Uh...Destructive decisions

The twins walked uneasily through the campus grounds towards Hanover, both of them trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

“Are we really doing this right now?” Ethan asks, frowning a bit as he twirled their house keys between his fingers. Evan nods.

“Yeah…Guess so….” He runs a hand through his hair, starting to second guess the whole thing. They wanted to help Adam….But was this really the right way?

A solution to the sadness.

Ethan and Evan were relaxing in their room that Michelle had set up for them. They were just happy to be together again, to know that each other were safe. Evan sighs happily, grinning with his eyes closed as Ethan lightly runs his fingers through his hair.

Ethan smiles lazily. Evan opens his eyes and looks up at him with a smile of his own. After a moment of letting his gaze roam over his twin, happy not to see a single scratch on him, he furrows his brow in confusion.

“E?” He asks, sitting up now.

“Mhmm?” Ethan looks at him curiously.

“Where’s your pendant?”

Ethan’s hand immediately flies to his neck, where there should have been a small silver charm on a necklace with a blue stone embedded in the center. “Oh no! It must have fallen off in the cavern when Hera…"He trails off, his voice failing him.

Evan frowns a bit, his own fingers going to wrap around his own pendant, his stone a light gold. They had been given these by Zeus when they were born, and despite not knowing the god for most of their lives, they had never taken them off.

"I can’t believe I didn’t notice till now…"Ethan mutters, his eyes sad and frantic, his hand pressed to the bare skin of his neck. Evan meets his gaze and flashes him a reassuring smile.

"Relax…I’ll call dad and see if there’s anything he can do. Relax E, we won’t have to go back there to look for it, and we’re going to find it.” He says soothingly.

Ethan smiles back, calming down with a smile. Whenever they were younger, and had been taken to those doctors and were separated by force to see why they were so codependent, their pendants would keep them connected. It was before their powers kicked it, so that was the form in which their link took.

Evan smiles again and reaches for the mirror where Logan had left it the night before.

Long Awaited Confrontations

Evan walked quickly to Hanover, suspicion and anger burning inside of him. His chest ached with the sudden unexpected heartbreak from Logan and he just knew that something was wrong.

Logan would never hurt them like that, not without reason…he loved them.

Evan felt the anger flow fresh as he neared the house, knowing without a doubt that Adam had something to do with all this. He was sick and tired of being used and manipulated by Adam, he was tired of Ethan getting hurt by him, and he was just plain tired.

It was time to finish things with the younger boy once and for all.