claw colors

I watched ‘Shiny’ (again) and…am I the only one kind of amazed at how even though Tamatoa has REALLY big claws, he can still be really gentle with them? Like, he knows how rough he can be with something or someone.

He could’ve probably easily snapped Moana’s spine or ripped her arms out of her sockets, or pierce right through Maui’s foot, but he didn’t


I drafted a new handpaw pattern! Calling these my “Feral” style since they look a bit more animal like compared to my older “toony” style with the rounded toes. This was also my first try at fleece/fabric pawpads! I definitely prefer them so I will be making the switch to them in the future. Though I will still make silicone pads upon request. Fabric pads in the future will be made with either vinyl or minky. I used anti-pill fleece on this pair since they were a test. 

This pair has been claimed but I am open for 3 slots for custom pairs! Prices start at $75 and increase if you would like claws, more than one color or longer sleeves.