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More Humans are Weird

Because this hash tag is SO FUN and thought-provoking. 

No one can keep up with humans and gender. There are no easy signs to tell who is what, not clothing, not body morphology, not how they paint themselves or their grooming or vestigal hair. The humans themselves argue about how many genders there are. Eventually they quit trying and refer to all humans as ‘they’. Most humans are fine with that, even compliment them on their support (?) and progressive views (??). A few humans are offended, but are shouted down by their other humans. The other beings of the galaxy officially give up. 

Some humans want to have sex all the time. Others barely can stand to be touched at all, even casually. Some will have sex with their own gender, which does not produce offspring and is confusing to many. Some will have sex only with certain people, some will have sex with anyone. SOME will have sex with other species, occasionally challenging their own safety and everyone else’s. None of this is considered strange. Anyone saying it is strange is again shouted down and shamed into silence. The other beings of the galaxy officially give up. 

Humans adopt small predators as pets and kiss their “widdle faces” and giggle over their clawed toes (???) and fuss and are thrilled when the predators sleep with them (isn’t that UNSAFE? IT IS FULL OF POINTY BITS) and often sport scratches and bite marks inflicted when the animal was ‘playing’. 
“When were these ‘cats’ domesticated?”
“Oh, we never really domesticated them. We just let them move into the house with us. Aren’t they CUUUUUTE? Come here, baby.” -kissy noises-
The other beings of the galaxy again give up. 

Wars fought. Millions - probably billions, through history - killed. Crew members huffy with each other. Various holidays celebrated, none of which make sense, some of them celebrating events that are physically impossible and could not have happened. All for something that can’t be proved. 
The other beings of the galaxy would think this was all an elaborate prank if it wasn’t for the body count. 

Humans get INFECTED and act as if it is a personal affront, and cuss about it. They confine themselves to quarters so they don’t infect the rest of the crew - very kind, in that respect - and otherwise wrap themselves in bedding and bitch about it for three days while doing their work by remote - “It’s fine, just a cold.” followed by horrifying noises they call ‘coughing’ and ‘sneezing’ -  and HOW. HOW DO THEY EVEN. 
The other beings of the galaxy, for whom infection is always life-threatening, boggle from a safe distance. With respirators on. 

They come from a death planet, these naked apes with no armor, no fangs, no speed. They have the ability to conquer the galaxy, if they only agreed with each other long enough that it was their goal. Instead they poke their noses into other death worlds, ‘exploring’, they call it, adopting horrifying creatures and making friends with other predatory beings, brewing poisonous beverages from whatever they can scrounge, which they then drink for fun. The rest of the galaxy is relieved. If humans had an attention span, they would truly be in trouble. 

No one wants to know what a ‘shark’ is. Humans seem to be afraid of them, and if it frightens the humans, the rest of the galaxy is, to a being, terrified. 

Please for the love of god

Do not declaw your cats. Today my friend who works at a local rescue received an application for a cat adoption. There’s a section for “Do you plan on declawing your new cat?” and the person checked the box for yes and wrote “We have expensive furniture.”

ok then don’t get a cat

sorry but if you’re going to mutilate your animal to avoid ruining your expensive furniture then a cat is not the animal you need

So many reasons not to do this

-it’s EXTREMELY painful. they don’t just remove the claw, they remove the TOE up to the first joint.

-if your cat escapes your home, they have absolutely ZERO way of defending or feeding themselves (not that your cat should be allowed outside for any reason but that’s a whole separate rant)

-your cat will be in pain while walking. because they removed that actual bone, your cat’s weight is now balanced on that second bone in their toe, not the first as was designed. Painful.

-Your cat may even lose the desire to be touched. literally we adopted this adolescent cat whose owners abandoned him because he was an escape artist. they had already declawed him and for the longest time he wouldn’t even let us get near his feet. like we couldn’t touch him if it wasn’t his head or the base of his tail.

do. not. declaw. your. cat.


-buy little nail caps. they sell them at pet stores and they come in all sorts of cute colors

-buy furniture guards. figure out where your cat is most aggressive with scratching. buy a furniture guard and place a cat tree or scratching post nearby and use some catnip or treats to attract their attention to it

-literally just trim the nails with nail clippers. be careful not to quick them. if your cat starts fussing, take a break and come back later to avoid accidents due to them moving around

don’t declaw your cat


Other than the plated scales, tough leathery skin, frilled head, horned skull anatomy and sinuous tail, mythological and folkloric dragons have very little in common anatomically with actual reptiles. They have MORE in common with the Felidae genus (cat family) and the Aves Phylum Chordata (bird classification).

Like a cat’s eye, a dragon’s eye has a comparatively large iris with a vertical pupil. This arrangement allows the pupil to open extremely wide and receive
more light than that of a human eye.

