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Please for the love of god

Do not declaw your cats. Today my friend who works at a local rescue received an application for a cat adoption. There’s a section for “Do you plan on declawing your new cat?” and the person checked the box for yes and wrote “We have expensive furniture.”

ok then don’t get a cat

sorry but if you’re going to mutilate your animal to avoid ruining your expensive furniture then a cat is not the animal you need

So many reasons not to do this

-it’s EXTREMELY painful. they don’t just remove the claw, they remove the TOE up to the first joint.

-if your cat escapes your home, they have absolutely ZERO way of defending or feeding themselves (not that your cat should be allowed outside for any reason but that’s a whole separate rant)

-your cat will be in pain while walking. because they removed that actual bone, your cat’s weight is now balanced on that second bone in their toe, not the first as was designed. Painful.

-Your cat may even lose the desire to be touched. literally we adopted this adolescent cat whose owners abandoned him because he was an escape artist. they had already declawed him and for the longest time he wouldn’t even let us get near his feet. like we couldn’t touch him if it wasn’t his head or the base of his tail.

do. not. declaw. your. cat.


-buy little nail caps. they sell them at pet stores and they come in all sorts of cute colors

-buy furniture guards. figure out where your cat is most aggressive with scratching. buy a furniture guard and place a cat tree or scratching post nearby and use some catnip or treats to attract their attention to it

-literally just trim the nails with nail clippers. be careful not to quick them. if your cat starts fussing, take a break and come back later to avoid accidents due to them moving around

don’t declaw your cat


submitted by @fleecy-fawkes91: I saw submissions were a thing, so these are my three babies.

The big orange beastie up top is Waffle. Once he warmed up to the idea of people, he was a big marshmallow. 10/10 super snuggly. Sadly he passed away last May, and i still miss him.

The wee tortie snuggling Waffle and doing a blep is Miss Jordan. She loves attention and is something of a mother hen. She chirps rather than meows and gets underfoot a lot.

Jack is the black and white one eyed kitty. He was found abandoned as a kitten in a swampy area, and bonded to me almost instantly. He’s got 22 toes, his claws dont fully retract and he crinkles more than meows and i love him pieces.

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For my story, is it biologically possible for chickens to fly? Like if one got out how high could they go or how far?

Uh, well chickens actually can fly, its just they can’t fly very high. Chickens have evolved to be mainly ground birds and their main mode of escape or travel are their feet. Chickens can run surprisingly fast and they’ve got some wicked claws on their long toes!

Chuckens mainly use their wings when they need to get off the ground from a predator quickly or when they are roosting. Where I live now theres a small group of about six guinea hens and when our dogs go outside and (I try to stop them, but they persist to ignore me) chase the birds, they actually can outrun my dogs! And considering my dog is much faster than my step brother, who can sprint at about 14 mph, they’re pretty damn fast on their feet!

I hope this helps and good luck!

Some thoran headcanons bc I got thrown into rarepair hell again last night:

  • thace hates clipping his horrible toe claws but he’s afraid of accidentally scratching coran in his sleep so he wears socks to bed
  • both of them have had s/o’s before and are no strangers to love, but galran and altean courtship is so different that they’re not always sure where they stand w each other. ‘am I doing this right? did he like that?’ its like being new lovers all over again
  • coran likes to turn the heat in their cabin way up and thace needs it to be cold (curse you, different biologies). their worst arguments have been over who gets control of the thermostat
  • true love: thace eats every single thing coran cooks. he’s never complained and no one can tell if he genuinely likes the stuff or if he’s just got one helluva poker face
  • don’t play any kind of strategy game w these two. coran is an undeniable genius and thace cheats. they team up even where they’re not supposed to and you will be slaughtered without relief
  • seriously, it’s all fun and games until it’s not. their methods and morals may be wildly different, but there’s none of the typical rivalry or misunderstanding. they can transform into the One True Battle Couple at any given moment and its a lil scary for anyone caught on the wrong side

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her toe-claws are inverted :0 awesome! Also her exoskeleton looks like hard plating, but her tum looks soft maybe? If you ever decide to explain her outer layer that'd be cool!

theyre actually not originally i fucked that up……..i think the toes claws will be similar to human feet with the bigger claws in instead of out

but on the other hand ur mostly right on the rest their bodies consist on hard plating thats just kinda like extra bones/armor that rest on muscle just under the skin (but the trolls still have like a skeleton underneath the muscle)

the skin kinda uh “wraps” underneath each plate a bit so theres gaps or dips in between them for like…movement/or like breathe-ability or something like that, you could even grab under them and pull but you know itd hurt the troll

but there are some places without that extra plating/or less plating that is softer(not as soft as a human) and more vulnerable (stomach/part of the back/area by the neck/pads of fingers/etc)

Body Headcannons, Send Me a Body Part and I will write about that Body Part of my Muse..

