Claus: Hey. I’m Claus. I’m not too internet savvy, but I decided to make this blog as a result of excruciating boredom. I’ve been sitting in my apartment for the past two days with nothing but Judge Judy and Boney Jr. to occupy my time.
Claus: See, I kind of managed to break my legs. As in, both of them are completely shattered. I should be fine in a few months, but until then, I’m kind of at the mercy of my own immobility.
Claus: As of right now, I’m waiting for my brother to come in from Onett. I can’t afford a caretaker, so he dropped his life to take care of me until I’m healed again. He’s an angel of a guy, I swear. 
Claus: So say “Hi” or something. I’ve got a few hours to kill before Lucas arrives.