A dragon’s legs are also decidedly nonreptilian, despite the scaly coverings. A dragon’s legs are positioned more or less directly under its body, in the manner of mammals. (Most reptiles’ legs tend to splay out to the sides, offering
much less support and mobility than a mammal).

Lasly, a dragon’s four feet very closely resemble those of a great bird. Each foot has three or four clawed toes facing forward (the number varies, even among dragons of the same kind), plus an additional toe, also with a claw, set farther back on the foot and facing slightly inward toward the dragon’s body, like a human’s thumb.

A dragon’s resemblance to a reptile is literally only skin deep  So the next time someone you know refers to mythical dragons as giant lizards, you’ll have the know-what to save a life.

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Reddie au where Eddie is a prince and Richie is a jester and they're having a secret affair?

Prince!Eddie has a place in my heart, I tell you what.

His torso bowed towards the marble floor, his hat clutched between his fingertips as he lowered himself before the crown. The nobles around him clapped, amused with his antics while the king merely nodded in approval, a sinister grin curling at the corner of his lips. As he lifted himself up, he caught a glimpse of the prince, his body in perfect posture on top of his velvet thorn. The jester’s breath hitched in the back of his throat, his eyes lingering much longer than necessary, leaving a burning in his lower abdomen. Once he was back in his correct stance he was dismissed, a pleasurable smile given to him as an award.

The double doors were opened for him as he entered lightly into the hallway. Keeping his cap off, he mumbled under his breath and turned down the hallway, cursing his entire performance. It had been almost three years, three years since he had been dragged away from his family, from his home and forced to perform for people who didn’t give two shits about him. The foreign blood that ran though his veins had settled his social status long ago, shoving a firm boot onto his back as it pushed him to the bottom. It wasn’t like he had the best life before this, and yes he was treated rather well as the favorite performer to the crown typically did, but the glances from his fellow slaves, the slurs that were casually tossed into conversation were enough to make him hate what he had become.

There was a gnawing in his chest, a persistent clawing that made his toes tingle. Someday he would leave this place, someday he would find his own path, one that did not include being humiliated daily. Turning another corner, his hand was gripped tightly, tugging him towards one of the open rooms. He let out a surprised squeak, watching the heavy door close behind him. “What in the hell-“

A pair of warm lips cut him short, pressing eagerly against his. His body was pushed back on to the door, his hands shooting up to grab ahold of the other person’s shoulders. A sense of fear and intimidation overcame him, only to be washed away by the scent of fresh mint and summer pleasure. A grin danced on his face as he pulled back, looking down at the short boy, watching his auburn eyes dance with unmet desire.

“I’m surprised you could get away.” Richie whispered, tracing his fingers gently along his attacker’s jawline. “Your father seemed in a persistent mood today.”

“Hmm, gave my guards the slip, just had to have you after that amazing performance.” The prince whispered, licking his plump lips. “I hate when you toy with me like that.”

Riche chuckled in a low tone, “I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about my good sir. I was just doing my job.”

“Well as the next crowned king, I have another job for you.” He replied in a hush voice, his fingers tugging at his court jesters trousers. “And I need it done this instant so if you don’t mind-“

Richie growled, feeling his lovers hands dip low past his waistline, his gorgeous fingers trailing down to his groin. He let out a ragged breath as his own need rushed to his extremities, practically presenting himself for the prince. This made his lover smile, his body leaning in closer to get a better angle.

It only took a few seconds for Richie to grab hold of the situation, spinning the two so that he was pressing the other boy against the hard wood. In one swift motion he grabbed hold of the prince’s thighs, lifting him from the ground and allowing his short legs to wrap around his slim waist. “Oh god.” He moaned, feeling teeth nip at his exposed neck.

“Does that feel good?” The well-dressed man breathed, reaching around to the buttons on the back of Richie’s shirt. “You like it a little rough don’t you?”

“Yes your highness.”

The prince stilled his movements, becoming stiff in Richie’s arms. “Richie.” He whined, dropping his grip on the fabric of his lover’s shirt. “I told you not to call me that.”

This made his heart flutter in his chest, his body becoming weak at the lack of authority that his lover held over him. Although their status were worlds away, when it came to making love, or being together, Richie was never treated like a lesser being. Never was he spoken down to, or even made to feel like he was only good for one thing. When it came to his prince, to their affair, they were on equal ground. That in itself made it hard for Richie not to fall. “I know.” He whispered, pulling back to meet the other boy’s stern gaze. “Eddie.” The name was sweet on his tongue, making him drunk. “As you wish, Eddie.” The prince smiled, leaning forward to reconnect their lips.

What they had may be the death of Richie, but for the life of him, he couldn’t bring himself from breaking free from the only thing that brought joy to his life. Yes, some day he would find a way to live outside of the castle walls but until then he would bask in the glory that was his heated affair.

“Eddie.” Richie breathed again, feeling boy moan under him. “Oh, my lovely Eddie.”

