Data Transfer

Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Violence, Blood, Fighting…. usual suspects. 

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20% Transfer Completed

This needed to hurry the hell up, why was it that when time was not on your side the simplest of tasks always seemed to double in length.

You watched the slow crawl of the transfer bar along the screen as one document after another flew from the computer onto your USB drive. Yes, it was old technology and Tony had complained loudly at having to resort to data transfer in this method, but, when the data you were trying to steal was on an outdated machine you had to resort to outdated methods yourself.

The old HYDRA base had apparently been deserted for nearly a decade, missions recently though however, were never as simple as they had started out being in the briefing.

When you, Bucky and Sam. Probably the worlds least appropriate Avengers to be put in a team together, had arrived at the base it was to find HYDRA agents swarming around the boundaries and carrying some seriously heavy armament that was definitely not as outdated as their technology. Sam and Bucky had taken off to secure the guards and you had managed to slip into the base and the main computer terminal offices to get the data that was the goal of your mission.

The door of the computer offices blew off the hinges making you drop to the floor out of instinct. Sliding forward to crouch behind one of the desks.

“Check it” a voice snapped out and you heard rapid footsteps running into the room.

Lifting your hand up to the comm device in your ear you carefully turned it on to transmit your whisper ‘guys I have guards in the offices, might need some help’

‘I’m a bit occupied at the minute’ Sam’s voice came through the receiver, crackling and breaking up. He was gasping slightly and you guessed he was probably dealing with his own stack of HYDRA guards.

‘Bucky…’ there was no response from the former Winter Soldier only static silence. Crap. You twisted your head to look up at the computer that was transferring the data.

58% Transfer Completed

Crawling to the edge of the desk you pulled the twin daggers from your utility belt, from the noise of the footsteps in the room there were at least three guards currently scouring the offices. The only way you were getting out of this without a bullet wound was to separate them and take them down silently. Hoping that none of them got close enough to realise that the computer on this side of the room was lit up and working.

Leaning with your back to the desk you took a deep breath calming your heart down to a level where you were barely breathing, it was a trick that Steve had taught you in training months ago. It allowed you to look at things in an almost clinical way, taking you out of your mind so you no longer thought about what you were doing. What you hadn’t thought was that you’d have any need to use it so quickly.

Your ears zoned in on the closest pair of footsteps, he was nearly to the edge of the desk you were crouched behind. One more step.

Your hand lashed out grabbed his ankle and yanked as hard as you could, before he could even let out a scream of shock you’d launched yourself over his body pressing a knife into his femoral artery. A stupid soldier mistake, they wore Kevlar over their chests but never thought to protect that oh so tempting massive artery in the upper thigh. Your other knife went to his neck slicing clean across it. No matter if the cut didn’t kill him he’d bleed out before anyone was any the wiser.

Ignoring his face instead you pull the comm receiver he had in his ear out and slipped it into your own, you could hear them now. Hear their orders and where they were.

Leaving his body where he’d fallen you crawled back to your computer staring at the screen once more.


87% Transfer Complete

‘Guards to the offices! All remaining Guards to the offices! They’re trying to take the data. Shoot to Kill’

Oh fuck could this get any worse. Taking out the HYDRA receiver you tuned back into your own. ‘Guys hurry the hell up, I’m about to get a massive ass welcoming party in these offices’

‘I’m on the way now, you heard from Frosty?’ Sam’s voice came instantly and was reassuring in its familiarity.

‘No, he isn’t answering his comm channel’

‘He probably broke the fucking thing’ Sam snarked ‘Look hold tight Y/N I’m nearly there’

You had only a moment to feel relief at Sam’s words when another guard rounded the corner you were holding out in.

“OVER HERE!” he shouted loudly raising his gun towards you.

Jumping to your feet you were seconds away from a bullet to the head, instead it grazed your arm ripping a hole in the jumpsuit you were wearing and tearing a path through the muscle of your upper right arm.

There was no time to contemplate having been shot though because the guard was already re-aiming his gun. Taking one of your knives in your left hand you threw it will all the force you could muster. It lodged in his clavicle and he fell to the ground gasping for breath.

Only one weapon left and a useless right arm. You leant down and grabbed the gun from the second fallen HYDRA soldier, pointing it at the third man who was charging towards you. Your aim with a gun however was nowhere near as precise as with a knife. The balance was wrong for you.

Your first shot hit his arm and the second landed somewhere over his shoulder. The gun clicked over to empty clearly having been fired previously.

The HYDRA guard smiled evilly “Out of ideas?”

