clausesart replied to your post:OH I FINISHED THE FIRST GUARDIANS OF CHILDHOOD…

ain’t these books hella expensive tho? 8c I heard they were.

No not at all???  They’re on Amazon for around 10-12$ a book, if you shop there.  Possibly around the same price if you shop for them at a bookstore-usually that’s more expensive though.  They’re children’s novels (chapter books? I don’t know) not short storybooks (though there are 2 books of the series in that format).

I really loved the first one, and so far I like the second one just as much haha  If you’re interested in the world from the Guardians movie at all then the books are very nice, because it’s a proper look at it-William Joyce is the author of the books and the creator of the entire series.  So you get to read about and see the little details and original style.  It’s just a really enchanting world with lovely characters

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The Running Bunny is a monthly collection of art, short stories, and comics with a focus on LGBT+ content. These are stories about characters that exist beyond their gender and sexuality. Stories not about being LGBT+, but stories about LGBT+ characters whose struggles span all genres.

July’s Contents:

“Breathe” by Vanessa Ricci-Thode
Illustrated by Annie Estrada

“Kelpie” by Matix

“Magpie: Chapter 2″ by Bones McKay
Illustrated by Ursula Gray

Special Thanks:
Cover art courtesy of Clauseart the creator of “Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses
Copy edited by Vanessa Ricci-Thode

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this is literally too dumb for me to care about~

Decided to doodle a wild Wendy. Then decided to draw her as a ghost because I wanted to draw flowy hair, and I kinda realized her clothes look pretty retro. I mean she could probably walk around the 70s/80s in that outfit and not stand out too much. Is Ghost Wendy an au? GF has so many I wouldn’t be surprised.

For the oc ball!

———————–When Jouel isn’t being a psychopathic insane monster, she’s being an eight year old girl inside a fully grown woman’s body. And what eight year old doesn’t want the Puffiest, pinkest, most ribbon covered Disney Princess dress for a ball?

Jouel of course wasn’t invited, but the bouncers decided to just let it slide the moment she ‘accidentally’ kicked one of the cars outside in a temper tantrum, and sent the thing flying five blocks…through three buildings; with a valet still inside. She mostly just wonders around awing at all the pretty people in pretty outfits. Her habit of walking up and talking to people can range from cute, annoying, creepy, or the sudden urge to hug your loved ones goodbye.  

I got some HH feels and I’m not sure what to do with them.

So I decided to design Staffer Jouel. 8D I know it’s been three years, but I still look at this oct foundly. If you guys have no idea what I’m talking about, HH ( Hotel Haven) was this awesome OCT on DA. Link

As for what Jouel’s job would be, probably Child Minder for the Hotel. (Jouel with small squishy children, what could go wrong?) She’d make all the children pinwheels, and never let them leave her side. 8D Ever…

Just a picture to go with this song!

They call it creeping, I say loving, it’s the only way for me
Filling out papers, signing waivers but I stay outside his reach
I name your mother and your father and the first pet that you keep
I know your favourite place to dine at when your cheque comes in each week
I know you do your wash on Sundays and you separate your whites
and that your car needs a new tire ‘cos last week I laid those spikes
I’ve got a million polaroids with all the dates penned in red ink
I sneak a walkie-talky in your room to listen to you sleep…

You just don’t know it yet but you love me and I love you the same
One day we’ll have a pretty wedding and I’ll be your everything
We’ll be together, yes forever, we will never ever part
Oh you don’t know it yet but baby I’ve already got your heart

Some call it stalking, I say walking just extremely close behind
I’m sure if I sat down and asked you, well you really wouldn’t mind..
You’ve got those eyes that drive me crazy, and I’ve got eyes to watch you sleep
I brought a pack lunch and some coffee for my stakeout in your tree… outside your house..
Gotta be as quiet as a mouse, or else you’ll call the police
And I’ll get done for somethin’ stupid like disturbance of the peace
and piece by piece I am collecting all the things you leave behind
and when you don’t I rummage through your bins to see what I can find…

You just don’t know it yet but you love me and I love you the same
One day we’ll have a pretty wedding and I’ll be your everything
We’ll be together, yes forever, we will never ever part
Oh you don’t know it yet but baby I’ve already got your heart

~January is Chiro Month~

Going to draw a quick picture each day and write something about the character underneath.

Vampires and their hobbies~ Chiro has about twelve volumes of pressed flower books he’s rather proud of. Lave doesn’t understand the appeal, but he seems happy enough.

Slight redesign of Jouel.

Tried to make it more obvious her hair is both curly AND a complete rats nest. (brushes are for chumps) Also working on her ‘off’ smiles, which are fun as hell to draw. 8D

As for the changes to the outfit, I kinda wanted to make her design more surreal and worn down, like you’d look twice at her walking down the street and wonder if she even HAS any other clothes. Over coat also now has pockets for candy. 8I

once again I am drawing Jouel in pretty dresses

This outfit pretty much has Alice Madness returns written all over it, but it’s actually inspired by Dacos character Frank. *rolls* for reasons I will keep to myself hehe. Not sure which colours looked better, so I decided to keep them both c8

Since everyone seems to be doing it I made some Gemsonas. Man, the simplicity and shapes of the gems makes them really fun to design. 

I tried googling some cool rocks but decided to keep it simple with Red beryl and Orange Topaz. (which I’m sure will appear in the show at some point but ah well)

Also if you’re wondering RB’s gem is in her left arm, which produces an energy limb.