After all, he was just a court jester. The scum on the bottom of everyone’s shoe. Why not give in to his sinful ways.

What… am… I?

The beast towered over me, perched on its clawed toes, its twisted and ugly flesh covered in layers of sharp, smooth black carapace. It looked oily. Monstrous. It had horns on its head and beady, glowing eyes that bore into mine and seemed so familiar. As familiar as a mirror.

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Prompt: Stiles shows up at Derek's loft/house to trick 'r treat dressed as a Sexy (red riding hood/werewolf/nurse/cop).

“Trick or treat!”

Derek wants to slam the door in Stiles’ face until he realizes what Stiles is wearing. There is so much to this costume that Derek doesn’t know what to focus on.

Stiles’ red, plaid shirt is ripped at the sleeves, making it sleeveless and unbuttoned to show off Stiles’ chest muscles and, surprisingly, abs. Derek didn’t know Stiles worked out that much, but apparently he did. But the abs and pecs aren’t what really catches Derek’s attention. It’s the huge patch of dark hair that’s glued to Stiles’ chest as well as the fake sideburns adorning Stiles’ face. 

There are fake fangs in Stiles’ smile that are really well done because they look almost real. His eyebrows are bushier than usual, and instead of his normal brown eyes, Stiles is sporting blue eyes. Glowing, blue eyes. Derek isn’t sure how Stiles managed that one, but he did. His ears are even pointed.

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Is removing a dog's dew claw a thing that people do? Is it similar to getting a cat declawed? I've never heard of it before so just was curious!

Photo source: x

Some dogs do get their dew claws removed, and there are valid reasons both for and against removing your dog’s dew claws!

First of all, many species of dogs have remnant dew claws that are only attached by skin, with no muscle or tendon connectors. This is more common on back legs, but it happens on front legs too! In case of an accident, the dew claw can be easily torn off, which can be pretty traumatic to both the dog and the owner. Some breeders choose to remove dew claws when the puppies are a few days old, instead of risking trauma later.

Another note about dew claws is that the nail doesn’t get worn down as quickly as the other nails on your dog’s paws, if they even get worn down at all! In extreme situations, this can lead to embedded nails which can be super painful.

On the flip side, some dog breeds such as retrievers and herding breeds have functional dew claws! They can be used to grip the ground for tighter turns while running, or for extra traction when slick banks or out of the water. These dew claws are usually well-connected to the paw and have a little less risk of being torn off accidentally. Dogs in sports that don’t really need dew claws but might be tempted to use them and risk tearing them often wear skid boots or have their dew claws taped.

Photo: Dog with dew claw taped with vet wrap after minor injury x 

Dogs with functional dew claws can also use them for smaller things, like scratching their eyes or holding things they chew on!

As for whether it’s similar to declawing a cat, the answer is not really. Declawing a cat is a much more involved procedure that amputates the last joint of each toe, where the claw is.

Photo: Feline toe internal anatomy, where declawing involves removing the last joint of each toe. x 

Photo: Canine toe external anatomy, where removing the dew claw involves cutting through tissue but not bone. x 

Removing a dog’s dew claw doesn’t cut between bone, but only tissue and blood vessels. This makes the recovery time much faster than declawing a cat. Additionally, dogs don’t typically put any weight on their dew claws. In contrast, cats put all their weight on their toes, and so they notice the difference after declawing.

tl;dr: Yes, removing dew claws on dogs is a thing, but not as common as declawing a cat. No, it’s not really comparable except that it’s a surgery to alter your animal’s feets.  

Answered by: @marlothemountaindog


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Penn Vet Med Chapter 48: Amputation (

be a good girl. | m

characters: irene x reader ➵ genre: smut ➵ wc: 2417
➵ summary: request, you come home to irene wearing lingerie.
 author’s note: this took me two different sessions in four months to write. sigh, i really just need the one session.

With her signature, devilish smirk, her hand reached out for yours slowly, engulfing your palm within hers. At a turn of her high-heeled feet, you were made to follow her trail, having to listen to the footwear reverberate against the wooden laminate flooring as you licked your dry bottom lip. During the time it took to get to the bedroom, you couldn’t help but take in the detail of the back of the chosen attire, with the lace being the recurring theme all around. They were present above her petite yet plump rear, which you shamelessly gawked at. Upon arrival, you couldn’t help but sneak a light smack on one of her bare cheeks, making her yelp cutely and turn back to you.

“Nuh uh uh,” she said in a crescendo manner, “tonight, we’re playing by my rules.”

“And am I not allowed to touch?” you slightly raised an eyebrow, pulling her small frame towards your body.

Her hand released yours, using them to skim over your torso, still cladding your blouse, until she reached your shoulders, massaging them gently. To get a hold of her, your initial move was to rest your hands on the small of her back, spreading your fingers across her soft skin. Before you could pull her into you even more, with the mighty power that Joohyun had, she was able to flip you, taking you off your feet and making you thud against the mattress, not allowing any time for you to recover by instantly mounting you.