“Hardly” From behind him you saw a flash of blue eyes and relief flooded your body. The guard hadn’t noticed that death was descending on him and his time was running out.

Bucky had his arm tightly around the guard’s neck in seconds snapping it like a twig. He fell to the ground silently leaving Bucky to march over to you.

“Let me see”

“Not now” you insisted avoiding him reaching for your arm. “the rest of the guards are on the way here and we still have to get out”

“What other guards?” he asked confused “they’ve all been neutralised”

“All of them?”

“All of them” he confirmed eyes flicking over to the computer “done?”

100% Transfer Completed

“Yeah” reaching over you disconnected the drive and pocketed the flash drive. Sam arrived in the office not a moment later eyeing the dead guards and then your bleeding arm. Wisely he didn’t say anything else just motioned for you both to follow him.


You were back on the jet with Sam in the pilot seat taking you back to the tower. Bucky had been sending you what he had obviously thought were discreet glances ever since you’d gotten back into the air. In effect he wasn’t being all that subtle and you were just waiting for him to build up to whatever lecture he was gearing up in his head.

It didn’t take much longer for him to get up from his seat and come over to you taking the seat beside you.

“Let me look at your arm” it wasn’t a question. Obligingly you twisted slightly so he could lift the emergency dressing and see the wound.

“Just a graze” you reassured him. “barely touched me”

Bucky’s fingers gently pressed on the edges of the bullet wound that was indeed only a very minor graze, it had looked worse than it was. He replaced the dressing sticking down the edges carefully. “What happened to your comms?” you asked him. “I tried to talk to you”

“I heard”

“But you didn’t answer me Buck”

His eyes shot back to your own “no, I came instead. Not quick enough though”

“You’re not actually going to blame yourself for this are you?” when he didn’t answer you smiled patting his knee “people get wounded in fights Bucky, it’s my own fault for not moving quick enough”

Bucky was staring at your hand that was still resting on his knee. Very carefully he picked it up turning your wrist so your hand laid palm up on his leg, then he placed his own much bigger hand on your own linking your fingers together.

“I’ll answer next time” he promised.

Your heart was thudding loudly and no matter how many times you tried the trick Steve had taught you it didn’t seem to be working anymore. Your heartbeat wasn’t slowing down.

Bucky had never voluntarily initiated contact with you before, sure he put up with the fact that you liked to hug him at random encounters in the kitchen, try to sneak up on him and pull his hair or rest against his side when the team decided to have some down time and watch movies or hang around having a drink. All of those times though it was you who moved first, you who touched him first. Never Bucky.

Lifting your linked hands your managed to get his arm around your shoulders without breaking his hold and lean your uninjured side into him, resting your head on his chest. Listening to his own heart beat accelerate at your touch.



He looked down at you “don’t get hurt again”

You smiled softly inching a bit closer to him “I’ll do my best”

He was seemingly content with this answer as he leant back in his seat taking you with him. You spent the rest of the flight home with Bucky’s arm tight around your shoulders holding you safely to his body with your head on his chest listening to the steady thump of his heart.

I get the feeling I’m in deep
Troubled waters but they’re only thigh-high

Kaito has very under-appreciated thighs imo

anonymous asked:

Would a vampire biting someone's neck be safe? Like possible diseases aside, where would be relatively safe places to bite without possibly causing the person to bleed out?

So the problem with vamp mythology is that vampire bites tend to go  for the artery (the neck, for example), which tend to bleed…. well, a lot. The wrist is another common target. 

But really, nicking an artery anywhere is perfectly liable to be lethal. 

I’ve seen this countered in vampire mythos in setups where the vamp’s spittle is a coagulant, and so they drink and then lick the wound to seal the blood vessel. I think this is a fine idea, and a perfectly reasonable adaptation: if a vamp can keep a victim (or thrall) alive, they can drink from the same well repeatedly, though realize that it takes about 42 days for a human to regenerate the blood lost from a donation, so if they are drinking solely from thralls, they’ll need quite a large group (depending on the volume the vamp needs to consume to stay alive).

Other locations vamps could bite but typically don’t: The inside of the thigh (femoral artery), the foot (pedalis dorsis), the back of the knee (popliteal artery), the elbow (brachial artery), the wrist (radial or ulnar artery), the inside of the ankle (medial malleolus). A good bite on the clavicle could even get at the subclavian artery, but the vamp would  have to come from over the shoulder unless they have bottom fangs as well as topfangs. 

If you have a willing partner, I would suggest you try to put your teeth around places where vampires supposedly bite and work out the logistics of things. Human teeth are designed more to rip than they are to actually puncture, meaning that if you or I bit someone the way vampires are supposed to, we would rip the skin off before we punctured the artery. 