1. Nose

2. Mouth(Includes Lips and Teeth)

3. Hair

4. Eyes

5. Ears

6. Neck

7. Chest(Includes Breast size for females)

8. Arms

9. Hands(Include Fingers, wrists, fingernails/claws)

10. Hips

11. Legs

12. Feet(Include souls of feet, toes, toenails/claws)

13. Groin(Includes Genitals, Rear End, Pubic Hair)

14. Muscle Content(Describe Muse’s Muscles, Size, How Much they can lift, how refined are they?)

15. Bones(Describe Muse’s Bones, How strong are they? How quick do they heal? How heavy are they?)

16. Skin(Describe Muse’s Skin, How Smooth or Rough is skin? Skin Color? Any Large Noticeable Features; Scars, Freckles, Tattoos, Markings…)

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Do you have any tips on designing an original species? We have to make one in my HS science class that includes adaptations for the environment around them, but I'm lost on the design half. I have to have three adaptations: long claw toe feet things for climbing, sharp teeth, and thick fur but its hard considering that's basically a big cat. Yea lol I'm so stuck.

I have like a few design ideas but I can’t give them to you for many reasons fnskwks. I suggest looking at interpretations of different prehistoric creatures, then mix and match parts of them until you come up with something new. Also think about your design as a real thing: if it’s a skittish creature does it need to be able to camouflage, if it climbs trees then is it light enough to balance its weight on thin branches, etc.

dear costume department,

i understand why you want to keep garak as covered as possible at all times, but would it not have been acceptable to give garak socks in the wire? obviously bare feet are out but socks would make sense! garak is cold! and they’d stop you having to try and make little grey toes and claws and toe-ridges. i know you had a lot going on in the 90s, but it was bad enough you didn’t confirm whether garak was a flannel or a silk pajamas guy, i refuse to believe julian let him go through withdrawal with his boots on

A Concerned Fan

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Fight! Mechanical fists and staunch routine
Never ever settle for the copper trophy gleam
Live off pain and practice like water to a fish
I can’t die without a purpose
So I pour it in one wish.

Erupt with radiation is the waking of my soul
Dreams are for the sleeping
keep aware from head to toe
And claw and bite and grapple this planet like a star
And remind yourself of all the things that’ve gotten you this far

The East Kalosian Black-blaze Heliolisk, or just ‘The Black-blaze’ for short, this subspecies of medium sized (about 3 feet tall at the head) reptilian Pokemon are well known around the Kalos region for the dazzling fire-like markings on their frills. They are curious creatures, always getting their needle sharp teeth and claws onto everything in order to gain information about something, of course, their most frequent questions being;
“Is it edible?” and “Can I play with this?”.

Alone, these little guys are known to hunt small Pokemon like Nidoran, Farfetch’d, Bagon, Deerling and Goomy.
but together in a pack full of about 6 to 13 individuals, they can all band together as one to take down large Pokemon such as Scolipede, Sawsbuck, Tropius, Zebstrika, Rapidash and even large Ground types like Hippowdon and Camerupt.

Both sexes have a long and sharp sickle-like claw on their middle toes.
they use these claws along with their powerful legs to jump and jab them into the flesh of their prey after it has been paralyzed with a Thunder wave attack, or for the Ground types, a well placed shot of Surf.

In the case of having one living in captivity, most of them are surprisingly social and love human interaction.
their curiosity makes them quite playful around children (though you might want to think about capping their claws) and some have been known to actually grow protective and possessive of them, sometimes going into a full on 'defensive display’ against a child’s own real parents.

It might seem dangerous, and in some cases it can be, but just like with many other Pokemon, this kind of behavior can be controlled with proper behavioral training and rehabilitation. At least you know that your child has a fine guardian!

Seventh meeting

As promised, a little longer this time. We are getting to the good stuff!

Previous chapters: First meeting, Second meeting, Third meeting, Fourth meeting, Fifth meeting, Sixth meeting

Being as quiet as she possibly could, Hazel prepared another pot of coffee. She usually only drank one half herself, but she figured she would need at least twice that to fill the soup bowl that had served as Tobias’ cup last night.

Taking a sip from her own mug, she shamelessly studied the tiger asleep on her couch. Tobias looked almost comical on her small couch, his limbs too large to fit on it all at once.

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