Though you gasped, it was followed by a chuckle and a grin, already sensing what type of mood Joohyun was in, and tonight you didn’t mind it one bit.

“You can’t touch,” Joohyun instructed, “not until I allow you to. Can you do that for me?”

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fieldmuseumIt’s #FossilFriday! 
A group of theropod dinosaurs called dromeosaurs are among birds’ closest relatives. Sometimes known as “raptors,” dromaeosaurs were agile predators equipped with a giant “killing claw” on the middle toe. Here, we’re looking at casts of two dromaeosaurs, Buitreraptor gonzalezorum and Deinonychus antirrhopus.
How do we know birds are dinosaurs? They have a defining dino feature: hipbones with openings in the sockets. But that’s not all. When scientists look closely at bird skeletons and dinosaur skeletons, they count more than 100 features in common.

Good Girl Ch 15: I’m A Big Girl

Trigger warning: This chapter contains an almost rape scene so if you are uncomfortable with that please do not read this chapter! 

I rest my head on the desk, enjoying the quiet classroom for a few minutes. This the first time I’ve been alone since Monday morning, and even though the empty room makes me feel kind of lonely, I’m going to enjoy it because who knows when I’ll be alone again. Plus being alone gives me a few minutes to let what has happened the last few days to settle in. I slept in Kris’s bed last night, something that the older man had demanded. After that had been decided, the rest also decided for me that we would just go by age now, so tonight is Suho.

This morning like the other two mornings, all the boys busted into the room at the crack of dawn to make sure I wasn’t raped or murdered or something. Not that I don’t enjoy their loving wake up calls, it’s just way too early for me, especially when Kris kept me up a good amount of the night talking. I mean, I loved talking to him and everything I just really need some sleep. Which is how I ended up alone during lunch, I told Jihyo that I wasn’t feeling well but she should bring something back for me when she is done. I also told her not to tell the boys where I am or why I’m not there, and I can imagine how well that went.

“Look who we have here,” An unfamiliar voice purrs. I look up from the desk to see a boy I’ve only seen in passing, he’s friends with Chanyeol, I think. “What is a pretty girl like you doing all by herself?” He starts walking toward where I’m sitting at the far desk by the windows.

“I’m just taking a nap,” I deadpan before looking out the window. Out of the corner of my eye I watch him weave threw the desks to reach me. He sits backwards in the chair in front of me, an unsettling grin on his only slightly attractive face. The more I look at him the louder the alarms in my head scream,.

“So you’re Chanyeol’s new pet?” I want to gag as his eyes scan me, stopping at my chest.

“We’re close friends.”

He scoffs, “You’re just some little whore him and his brothers are fucking, aren’t you?”

I glare at him, “I don’t think Chanyeol would like it if he heard you saying things like that.”

“He couldn’t give a single fuck about what I say to a slut like you. I see that your close to that other slut, Jihyo, what do I gotta do to get both of you?”

I laugh, “Is this you trying to sweet talk me into getting in bed with you? I’m done with whatever this is.” I stand up to leave but he grabs on to me.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going? I didn’t say we were done,” He growls at me.

“Let me go,” I growl back, returning to my normal tough self after being a child for the last few days. I pull my hand out of his grasp, “I said we were done. Now leave me alone.”

“Or what?” He stands up, towering a good foot over me, and smirks down, “Are you going to go cry to Chanyeol? We’ve been friends for years, he won’t believe I would ever fuck with a mutt like you. And even if he does, he won’t give a single fuck. This won’t be the first time I fuck one of his toys.” He grabs my arm again; I automatically punch him right in the gut, making him grunt.

“I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself,” My small victory is short lived when he grabs my hair by the roots and pulls me up.

“You little bitch!” He slaps me across the face, my cheek burns and I can already imagine the bruise that is going to form. I try to swing at him again but my arms are too short to reach his ugly face, making him laugh. “Keep trying you whore. You aren’t getting away from me. Chanyeol should be heading this way any moment, I can’t wait to have him walk in and see me fucking you. Will you cry when he doesn’t help you?” His other hand wraps around my throat, squeezing it until I can’t breath. My hands claw at his, my toes are just barely touching the ground as he lifts me higher. “To think I was actually going to play with a mutt like you. You should have been a good girl. Now I’m going to have to punish you.”

My vision starts to blur and I can’t get my body to keep fighting. He notices my fading consciousness and chuckles before loosening his grip slightly, “We don’t want you passing out before the main event do we?”

I want to cry, I want nothing more than to cry right now, to break down but I will not beg this bastard to let me go. So I do nothing for a moment, letting him say whatever he wants, hoping that he’ll just get bored if I don’t react. But that doesn’t work.