Biting things is surprisingly awkward. 

Also realize that humans require pressure from both halves of the bite pattern in order to actually get the leverage to puncture anything. We don’t just produce a single clean hole, but a whole ring of tooth  marks. Even with elongated canines* (fangs), we still need a way to apply that force, which still implies applying force with the jaw. 

I hope this was helpful! Good luck with your mythbuilding!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Spanish Vocabulary - La anatomía y el cuerpo humano

(this is an updated version of my other vocab list on the human body but it was a looooong time ago)

  • el cuerpo humano = the human body
  • la anatomía = anatomy
  • el cuerpo = body [sometimes it’s “corpse” when speaking of the dead]
  • el cadáver = dead body, corpse, cadaver
  • corporal = bodily / corporeal
  • la cabeza = head
  • el ojo = eye
  • la boca = mouth
  • la nariz = nose
  • la mejilla = cheek
  • la barbilla = chin
  • el labio = lip
  • el cuello = neck [in clothing like shirts/blouses, el cuello is “collar”]
  • la garganta = throat
  • la mandíbula = jaw
  • el pómulo = cheekbone
  • la frente = forehead
  • la sien = temple (of the head)
  • el diente = tooth
  • la ceja = eyebrow / brow
  • la oreja = (outer) ear [the physical feature of the ear]
  • el oído = (inner) ear [the inner part that has to do with hearing]
  • el tímpano = eardrum
  • el brazo = arm
  • el hombro = shoulder
  • el pie = foot
  • la mano = hand
  • el dedo = finger
    el dedo de pie = toe
  • la uña = nail [fingernail or toenail]
  • el pecho = chest
  • el seno = breast, bosom
  • el codo = elbow
  • la cadera = hip
  • la cintura = waist
  • la pelvis = pelvis
  • la panza = gut / belly
  • la barriga = belly (usually outer)
  • el estómago = stomach
  • el abdomen = abdomen
  • los abdominales = abs
  • la entrepierna = groin
  • el vientre = abdomen, belly / womb
  • la matriz = womb
  • la pierna = leg
  • el muslo = thigh
  • la pantorrilla = calf
  • la rodilla = knee 
  • el tobillo = ankle
  • el talón = heel
  • la planta = sole (of the foot)
  • la columna vertebral = spine
  • el pene = penis
  • la vagina = vagina
  • el músculo = muscle
  • el hueso = bone

  • el órgano = organ
    el órgano vital = vital organ
  • el corazón = heart
  • el cerebro = brain
  • el pulmón = lung
  • el hígado = liver
  • el bazo = spleen
  • la vejiga = bladder
  • la vesícula biliar = gall bladder
  • el riñón = kidney
  • el páncreas = pancreas
  • el diafragma = diaphragm
  • el apéndice = appendix
  • la tripa = gut / stomach
    la entraña, las entrañas = gut / stomach, entrails
  • el intestino = intestine
    el intestino grueso = large intestine
    el intestino delgado = small intestine

  • la piel = skin
  • la sangre = blood
  • la bilis = bile
  • la saliva = saliva
  • la lágrima = tear (crying)
  • la nuca = nape (of the neck)
  • la rabadilla = tailbone, coccyx
  • el esternón = sternum / breastbone
  • la clavícula = clavicle / collarbone
  • el torso = torso
    el tronco (del cuerpo) = torso
  • el cartílago = cartilage
  • la vena = vein
  • la arteria = artery
  • el vaso sanguíneo = blood vessel
  • el grupo sanguíneo = blood type
    el tipo de sangre = blood type (regional)
  • el ombligo = bellybutton
  • el embarazo = pregnancy
  • el parto = childbirth, labor

  • el sentido = sense / feeling (usually physical)
  • el sentimiento = feeling, emotion
  • el tacto = (the sense of) touch
  • el gusto = (the sense of) taste
  • el oído = (the sense of) hearing
  • el olfato = (the sense of) smell
  • la vista = (the sense of) sight

