be passionate and illogical, embracing an idea with little to no logical evidence. They are most likely cheerful and very friendly. Unfortunately, Heart players are doomed to have at least one completely disastrous relationship (or an unrequited love), and tend to have splintered personalities that show themselves through roleplay, mood swings, or copies of themselves.

The Seer of Heart would have the ability to understand passion, romance, and individuality, as well as the ability to share that knowledge with teammates. They would make a wonderful ally, and would be well suited to a strategist’s position within the group. Their thorough understanding of their allies’ personalities, mannerisms, and emotions may be unnerving to some, but the Seer of Heart would not use their abilities to harm anyone (except imps, of course), and would be a true and loyal friend.

The role of a Seer of Heart in a typical Sburb session is passive, but still very busy: as the strategists who direct the other players toward the most emotionally healthy outcome, they must map out battle tactics, issue orders, and constantly be on the lookout for any new variables that may throw a wrench in their plans, all while staying out of trouble themselves. While they may be powerful strategists they are pretty crummy fighters, and are better left leaving the dirty work to the other players. If they can find the time, the Seer of Heart may have some luck playing matchmaker for their teammates - and nobody’s better suited to it than them.

Prior to God-tiering, the Seer of Heart would be a cheerful person, and a truly amazing friend. They would have many associates, but only a few people would truly understand quite how good of a friend they have: no birthday would go forgotten, and no teary eye would be unmatched by a hug. Expect shipping walls to be everywhere - unless they choose to keep such walls mental, instead of physical. In spite of their phenomenal skill with hooking up their pals romantically, they themselves would not have a very good romantic life - even if they did study the fundamentals of human attraction extensively. They would likely be extremely intelligent, though perhaps a bit more people-smart than book-smart. 

Ascension is a difficult affair, and many players choose not to go through with it. A Seer of Heart may be one of those players, as they aren’t a front-line fighter and thus aren’t in an abundance of danger with a high mortality rate. They may well choose to conquer their fear though, and their friends would be a large factor in their ultimate decision. 

Post God-tiering, the Seer of Heart would be a formidable tactician. Their knowledge of all of their teammates’ personalities, abilities, and emotional states means that they would know exactly whom to send where to do what, with a high degree of success. If anyone was faking even the slightest part of their personality, the Seer of Heart would know, making it impossible to infiltrate their team.

The inversion of a Seer of Heart is a Witch of Mind; one who actively manipulates choices, thought, and intelligence.

The potential land of a Seer of Heart might be LOCAF, or the Land of Conscience and Frenzy. The large dragonfly consorts of this fountain spotted land have been majorly screwed over by the local denizen. The souls and emotions of each and every consort has been totally scrambled, leaving them all panicking. It’s up to the Seer of Heart to use their understanding of individuality to unscramble everything and remind everyone of who they truly are. 

Seers often use thin, pointed weapons for their strife specibus, while heart players prefer handheld slicing weapons. Bladekind, knifekind, clawkind, canekind, and needlekind are all options, but something like foilkind would be truly ideal.

The greatest strength of a Seer of Heart is their passionate intellect paired with their strategic ability, but their greatest weakness would come from trying to act as a fighter rather than a planner, or from getting too worked up about their failed romance(s).

The special ability of a Seer of Heart would be Ultimate Matchmaking! By seeing everyone’s true selves and by accessing their thorough understanding of their aspect, the Seer of Heart would know exactly who would benefit most from which relationships. Cupid better work on his resume, ‘cause there’s a new love god on the scene!

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What is everyone's strife specibus (and if you can current weapon please)

Oh god, okay, I’m only putting their main ones

John: Hammerkind- Pop-a-matic Vrillyhoo Hamme

Rose: Needlekind- Quills of Echidna

Dave: Bladekind- Caledfwlch

Jade: Riflekind- but she doesn’t really need guns anymore

Karkat- Sickleking- Homes Smell Ya Later

Kanaya- Makeupkind- Lipstick

Terezi- Canekind- Dragon Cane

Vriska- Dicekind- Fluorite Octet

Gamzee- Jokerkind- Changes

Aradia- Whipkind- Doesn’t use it

Sollux- Shurikenkind- Doesn’t use it

Equius- Fistkind- his fist

Nepeta- Clawkind- Action Claws

Eridan- Riflekind- Ahab’s Crosshairs

Feferi- 2x3dentkind- Ψdon’s Entente

Tavros- Lancekind- Cigarette Holder Lance

Dirk- Bladekind- Unbreakable Katana

Jake- 2xPistolkind- Golden pistols

Jane- Fork/spoonkind- Big red fork currently unnamed

Roxy- Riflekind- Crockercorp Appearifier Rifle

Maid of Heart

Creates heart, or creates through heart.