He slams me against the wall, his hand still gripping my throat just shy of cutting off my air completely. I want to throw up when he presses himself against me, his lips try to find mine but I turn my head, earning me another slap on the same cheek. Tears sting in my eyes but I’m not going to cry, at least not until I’m away from this bastard. He holds my jaw tight as he presses his lips to mine, forcing my mouth open to allow him access. I feel disgusting, my anger gets the better of me, I start clawing at his face, forcing him to pull away and hold me at arms length again. Bright red lines over his cheeks, blood starts dripping down from them.

I earn myself a punch to the gut before he throws me to the ground with a thud. “Fuck,” I growl under my breath, I glare up at him, my body aching from the abuse.  He quickly kicks me in the stomach, I scream out in pain, clutching my stomach only for minute before he’s on his knees on top of me. He has me on my back with my hands held above my head with one of his. Struggling is useless as he leans down with that same disgusting smile, “I’m going to have you, no matter how much you fight me,” He leaves a trail of sloppy kisses along my jaw as his free hand palms my breast threw my shirt. My chest tightens as panic sets in as my opportunities of escaping lessen by the second. I always thought that if I was ever in a situation like this I would be crying for my mom or maybe my dad or even repent and pray to God. But here I am and the only people I’m wishing were here to save me are my daddies.

“Does that feel good you whore?” He purrs in my ear when I let out a little cry, a single tear runs down my cheek. “Chanyeol keeps talking about how sweet you are, should I have a taste?” His hand stops kneading my sore breasts and slides down my body to cup my womanhood. “I can’t wait to fuck you. Hopefully you’re better than the last one. Hyung talks a lot more highly of you, but I know better than to think that he sees you as more than another pretty face. You are just another pair of legs that we had to use a little extra force to get open.” That feel myself crack at his words, again I remember that my daddies aren’t good guys, that they are bad guys who do this to girls like me for fun. They hurt people, kill people, they do what has to be done to protect themselves. Something I’ve been over looking to not break down and realize that I’m in horrible situation that I’m not one bit in control of and have no way out of.

I close my eyes as I try to push those thoughts away again, knowing that however this ends I have to go back to the same group of men and pretend that everything is okay. That my life hasn’t been threatened, that they didn’t have to have a talk so that no one would try to rape me, that I don’t hate myself for liking such fucked up people, and that I’m not weirdly happy with this fucked up situation I was given. God I want to fucking cry right now!

 “What’s wrong? Did you just realize how little you mean to him and his brothers? That must be hard,” He mocks. “How does it feel to know no one is going to come save you?” He chuckles. “Why don’t you try begging, huh? They always beg for something or someone, come on you little whore, beg. Who are you going to cry for? Your mom? Dad? Maybe you still think Chanyeol is going to save you?

I can’t help but shed a few more tears as he begins rubbing my threw my underwear, I’ve never felt something worse than the shame I feel for not being able to protect myself. “Come on, you bitch, fucking say something, tell me how much you hate me for this. Or maybe you like it rough like this. Pinned down to the floor with your legs forced open. Tell me, huh, say fucking something!” He yells in my face.

“Just stop fucking talking!” I yell as my knee flies up and hits him right in the dick. He drops to my side, I ignore the burning feeling all over my body as I manage to get to my feet and kick him again in the same place, before getting the nerve to kick him in the face. As I see him there laying on the ground clutching his bleeding face, soft cries coming from him, I feel undeniably pleased at the site. I crouch down near his face and say, “I fucking told you, I’m a big girl, I don’t need anyone to save me.” I feel brave even with tears running down my face.

“Joon-ya!” Chanyeol’s voice calls happily as he slides the door open. Both Joon and I look at them, he stops in the doorway with the other four behind him, their smiles drop the minute they see me with a bruised cheek and their friend with a bloody face. “Baby,” Chanyeol whispers.

“What the hell is going on?” Tao growls as he pushes past Chanyeol to get to me.

“Stop!” I yell after only takes a few steps. I back up into the corner, my hands out in front of me, and my heart going a million beats a minute.

“This crazy bitch fucking attacked me!” Joon growls at me. It surprises us both when Tao kicks him in the stomach.

“Watch your fucking mouth you bastard!” He yells at him, suddenly there is a cold fog over his eyes, over all their eyes. “Did you do this to our baby? Did you fucking do this?” I shrink into a ball in the corner, I feel little again with them here, but I don’t feel the same safety and warmth anymore. I just feel naked without anyone I can trust, making me curl tighter around myself. Tao’s yelling isn’t helping anything.

“Wow, Tao calm down,” Joon says from the floor.

“Tao,” Kyungsoo basically growls. When Tao grabs Joon by the roots like he did to me, the younger boy looks to his hyung, blinded by anger. “You’re scaring her.”