  • vivir = to live
  • morir = to die
  • dormir = to sleep
  • despertarse = to wake up
  • toser = to cough
  • bostezar = to yawn
  • estornudar = to sneeze
  • llorar = to cry
  • gritar = to shout, to scream
  • romper = to break
  • pensar = to think
  • sangrar = to bleed
  • latir = to beat (heart)
  • palpitar = to beat (heart) / to pulse, to throb
  • bombear = to pump
  • doler = to hurt / for a body part to ache
  • orinar = to urinate
  • hacer pis = to pee
  • defecar = to defecate
  • hacer popó / hacer caca = to poop
  • respirar = to breathe
  • aspirar = to breathe in [or “to aspire”]
  • inhalar = to inhale
  • exhalar = to exhale
  • soplar = to breathe out air / to blow air
  • estar embarazada = to be pregnant
  • dar a luz = to give birth
  • roncar = to snore
  • sudar = to sweat
  • jadear = to pant / to wheeze
  • suspirar = to sigh
  • encoger(se) de hombros = to shrug (shoulders)
  • sentarse = to sit down
  • levantarse = to stand up
  • arrodillarse = to kneel down
  • caminar = to walk
  • andar = to walk
  • parar = to stop
  • correr = to run
  • saltar = to jump
  • comer = to eat
  • ingerir = to ingest
  • digerir = to digest
  • acostarse = to go to bed / to lie on one’s side / to have sex (with someone)
  • tumbarse = to go to bed / to lie on one’s back
  • tener sexo (con) = to have sex (with)
  • sentir = to feel, to notice, to sense
  • sentirse = to feel (emotions)
  • oír = to hear
  • oler = to smell
    oler a = to smell like (something)
  • escuchar = to hear, to listen
  • ver = to see
  • mirar = to watch
  • palpar = to feel (usually in the sense of touch)
  • tocar = to touch / to play (an instrument)
  • aprender = to learn
  • practicar = to practice
  • descansar = to rest
  • recordar = to recall
  • acordarse = to remember
  • soñar (con) = to dream (about)
    soñar despierto/a (con) = to daydream (about) [lit. “to dream awake (with)”]
Why Do You Hate Me?

Bucky x Reader Smut Fic

Warnings: pure smutty teasing

“What’s up, Steve?” You glanced around the interrogation room in the Tower. “Why’d you want to meet up so early?”

“Just wanted to go over our tactic for this guy coming in.” Steve eyed you carefully. “Make sure we’re on the same page.”

“Punch him if he doesn’t talk.” You sat down in what was to be his chair. “Tighten the restraints if he refuses.” Steve nodded, hands behind his back. “Then do whatever we need to get the information out of him.”

“That’s correct.” Steve pulled a switch out of his pocket and flipped it on. “I’m sorry to have to do this.”

Metal restraints folded over your wrists and ankles and held you in place. Your eyes shifted to Steve as you squirmed in the uncomfortable chair. Steve sat the switch on the table and gave you his best apologetic smile. 

“You can’t keep running out of the room when Bucky enters, (Y/N).” Steve bit his lip and smiled wearily. “And when you two are in a room together, you turn your inner air conditioner down and become ice cold.”

“Steve…” You growled and yanked on the restraints. “Let me go.”

“Not until you two talk.” Steve turned on his heels and swung the door open.

Bucky walked, a smirk plastered on his face, and you froze. Your face went dark and your stare hardened; butterflies fluttered in your stomach. Steve left you alone with Bucky. You hated him.

He fiddled with the switch in silence while leaning up against the table. He eyed you carefully, taking in every inch of your body. His smirk grew as he noticed your hardened nipples through your tank top; you were braless. He kept his mouth shut.

“Let me go, Barnes.” You grumbled the words. “Now.”

“No.” He spoke calmly. “I want to know why you hate me.”

“There are a lot of reasons why I hate you.” Your stare didn’t waver. “We would be here all day if I listed them all.”

“Then just summarize.” He continued smiling. “The more we bicker, doll, the longer you’re stuck alone in a room with me.”

“You’re a womanizing, arrogant, old ass, murdering, son of a bitch who walks around like he owns the place.” You spat the words at him. “You get to do whatever the fuck you want because you’re Steve’s best friend and Steve’s word is the highest. You don’t have to fill out paperwork, go on missions you don’t want to, hell, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“So, what I’m hearing is…” Bucky sat the switch down and walked towards you. He rested his hands onto of the metal restraints and leaned down to eye level. “You’re jealous?”

“I’m not jealous.” Your heart rate increased at the close proximity. “I’m angry.”

“See…” His eyes searched yours tentatively. “I don’t think you’re angry, doll. I think you’re confused.”

“About what?” You cocked an eyebrow at him and pouted your lips. “What could I possibly be confused about?”

“I think…” He leaned forward and brought his lips to your ear, just close enough to feel the warmth of his breath and nothing else. “That you might just like me.”

“What the fuck would make you think that?” You squirmed in your seat instinctively. 

