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I love this account! I check at least once a day because the shit you post is fucking hilarious!! Is it possible if we could get more William text posts?

omg thanks so much! it’s always great to get love from you guys. ♥ and yeah, y’all seem to really like william (and i love him too tbh, because he’s fun to write and so underdeveloped i can really do anything with him) so i’m always trying to find more quotes to put him in!!

The Dragons' Claw Portals - Valraxaxath, the Portal Builder

Valraxaxath is a black dragon who traveled the world as he grew, planning to create a hoard later in life.

He was young and adventurous.

During his early years, he developed a simple understanding of the world and the place of dragons within it. Dragons should not aspire to rule the world; they should instead hoard all the wealth in the world. Wealth is power, and dragons that controlled (read: hoarded) the wealth of an area could exert control later. He saw, however, that dragons would never succeed at this goal because they did not work together.

This he set about changing while studying arcane arts such as wizardry.

He achieved the most success with the “you scratch my scales, I’ll scratch yours” philosophy.

By getting different chromatic dragons to work together on short-term projects, each acquires more wealth to hoard. Since he “partners” with dragons from far away, there is little danger of in-fighting for the treasure. The partnerships have also helped with lair defence.

To facilitate these partnerships, he created a series of portals that link remote and dragon-infested parts of Toril. He never takes any of the rewards of these ventures and instead builds his own hoard through his own efforts or by partnering with a dragon new to the concept.