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Arcade AU!

Aahhh I wanted to post this yesterday, but I fell asleep. Anyway, here we go! Longish post!

·Milford and Bessie have been the owners of the arcade in town for a long while (Not Lazytown, but just a normal town)

·Robbie is the new manager of the arcade but don’t ask him how he got the job cause he doesn’t know either

·As the manager, Robbie just walks around, makes sure no one is causing trouble, and then sleeps on one of the racing game chairs

·All of the kids go to the arcade every weekend during school time, but when it’s summer they go every other day (The small town doesn’t have much for fun)

·Stingy mostly stays in the prize corner claiming everything that’s in there as his. The poor kid working the corner doesn’t know what to do

·Ziggy loves the claw machines where the prizes are candies

·You would think Pixel or even Trixie is the arcade legend at this place, but NO, it’s Stephanie. She can kick everyone’s butt at mostly everything

·You best believe that Stephanie is the king at Dance Dance Revolution

·Everyone tries to get as many tickets as they can and then they all share at the end of the day

· Sportacus is the dad of all the kids and one day he decides to go in the arcade and see if it’s as fun as the kids say it is

·He doesn’t see the appeal of it and hopes he’ll convince the kids to play outside more. BUT THEN, he sees Dance Dance Revolution and all of those thoughts fly out the window

·There are now dance battles every time Sportacus goes inside the arcade

·The ultimate dance battle is between Sportacus and Stephanie. Stephanie wins

·Robbie wakes up from his nap one time to hear cheers and screams coming from the one dance game he always avoids. He goes to stop it, but he sees this man with a ridiculous mustache and a big smile on his face and damn he thinks he might be in love

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Everyone goes out for a night of bowling and in-between turns Tyler goes to the claw machine. Long story short Ethan goes home with, literally, an arm full of stuffed animals!! like he can barely hold on to all of them

good guy tyler strikes again

it’s all bc ethan saw the claw machine and saw some pokemon in there, so tyler tries to get the one ethan gasped at and ends up getting a bunch of other ones in his attempts

(ethan says it’s embarrassing to walk out with half the claw machine prizes, but tbh he loves it)

voltron + arcade
  • pidge and hunk are the claw machine Dream Team
    • i don’t know if this counts as arcade but it dOES NOW
    • no seriously no machine is too rigged no game is too hard
    • they will get at least 2 or 3 small things from any machine they try
    • used to run a small lucrative market in claw machine prizes
      • you wanted the prize? they’d get it, without fail
        • for a price, of course.
  • lance is the DDR master
    • no-one can take his grooves from him
    • high-score on every song on the machine is him
    • people gather around to watch him play
    • he’s that one dude who plays two sets by himself
    • could honestly enter world championships but just likes wowing people at the arcade and helping people have a good time when they want to verse him
  • keith is boss at shooting games 
    • honestly, what were you expecting
    • boy can beat zombie games with his eyes closed
      • used to play them a lot when he couldn’t sleep at night or was stressed to basically anger-shoot things
    • also the only one that can remotely keep up with lance for DDR
      • when they’re not playing DDR they’re versing each other to the death on that hockey table thing
  • shiro is the oldschool dad
    • plays all the really retro games, like pacman and space invaders
    • not all that great at them, but plays them anyway for the nostalgia
    • can get super sucked in
      • also loves those weird basketball throwing ones
        • still got that Swish™ from his garrison days
how to make the signs smile
  • Aries: reference an inside joke
  • Taurus: DIRTY JOKES.
  • Gemini: honestly random things seem to be the funniest to them. Pull up a picture of a goat or a head of lettuce and they'll probably laugh for centuries.
  • Cancer: let them know when you're thinking about them
  • Leo: presents! not even extravagant ones; they find value in those claw machine prizes.
  • Virgo: remind them to take care of themselves.
  • Libra: invite them places. They feel left out easily
  • Scorpio: stay up late with them. Rewarding on both sides, I promise.
  • Sagittarius: "this made me think of you!"
  • Capricorn: say nice things about them when they aren't around. Seriously, everything gets back to them somehow.
  • Aquarius: same with libra, it's very easy for our aquas to feel alone. Make sure to include them in your plans and they'll be happy!
  • Pisces: bring up their favorite band/music.

These are some of the new Pokemon prizes coming to UFO CATCHERs (claw machines) in the new year!

The I LOVE MEW series (which we had a limited early release of the first big plush back in September) is starting in January & carrying on through February. 

We’ll also see a line of “tsum-tsum” style plush of the Kanto starters in February. 

The Charizard Pikachu from last summer’s NeBukuro kuji seems to be remade as a claw machine prize too. Unsure if it’s identical to the other, or if there will be more in this series.

Finally, these Pikachus are part of the new Pikachu: We Meet Again line - this series is to celebrate the 20th anniversary!

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heres a prompt if you're interested~ Hinata discovers he can jump high enough to ruffle kageyama's hair and starts doing it all the time (often in surprise attacks) to get back at kageyama grabbing his hair. kageyama doesn't have a really good defense against hinata's jumping. except. one time, kageyama, without thinking, grabs a mid-jump hinata around the waist and decides to neutralize him by wrapping his arms around hinata's still flailing arms.

part 2. except what he ends up really doing is hugging hinata to him. and he keeps holding him, demanding hinata not do it again. Hinata is conflicted because he suddenly discovers he wants more of these awkward kageyama hugs 

((Thank you for the cute prompt!! I hope you like this!))

Being short kind of sucked.

For most of his life, Hinata had been content to make up for it in other ways- even starting to relish the added challenge, the ability to completely shatter any expectations people developed about him because of his height. But sometimes, Hinata still found himself a little bitter and jealous of the guys in his class who were tall. They had it easy- not just in volleyball, but in a lot of other things too. Like getting things off of shelves, or looking imposing in front of adversaries.

Or bugging Kageyama.

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D.E.N. is the only fratority that accepts everyone and is dedicated to loving Denny’s diners. Want in? Take a picture or video of yourself doing the following. Tag it #denrush. We’ll reblog all the inductees.

  • Taking a shot of syrup
  • Hugging a Denny’s sign
  • Winning a claw-machine prize
  • Leaving an excellent tip

See you ‘round campus.

I found this cute tiny Chihiro (or is it Monohiro? XD) plushie today at one of the ‘cube shops’ at Sino Centre~! It’s basically a consignment shop where you can rent a ‘cube’ and sell whatever you can fit in it. They’re quite popular here in Hong Kong. You can sometimes find really nice stuff there~

Anyway, I think this was originally one of those claw machine prizes? Really happy that I now have a Chihiro plushie~