Maids are the active half of the Creation classes, with their counterpart being the more passive Sylphs. They create, spread, and shamelessly promote their aspect, but do so more easily if they do it for themselves. It’s almost as if they were ‘maid’ of their aspect. (Get it? 'Cause 'maid’ sounds like 'made’? heheheheheeeeeehhhhhhhh. Follow for more needlessly explained puns.) They are often mistaken for a passive class due to the fact that their efforts often go unnoticed or overlooked. A well-developed Maid must learn to accept this lack of acknowledgment.

Heart is the aspect of Love, Passion, Individuality, and Soul. It’s counterpart is Mind. Heart players may be passionate and illogical, embracing an idea with little to no logical evidence. They are most likely cheerful and very friendly. Unfortunately, Heart players are doomed to have at least one completely disastrous relationship (or an unrequited love), and tend to have splintered personalities that show themselves through roleplay, mood swings, or copies of themselves.

A Maid of Heart would be able to create passion and individuality wherever they went. Pretending to be someone you’re not could be seen almost as a personal insult to a Maid of Heart, who would try their 'heart'est (heheheh. Like 'hardest’… Okay, I’ll stop.) to make you comfortable in your own skin. While a Maid of Heart would probably not be a very powerful fighter, they would still be a very useful ally. Their ability to bring people together in a way that makes them all comfortable would help to prevent fall-outs between players; something that could mean the difference between life and death in a game like Sburb.

The role of a Maid of Heart in a session is an active one, though it may not seem that way. They must actively create individuality by cleaning up the emotional mistakes other players get themselves into - spreading Heart, helping their teammates, and creating more passion for themselves. It is a difficult role, but it’s one they must accept - even if they’re doing it from the sidelines.

Prior to God-tiering, a Maid of Heart would probably be an extreme shipper. Having an innate knowledge of their aspect would allow them to see exactly who would benefit from what relationships. While their tendency to try and play matchmaker may irritate some, they would almost certainly be well-liked amongst the other players due to their cheerful disposition and helpful nature. Some workaholic tendencies would not be a surprise.

Ascension for a Maid of Heart would be difficult. While it is possible for them to reach Godhood, it is unlikely that they would rush off to their Quest Bed to kill themselves. They would probably prefer to be killed by someone else, or even to be moved onto their Quest Bed while dying. However, if they felt that they needed to reach Godhood - for the sake their friends or to become more powerful - it would be difficult to stop them.

Post God-tiering, they would probably spend a lot more time alone. They would start to work a bit less for the sake of the group and more toward their own interests. However, given how friendly and well-intentioned they are, this would not be a sign of rebellion but of focus and determination.

The inverse of a Maid of Heart is a Bard of Mind; one who passively allows the destruction of choices and intelligence.

The potential land of a Maid of Heart might be LOSAC, or the Land of Statues and Consciousness. Consorts no longer live on this planet, because the denizen has transformed them into the hundreds of marble statues that cover LOSAC’s garden-like surface. The Maid of Heart must awaken the individual soul of each statue, at which point it will come back to life and join her.

Maid’s rarely seem to use their Strife Specibi, and the weapons they have are often unconventional. Handheld slicing weapons seem to be popular amongst Heart players, though, so a Maid of Heart may want to equip their strife deck with something like Knifekind, clawkind, swordkind, or razorkind. 

A Maid of Heart’s greatest strength would be their individuality and passion, but their weakness would be an inability to accept no one noticing their efforts.

Their unique power would be making clones of themselves. Turning their splintered personality into entirely new individuals would be right up the Maid of Heart’s alley.


decided to make some Nepeta claws out of my cheap plastic Wolverine claws i got with a costume last year. i cut out the clear plastic pieces between the claws with an X-ACTO knife. then i cut a small hole between each finger of an old glove i found. i discovered that the cotton tears too easily if the holes are between the fingers. next time i will cut the holes in the top of the glove. currently, the claws bend inward when i hold a fist. perhaps i can modify the handplate to accommodate the changes. more pics to come

i suspect this technique will also work for other glove claws, like Wolverine’s?

Why do you need to equip your claws? They're attached to you, and your only real method of fighting if that is what you are insinuating. If you were really in trouble you could throw or use a pickax. Maybe. Which is … OH NOTCH OH NOTCH! Curse that previous anon! Something big and cold has come up behind you! You panic and your fur stands on end.

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[[ So I’ve been watching a lot of Mortal Kombat X gameplays and holy wow I’ve been loving the new game. I just wish I could play it. ;n;

But, anyway. Inspiration struck and I made a Mortal Kombat version of Fefeta Troll. :3 I don’t have her moves worked out, but I do have a few fatality and weapon ideas (being her whale tail blades, clawkind and her 2x3dent). Fatalities under the cut in case people don’t want to read them. ]]

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Ametia:Exit your hive [Closed RP]

>Your name is Ametia Areana and  you are really BORED.You’ve decided to exit your hive and probably kill some unlucky animal wandering around.You equip your clawkind strife specibus and start walking around.Your sniff the air as your ears go up and down as you detect all noises possible,even your own heartbeat…