Tao looks to me, his face automatically softens at the sight of me curled into a ball, tears still streaming down my face. He lets Joon drop back to the floor as he tries to approach me again.

“Please stop,” I beg softly.

His fists are tight at his sides, “Why baby, please let me come comfort you.”

“Just give me a fucking minute to understand what the hell is going on in my head alright?” I snap back, using the little bit of bravery I know I have left. He backs down, looking to his hyungs for help.

“Should we get Suho hyung?” I hear Sehun whisper to the others.

“Call him, and have him call the others to meet at home,” Kyungsoo orders.

Kai speaks next, “We need to get out of here, I’m going to fucking loose it.”

“Stay calm,” Kyungsoo reminds them.

“How the fuck do you expect us to stay calm with her looking like that?” Tao snaps back. “Hyung, look at her,” Tao points at me, but Kyungsoo can’t even look. “I said fucking look at her! She is crying in the corner, and won’t let us go near her, you expect me to be fucking calm?”

“Baby please let us come closer,” Sehun begs me.

“What the hell is going on? Since when do you guys care more about some bitch then your friend?” Joon snaps from the floor, just earning himself another kick to the stomach before being grabbed by the roots again and dragged toward the hall.

“I makes me sick to see anyone who has hurt our baby in the same room as her, I’m going to wait in the hall for hyung,” Tao tell the others as he drags a crying Joon behind him. Kai looks at me for second before following after, Kyungsoo does too a couple seconds after.

“Chanyeol,” I deadpan when the older boy takes a step toward me. His worried expression shifts to the same cold one that the others put on before going into the hall, and like them, he leaves. Sehun is still standing in the doorway, the last to go, or at least he will leave soon like the rest of them. Then maybe I’ll be done, maybe they won’t want me anymore since I’m dirty now, something that breaks my heart but I know it shouldn’t. I shouldn’t want to start crying more, I shouldn’t want to rush into Sehun’s arms but right now, I want nothing more. So, I’m going to forget about all the people he could have killed, the girls he could have raped, the people he could have hurt, and just think about how warm his hug is going to be.

“Daddy Sehun,” I cry as I hold my arms out to him. Within seconds he is scooping me up, my legs go around his waist, my arms around his neck, and my face buried into the crook of his neck. “I was so scared!”

“I know baby, can you tell me what happened?”

“He grabbed me, so I hit him, he grabbed me by my hair, and he almost choked me out. We were against the wall but I scratched him so he threw me on the floor. He kicked me, like Tao kicked him. And then he,” I can’t hold my tears back anymore so I just burrow myself deeper into his embrace.

“Just nod your head, did he touch you like any me or Xiumin hyung touched you?” His voice is soft but I can hear the anger boiling behind it.

I nod.

There is a pause as he tries to restrain himself from joining his hyung in the hall and beating that bastard to death, “Did he go under your clothes?”

I shake my head.

He lets out a sigh of relief before he places a dozen kisses on top of my head. “I’m so sorry we weren’t here to protect you. We are bad daddies. I’m so sorry,” He whispers softly in my hair.

“Sehun,” I look up to see Suho at the door, there is blood in his knuckles, whether it’s his or not is something I’m not sure of. “Oh my god, our baby,” He rushes toward me only to stop like the others did when I burrow my self back into Sehun’s embrace. “Why is she doing this?”

“Give her a few minutes Hyung, she’s just scared.”

“Of us? Why of us?”

“Baby,” Sehun coos in my ear, “Did that bastard say something bad about us?”

I tense in his arms, not having the heart to respond, because if I do that means I have to think about all of that stuff again and I don’t know if I can convince myself to look past it a third time.

“Just shake your head.”

I nod.

“Can I see her?” Suho asks coming closer.

“Baby, let hyung see you.”

I shake my head, “He’ll get mad at me like everyone else and leave.”

“Is that why you think they all left? Because they’re mad at you?” Sehun sounds in utter disbelief.

I nod, “Once they look at me, they all get really mad and scary looking, I feel like I’m going to be in trouble for hitting your friend.”

“You will not be in trouble,” Suho says firmly, “Now baby girl, let me see your face.” With a deep breath I look up to Suho, there is a mixer of anger, guilt, and sadness of his face. “I’m so sorry,” He chokes out as he reaches to stroke my face, hesitating when I flinch.

Taking a deep breath I try to calm myself, my body doesn’t shake as bad, and for a few seconds I feel better, “I’m fine, that’s just going to happen.” Suho moves slower this time caressing my good cheek gently.

“We need to get you home,” Suho says a he pulls away.

“What did you tell the hyungs?”

“I wasn’t so sure what had even happened, all I know is that there was an issue with Joo and then I saw the others beating the shit out of Joon in the hall. It didn’t take me long to catch on after that. So I told them that Joo got hurt and Joon was involved so we better beat them home or they are going to cause a scene by torturing that kid on school grounds.”