“Two nights ago…” He spoke slowly, drawing out each word with precision. “I took a nice midnight stroll around the halls…” You were sure he could hear the rapid pace of your heart in your chest. “And I came to your room.” You gulped, you knew damn well what he was leading up to. “Behind your door, I could hear the almost inaudible sounds of you moaning, whimpering, and begging, something I never thought I’d hear from you.” His lips brushed your ear. “At first, I thought you had a guy over and I started to walk away. I got about two steps passed your door when I heard my name sneak out of those beautiful lips of yours.” You bit your lip and closed your eyes. “You were moaning, whimpering, begging, and chanting my name while you were touching yourself.” He pulled away and stood up straight. “That’s why I think you might just like me.”

You were at a loss for words. Your eyes dropped to the ground and you remained silent. You thought over possible snarky responses, but your mind was blank. He was right, you liked him.

“And what if I did just happen to like you?” You refused to look up from the floor.

“I’d have to punish you for treating me so poorly because you couldn’t admit your feelings.” His words came out cold and you raised your eyes. The smirk was still there. “It’d only be fair, you know, given a number of times you brushed me off and treated me like shit.”

“And what kind of punishment would it be?” You couldn’t stop your words. “If I were to admit, you know, that I might just like you?”

Bucky watched you carefully, his blue eyes piercing your own. He stepped quietly behind you, hands resting in his pockets. He dropped his head and whispered in your ear, “May I touch you?” You nodded.

His hands rested firmly on your shoulders before he began massaging them. You sighed deeply at the contact and dropped your head back, hitting his stomach. Your eyes closed, not wanting to know if he could see the pleasure growing on your face just from a massage. A deep chuckle vibrated his body and his hands lowered to your clavicles. 

“Well, a naughty girl gets a naughty punishment.” His hands dipped lower, hovering over your breasts. “Maybe I’d trap you before a mission, when I know you’ll be stuck with the team.” His fingers brushed your hardened nipples through the fabric of your shirt. “Pin you up against the wall…” He lifted the front of your shirt behind your head, exposing your breasts. “Slip my hand down those tight pants of yours…” His thumbs circled your nipples. “Tease that needing cunt of yours with a few flicks and circles to your clit…”

“Bucky…” You bit your lip to silence yourself.

“What? You like it when I talk about punishing you?” He lowered himself down and buried his face in your neck, drawing hickeys to the surface of your skin. “When I talk about getting you all wet and needy with my fingers?” His hands slithered down to your shorts and unbuttoned them. “Would you like that? Not being able to touch yourself for weeks on end?” His flesh hand traced the waistband of your panties. “Or would you touch yourself? Sneak off and curl two of your delicate fingers inside of yourself? Would you do that with the team members there? Where you could easily get caught fucking yourself?” His hand slipped underneath your panties and grazed your clit. “Could you be quiet enough? Your moaning, the sounds of your fingers working your aching cunt, the scream you want to let loose when you cum…” 

“F-Fuck…” Your eyes opened and you saw Bucky looked at you; he was waiting. 

“Do you want me to touch you?” He spoke quietly. “To dip my fingers inside of you and abuse that throbbing g-spot of yours until you’re begging me to cum?”

“Yes.” You breathed out the word and licked your lips. “Please.” You sounded desperate and you hated it, but, fuck, you wanted him, you wanted him to touch you, to feel just how wet you were, to fuck you. You craved him.

“Then I guess you’re going to have to wait until after you get back from your next mission.” Bucky removed his hand and backed away, flipping the switch to your chair before leaving. 

You sat in a complete mess in the chair; your panties soaked, breasts exposed, hickey’s blatantly visible on your neck. You lowered your shirt and buttoned your shorts, disbelief taking over. No, that couldn’t have just happened. I just imagined the entire thing. I’m just laying in bed asleep right now and I’m going to wake up any second. Yeah, this is just a wet dream. I don’t even have any missions coming up, this has to be a dream. Come on, (Y/N), wake up. 

Sam popped his head in and eyed you carefully. “You ready?”

“For what?” You collected yourself and stood from your chair, praying he couldn’t see how much of a mess you were.

“Barnes cancelled and said you’d take his spot on today’s mission. We’ll only be gone for a few days, a week at the latest.” 

“What?” You furrowed your brows. 

“C’mon, we’re running late as it is.” Sam waved you on.

You stepped out of the room and followed Sam down the hallway. You passed Bucky and Steve standing together. Bucky pulled out his phone and caught your eye; he winked before turning his attention back to his friend. Your phone vibrated.

“I may not have pinned you up against the wall, but leaving you begging works just as well.”

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