You guys can have a little bit of everything to satisfy your shipping cravings ;w;
I figured I’d use my Lucas and Claus and decided to throw in my Ninten and Ness too. Their outfits are different, see?

I was talking to xxdoodle-pupxx about Clausten, and I was feeling inspired, so I was like, “Instead of drawing JUST Clausten why don’t I draw ALL OF THE PAIRINGS?” And here we have it. 

You guys can probably guess my favorite right? It'sLuClauhahahaha //shot
But Clausten is suuuuuuper cute too. And le Nesscas. >w<
I’m so sorry guys I really suck at drawing Ness ;m;

A life sign that I’m still here and drawing them. I haven’t given up on this trash ship just yet.
I am still a supporter of the Claus being the worst for PDA headcanon.

also, reminder that @pkbodyrockin turned me into gay trash. Fuck you, Bridget.

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i need to caption all of these but it’s one post (pstt @bucketness i drew these did these for u that’s why there’s an excessive amount of clausten)

first one: god damn twins, ness thinks

second one: ninten the certified asshole

third one: lucas, ship extraordinaire

fourth one: hate flirting

fifth one: idk how to explain this

sixth one: lucas and claus get into an argument while ninten stares at claus’s ass

seventh one: lucas’s hot hot legs confuse claus, ninten screams at something off of ground level in the distance and ness is