“Daddy Suho,” I say barely above a whisper.

“Yes baby,” He comes closer, a warm smile on his face, resting a hand on my back.

“I’m scared.”

That smile falters, “Of what baby? That boy? That boy won’t hurt you anymore.”

“No, of my other daddies,” I hate myself for crying more, “they are going to be really mad aren’t they? Daddy Kris and Luhan are going to be really angry at me, daddy Chen and Baekhyun and Lay aren’t even going to be able to look at me. I don’t want to know what daddy Xiumin is going to do, I’m really scared.”

“Kris and Luhan will not be mad at you, not one bit, and Chen and the others won’t be able to look away from you, but Xiumin hyung,” Suho pauses as he grimaces, “that maybe something to worry about.”

Name: Kiwi

Species: Cockatiel

A bit about him: He’s a rescue bird that was given to me by a co-worker after his previous owner “accidentally” ran him over with a rolling chair then was asking my co-worker (who then asked ME for some reason!) for advice on how to kill him because he was “seriously injured”.
He wasn’t seriously injured, he had a minor toe injury (that ended up resulting in the loss of the claw on that toe) and has recovered just fine.

He was previously kept in a too-small-for-budgies budgie cage (not even 16" square) with no perches, no toys, and fed an all millet diet, and was a stress plucker due to lousy living conditions plus being constantly harassed by that family’s dog and kids.

He’s now in a much larger cage with lots of perches and toys, on a better and more varied diet, though his legs and feet are still a bit weak from years of sitting on a cage floor, so he still prefers to sleep on the floor.

Kiwi does use perches and toys, but for napping and sleeping, he prefers to be on a flat surface.

Despite all of that, he’s a super friendly, curious, outgoing bird.

I’ve got a blog for him and his progress at @kiwitiel .

NEW Shots of Upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Toys from Mattel!

Some brand new images of some new dinosaur toys are here!

First up is Metriacanthosaurus. We haven’t seen any shots of this dinosaur in the trailers, but I hope we see some of it in the movie!

This looks to be the Stygimoloch, a Pachycephalosaurid that is confirmed to be in the film, and that many scientists speculate may be a juvenile form of Pachycephalosaurus.

Carnotaurus! This toy appears to be decorated with the same colors as the film version. Look at those stubby little arms.

The greatly anticipated Baryonyx! This also looks to be similarly colored to the one in the trailers, and it features an enlarged claw and a blue splotch on its eye, reflecting the artwork on the viral site.

Next is the Allosaurus. Looks to be the same color as the unknown blue-grey theropod in the trailer. To me, this enforces my theory that this theropod is indeed Allosaurus!

And, finally…

Here we see the new Mosasaurus toy, along with a gyrosohere and what looks to be none other than the titular INDORAPTOR. The design is certainly interesting, and if the toy reflects the animal we will be seeing in Fallen Kingdom, I’m really expecting some scary scenes involving this hybrid. Check out those wicked toe claws, Indominus spines, and dexterous-looking arms!

What do you guys think of these new toys? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the replies below!

Alpha Pack [Derek Hale x Reader]

Request: Derek Hale image where he’s being a grumpy alpha and the only one that can help him relieve his stress is y/n

Warnings: None that I remember

A/N: Sorry nonnie for the time it took to write this. I did change grumpy to angry because I couldn’t find a good scenario with a grumpy Derek. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by semejohn

You were sat on the couch watching the complete the Lord of the Rings trilogy when a woman walked into the loft and Derek stepped in behind her. You felt a pang in your chest when you saw the two, thinking that he had finally got a girlfriend. Secretly, you had hoped that you would have been the one to go out with him, not this woman. With your werewolf senses, you smelled that she was something weird and unknown to you. “Great, so much for going out with Derek.” You thought. You had had a crush on Derek for approximately two years but you never gave up hope since he had never come home with a girlfriend. But, now as you saw him with that woman, all hope that you might have had was gone.

Derek introduced her to you, “Hey (Y/N), this is Jennifer.”

“Hi.” You merely said, not wanting to see the person who had taken him away from you. She didn’t really take him away from you since he wasn’t with you but it felt as though. You unpaused the movie and ignored the couple. You heard they go up the stairs, Jennifer was giggling. At that sound, you felt like you would die if you pushed through this feeling any longer so, you headed out the loft.

You didn’t really know where you were going, you were just walking where your feet took you. You were staring at the ground when, suddenly, you saw bare feet in front of you, claws protruding from her toes instead of nails. A werewolf. You looked up to see her face and your eyes met familiar glowing red eyes. The only female of Deucalion’s Alpha Pack stood before you. You looked around to see if anyone else was around you but Kali was the only one. You knew that you didn’t stand a chance against an Alpha werewolf, being a newly-turned Beta. You didn’t move, not out of fear but knowing that the odds of you be killed by her would be greater if you moved.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Derek Hale’s protégée.” She smiled viciously, “I wonder what he would do if you were to end up dead on his doorstep. What do you think (Y/N)?”

