claus the masked man


Random WIP pics of my project. I decided to settle with this artstyle.

Ah, the ‘Claus-push-Lucas’ scene was SO annoying to draw. I’m glad it’s over. I was really in the mood to make a gritty\sad film, so having to draw a scene with vivid green happy colors ruined my mood.  (It’s the flashback scene, from the unused backgrounds and cutscenes of the ending. I decided to include it nevertheless.)

“To think we would be blessed with two children at once… I bet they’ll accomplish things together that they couldn’t alone… I’m sure they’ll argue a lot, too. And I can see them helping each other out when they need it. Claus… and Lucas.”

Mother 3 is such an underrated game. It deserves more attention.

Happy happy happy anniversary, Mother 3! This game has made such a positive impact on my life, and I have no idea where I’d be without it.

[2016 Anniversary Piece]