You stayed silent, partly in fear, partly voluntarily. You knew you that if you said something wrong, she would not hesitate to kill you.

“Too afraid to talk?” she mocked you, “Well, you won’t ever have to talk again since you’re going to be dead soon” she backed up, preparing to slit your throat with a spinning hook kick.

She was gaining momentum and you were still unmoving, when a deep voice yelled from behind you, “Kali, stop!” the Alpha listened to the voice and stopped running. You turned around to look at your savior and saw the newest Beacon Hills enemy, Deucalion. The Alpha smiled at you.

“Kali, this young lady is smarter than she lets on. She wasn’t moving not out of fear but knowing that talking or moving could take her life.” He told her, “She is going to be very useful for us, especially that she is important to Derek Hale. Derek is stupid for leaving you all alone.” He smiled, this time it was more devious. “Let’s go Kali, take her.” You felt a hard piece of metal bang against your neck and you blacked immediately after.

The next morning, Derek woke up next to Jennifer. He discreetly left the bed, not waking the woman next to him up, and walked towards your bedroom. He softly knocked at the door as he always did. Usually, you would respond to the knock and he would enter the room to find you working, reading a book or watching another one of your TV shows. This time, you didn’t answer. He used his wolf-hearing to see if you were sleeping or listening to music. When he didn’t hear anything, he burst into the room. Your bed was made, your desk was free of mess. It was weird, you never made your bed and your desk was always messy. There was only one thing on the table, a white piece of paper. On it, was written:

Hello Derek,

We have your little (Y/N). She is smarter than she lets on. She has the potential to be very useful to us. We will return your Beta if you kill Chris Argent. He has become a danger to us and we need him exterminated. If only this were a recording because you would be able to hear (Y/N) yelling at me to tell you not to do it. She is so sweet and loyal. She is willing to die for the greater good. But don’t worry, you have until next Saturday to bring me Argent’s head at (Y/N)’s old home. Otherwise, (Y/N) die a very long and TORTUROUS death.

Have a nice day, Deucalion.

When he finished reading the letter, Derek roared and slammed his fists on the table. He was furious at the Alpha and was ready to kill him through any means possible.

Jennifer came down the stairs, scared by the noise, “Derek?” she asked, “are you okay?”

Derek wasn’t in need of talking, he wanted to kill Deucalion, “GET OUT!” he roared.

Startled, Jennifer ran out of the loft, leaving Derek to sit on (Y/N)’s bed, his eyes glowing red and claws growing in the place of his nails. He sent a text to Scott to meet him at (Y/N)’s house.

Two hours later, both Scott’s and Derek’s pack were ready to storm into the house to get you back. Derek kicked the door down.

The Alpha pack was conversing in the living room and you were tied to a chair, gagged. The Kali immediately jumped on Scott attacking him, while Deucalion was beating Derek to a pulp. You couldn’t do anything because the chains were laced with wolfsbane, taking your abilities away. So, as you saw your love being beat up, you could only whimper through the gag. Nonetheless, that small sound of pain woke up a primal instinct to protect you. He pushed Deucalion off himself and slammed him into the wall. The twins moved to attack them but he clawed their chest, drawing blood and making them collapse. Kali was still fighting with Scott and Isaac when Derek grabbed her hair and threw her against the wall and she fell next to Deucalion.

The entirety of the Alpha pack was either unconscious or writhing on the ground in pain. Scott rushed to untie you. Meanwhile, Derek was still furious at the Alphas and at himself. He started punching the wall, his anger unstoppable.

You ran to him in hopes of stopping him, “Hey Derek, look at me, I’m alive and unharmed.”

“Yeah but they could’ve hurt you” he replied, letting his fists down.

“I was my fault, I ran off not yours.” You told him. All jealousy and love disappeared, all that mattered was Derek.

This continued as you kept comforting him. Derek was still mad when you decided that the only way to stop him was by kissing him. So, that’s what you did. You softly placed your lips on his and he responded immediately. You felt like his lips were made for yours. Derek felt that this was just right, that you were the one made for him, his mate.


submitted by @fleecy-fawkes91: I saw submissions were a thing, so these are my three babies.

The big orange beastie up top is Waffle. Once he warmed up to the idea of people, he was a big marshmallow. 10/10 super snuggly. Sadly he passed away last May, and i still miss him.

The wee tortie snuggling Waffle and doing a blep is Miss Jordan. She loves attention and is something of a mother hen. She chirps rather than meows and gets underfoot a lot.

Jack is the black and white one eyed kitty. He was found abandoned as a kitten in a swampy area, and bonded to me almost instantly. He’s got 22 toes, his claws dont fully retract and he crinkles more than meows and i love him pieces.